Friday, July 14, 2006

What the deuces! I've been tagged.

By a nice blogger named Pavel.

Pay him a visit because he posts 5 times a day (he's a tech guy, you know how theyare) and odds are something will be amusing to you. He's speaks so sweetly of his children and, well I'm a sucker for that. Now go see what fun he has provided for your viewing pleasure today.

Since Pavel is a nice guy, I'll play along. He said such nice things about me, I'd be a witch not to. Just be warned Pavel, of the undesirables this may attract.

The questions went something like this:

1) What is in your bag? Happiness and a warm gun. Oh and a one-way ticket to Palookaville. Hey, I go bragging about what's in my purse and the next thing you know someone has alleviated me of its weight. I'm no fool.

2) What is in your fridge? Let's take a stroll on over:

the usual condiments, some Fage Greek lowfat yogurt, Brewer's Yeast, coffee beans, coffee grinds (nice variety), bottled Poland Spring Water for the go, leftover Moroccan chicken and brown rice with olives and mushrooms.

Look we have all the requisite fresh fruit and veg (which although we are not British, call it veg as an homage to Wallace and Grommet - the kids love to use the line "Veg bad" from when Wallace is trying to hypnotize the "wererabbit"). Let's see - whole ground flaxseed meal, skim milk, soy milk, soup cubes of various stripes to give that homemade soup the extra umph, some pita bread that's seen better days, brown rice, barley and double A batteries in a container. Homemade chocolate cake that is neither chocolate nor cake (Neva, please explain) and "keeflie" a Hungarian word (Ariel, are you out there?) for a homemade croissant type food. Both made for my children by the loving hands of my mother in law. Eggo whole wheat waffles (freezer), oj and the other staples that you can't do without nicely round out the contents. Oh and milk items we tend to keep toward the left and meat items toward the right as we keep Kosher. We remain stocked as we eat out rarely and prepare a weekly Friday night Shabbat meal. Okay pizza delivery here and there. Next.

3) What is in your closet? Oddly enough clothes, shoes, pocketbooks, lampshades, bulbs, xrays of my husband's knee or is it his back? My husband has about eight authentic soccer jerseys - USA, AC Milan, etc., etc. with Brazil lovingly but disgustedly tucked back to the bottom for now. That's about all that I am at liberty to share.

4) What is in your car? Let me think - my travelers prayer (no wisecracks), a hamsa that Tali made at camp hanging from my rearview mirror, lots of cd's, a car seat, an outdated insurance card (really officer, my insurance is current - it's just the card is outdated), the spoils of the day from the kids' last trip in the backseat; and in the trunk - some hand wraps from the gym when I took a boxing class a few times (haven't been there in quite some time), Tali's 3rd grade science project and Vincent from the Sopranos. Now see I've told, I have to kill you.

Riveting I say. Well, I am sure you are all fascinated and cannot beat a hasty enough retreat to peer into your own fridge. Come on, take your head out, I see you in there... care to play?

Veg baaaadd!


neva said...

play here? or at home? i've seen your car... what are the rules? oh, to hell with the rules.... we don't need no stinkin' rules. and, for the record, i think it *is* time to get rid of vincent, because...well, let's just say fat men don't decompose well.

dang, NBFF, you're just a busy beaver today, aren't you? (did you know one of my nicknames in highschool was "neever beaver"? and no, not because i rounded a corner a little too fast and arrived at the door of homeroom on my butt with my legs spread out/up in the air. it's a rhyming thing see? and the kids used to think it was oh-so-funny, see? but don't tell anyone, see? or you're liable to join vinny in that trunk, next to Tali's science project, see?)

too bad you didn't bring home that cotton candy, i think "puddles of pink sugary syrup" would have made for nice fridge imagery, as well!

hope you're out having fun now that you've completed all your bloggy duties!! perhaps i'll come back and play this game later. or not. only time and a TGSNWM will tell!! xoxoxox

neva said...

the "i've seen your car" and "for the not decompose well" were meant to be part of the *same* sentence. deconstructed for your amusement in a burst of rule-rant related ADD. sigh. (what can i say...joel's gettin' yippy now... it's off for coffee.)

G said...

Oh,okay Neever beaver, you're it. So you'll just head on over (no time constraints now) and answer us at your pad - better to see in you fridge and all.

Pretty funny for someone who hasn't partaken of the java yet. Well, I need to "get rid of" some things that have been piling up, so see you later.

Mo'a said...

So Neva what about the cake?
Gina you are one funny lady and I look forward to seeing the contents of the purse, that is if you still have your purse, when you come for a visit....and maybe your car if you clean it out first.
You and Neva are welcome but I draw the line on Vincent.
Belated Happy Birthday....what's this about fire works....where you piggy backing?

actonbell said...

It's hot enough here to play in the frig! Wow, what a good idea...

Joel said...

Well that was actually very interesting. My "bag" is a brief case that, to be completely honest, on most days I really don't need to carry...and yet, I feel naked when I walk into my office without it.

The contents of our fridge is nothing to write home fact, it's a little scary to be honest with you. Neva and I have never (much to our detriment I'm sure) placed great value in having a good stock of food in the house. Our kids complain about that often - we don't seem to care.

Our closets (really Neva's but don't tell her I told you) are horror stories unto themselves...clothes, shoes, shoe boxes, other boxes, clothes not worn for years, last week's mail, last month's mail, mail from 1997, thousands of hangers. Scary...although there is no truth to the rumor that California Closets refused to tackle the job...we just never heard back.

Our cars are pretty uneventful...pretty much just self-help CD's...lots of self-help CDs.

G said...

Actually Mo'a there were fireworks for Italy's win of the World Cup on my Birthday. Tis the season in July. You know what, I'll bring you some "chocolate cake" when we visit.

Actonbell: Yes indeed - I love that feeling of gazing into the fridge in the summer forgetting what I was there for...

Joel: Thanks for, ahem coming clean (could I help that - no). Will I ever be rid of all the clutter? I too have/had that mail thing going. It seems Neva and I have minds which operate strangely similar. Self help cd's - any good ones - I've got a solid 1 1/2 hours each day :) I have an idea Neva can tag you after she displays here wares. Inquiring minds want to know what takeout leftovers you have in your fridge.

First Nations said...

your refrigerator contents make me a. hungry b.nostalgic.
wallace and grommit gooooood too!

G said...

Ooh and guess what I just found hidden? A Snickers bar! But that would not be a wise choice right before bed. Hungry and nostalgic - it's settled, she's coming for dinner she yells into the other room, set an extra place - or two or three...The goonybird could hang out with mine watching W&G.

love wallace and grommet - and your inflection.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh! A closet in need of organizing Joel? If ever I visit I am so raiding your closets and setting them in order! Might as well put my OCD to work and I love it so...

... all a lead-in (and yes, I will still organize your closets) to the fact that my closet, as well as the kids' and the Loverboy's, are all color coordinated and itemitzed in different categories and if anything ever ends up out of place I will hyperventilate and DIE but luckily my family knows better than to commit such deadly sins, SINS I TELL YOU, so yeah.. still alive...

Hmmm... now we are a wonderin' about the contents of your purse but rather than reveal it here online how about you and Neva and Mo'a all make it on over to Spain and we can share purse contentse as we drink Sangria and hit the sales and then the beach and then maybe make fun of some stupid Spanish incidence (believe me there is plenty to go around) and then we... oh enough talking and come on over already!

You know, methinks we seriously need to help me come up with a get-rich quick strategy so I can make it back to the US and it better be good because unfortunately the Russian mafia and whorehouses are big here and yeah, not my cup of tea I tell you, NOT MY CUP OF TEA!

Yeah... leave it to a bohemian to take your delightful post and veer it into talk of Russian Mafia and whorehouses. *sigh* To quote Monk, oh-so-brilliantly played by Tony Shalhoub, it is a blessing and a curse!

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh yeah, I forgot that I really do not like the taste of alcohol much. Maybe I will sip and while y'all drink the delish sangria Loverboy makes Neva and I will have a delish homemade juice. Good times FO SHO! COME ON OVER ALREADY! Seriously!

G said...

MizB: Ooh, Bohemian Closets - color coordinated, where do I sign up? I know the feeling because I organized Scissorhands' dresser and I can't for the life of me understand why he can't follow my well laid out plan to organizing - white shirts here, tye dyes here, dress sock, sporty socks. Just kills me when he transgresses. The kids well, I'm working on them. I laughed about the Russian Mafia rant.

Okay, that's it - the sales, we're on the way. Oh, wouldn't we all have a great time!

Pavel said...

Hi G!
Thanks so much for playing "tag" with me. I love your answers: so you're going to play it safe with the contents of your purse - smart move. I wish my fridge content was as healthy as yours; what are you, a nutritionist or something?? (smile) You also hinted at some interesting possibilities with your closet. hmmm.... Maybe we should start a post to see if we could guess what you got in there.

Stacy cool over there!

G said...

Hi Pavel - That was fun. Though eat as I say not as I do or something like that. We eat fairly healthy, but also treat ourselves (honestly the treats from Grandma start trouble). We're always pretty well stocked, but then when your time crunched, the choices aren't always the wisest.

I have an idea to make it intersting on the guess the contents of the closet contest, we could make it Russian Roulette using my purse contents :)

weirsdo said...

I can't help about closets, but kids do eventually stop being SUCH junk machines in the car.
Neva: I was "Doorknob" for years for similarly rhyming reasons. You can see the scars are deep, now that you've visited "Pansi Files."

G said...

Weirsdo - You've just brought to mind the Seinfeld episode where he can't remember a woman's name that rhymed with a body part. Flash to Jerry yelling Delores! out of the window.

So there's hope in sight (in the car mess anyway).