Saturday, November 01, 2008


Rabbit rabbit and good luck in November!

This is a leftover goth girl from Halloween and her rabbit, a print from the Etsy seller, Kitty 107.

No music to spin this week - no time to prepare. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the extra hour sleep.
Tune in for our eleventh hour presidential endorsement on Monday.


TLP said...

Rabbit Rabbit G!

May the better man win on Tuesday. I just hope that who the better man is will be obvious to the voteres.

TLP said...

Rabbit Rabbit G!

May the better man win on Tuesday. I just hope that who the better man is will be obvious to the voteres.

tsduff said...

Rabbit Rabbit!!! Love your print - great minds think alike :)

Good luck in November - it will be so nice to breathe a sigh of relief and settle down to ... well, we shall see.

Tom & Icy said...

Darn. It sure is that time when time changes. I had forgotten. Thanks and Rabbit rabbit.

pia said...

Rabbit Rabbit G

Did Tali do the Goth girl and rabbit? I like

I can't wait for Tuesday night I think :) You never know if an election will be over anymore

My niece wrote her first editorial for the school paper--ripping into Sarah Palin and she used humor. My heart!!!!!!!!!

weirsdo said...

Rabbit Rabbit and a belated Happy Halloween!
Thought you and Tali might be interested to know that Mall Diva won the AL MTNA Junior Strings Competition. We're going to VA in Jan. for divisionals.

Ariel the Thief said...

Rabbit rabbit!

Doug said...

Rabbit rabbit! Nice halloween art.

actonbell said...

RAbbit, rabbit!! Love the picture.

Oh, man, I can hardly wait 'til the election is over. My work schedule will enable me to be there when the polls open, and then I will try not to seat myself on a pincushion for the rest of the day...

G said...

TLP, rabbit, rabbit! I sure hope so too!

Terry, rabbit, rabbit. Yes we do :) I am looking forward to Tuesday and beyond.

T&I: Rabbit, rabbit! I enjoy the extra hour sleep but it is an adjustment otherwise.

Pia, rabbit, rabbit! Your niece has some good role models :) Actually, the print is not Tali's but it is reminiscent of some of her work now that I look at it. I can't wait for Tuesday night either! I think.

Weirsdo, rabbit, rabbit! Nice start to the month. Heartiest of congratulations to Mall Diva. Tali is intetested in what one wins for such competitions. Best of luck to Mall Diva throughout.

Ariel, rabbit, rabbit!!!

Doug, rabbit, rabbit!! I agree.

Actonbell, rabbit, rabbit!

I want to go early to get my vote in but Tali wants to come with me to the polls so it all depends if she's up early as she is off from school that day.


weirsdo said...

For now it's just a certificate and on to the next level, G.