Monday, September 04, 2006

A Tropical Depression?

We're home.

Survived Ernesto. Well no big deal he was only a tropical depression - downgraded from a tropical storm. And a blackout.

Yesterday was our last full day of vacation. Call us weird. Okay, got that out of the way early, but I don't really care if it's sunny and 80. I mean it's nice and all but I just like to be on vacation at the beach. We were in Montauk. It is another place and time. Even sitting in the hotel room, you stare across the road at the ocean. And it was angry this week. Looking at it, I felt calm. I always do. So back to yesterday, Scissors said that he was going to take Julian for a walk into town (our secret weapon to tire him out which only tires us out it seems). As I write about this, the following song pops into my head:

Cakewalk Into Town by Taj Mahal

I had the blues so bad one time
It put my face in a permanent frown
You know I'm feeling so much better
I could cakewalk into town.

I love the blues - for perfect little choruses like that.

So while the boys cakewalked, the girls painted rocks. This was after we had been out for the day and it was sort of misty throughout. It was nice though. It was a stop and drive day. Ooh art show - today only. Stop - view - chat - drive. Ooh Scenic Overlook. Stop - look at map - run down hiking trail with Julian stop make our way back drive. Make it out to Lighthouse stop climb up steps ooh pictures climb down steps go down to beach stop. Admire the fury of the waters which are in such an exaggerated form today. The wind actually knocked Tali over. Hey she just wanted to feel the seafoam. Back to car regroup have quick snack drive. Scissors has in his head fish and chips drive go down by piers stop find a good place stop go in for fish and chips Drive. And that was our day. That's perfection for me - no schedule.

After some rock painting, Tali and I decide to watch a movie. I'm dozing off when pft - the television goes off. I wake up and the lights have gone out as well! We try them and look outside - lights out! Daddy and Julian!!! And it's raining! Hurry get shoes on and run out to car to go look for them. As Tali and I drive down Old Montauk Highway, here they come cakewalking back from town! Laughing along, not a care in the world! Pull over and haul the stragglers in.

We drive back towards town and lights back on! Scissors wanted to get Julian a souvenir sweatshirt and so we go to one of the shops. Long story short, lights go back out, we get the sweatshirt and when we get back to our room Scissors has "accidentally" shoplifted a pair of sunglasses that Julian had on. They were sort of Elton Johnish - kind of rosy with gemstones. He took them away from Julian and stuck them in his pocket to put back onto the rack (seems suspect I know unless you know Scissors - then it makes perfect sense) when the lights went out and it was black, except for the glow-in-the-dark dinosaur on the tee shirt on the wall. The store staff rescued us with a flashlight and led us to safety.

All in time for us to go home and finish painting rocks by tealight. You tell me the last time you did that on vacation!

Missed you all, feeling a bit rusty but it's good to be home.


pinky said...

I'm so glad you had a good time! The unplanned, do whatever comes to mind vacations are the best. No schedule and all kinds of fun. I can't wait to hear more! Glad you're home!!

cj said...

welcome back!! I owe you an email!!

neva said...

it sounds like my kind of vacation, NBFF! and i'm laughing, because when i first read about the sweatshirt "incident" (as it will no doubt come to be known) i read "wetshirt", which seemed fitting, given the weather outlook for the day!

damn... that 8 1/2 weeks went by much faster than i imagined! (heavy drugs always takes the edge off of waiting).

loveyoumissedyoumeanit!!! xox

actonbell said...

Oh, this sounds divine, even with the blackout. I'd love the stop-and go no-plan day. *sigh* and the ocean. Whatever it does, it calms.
Welcome back!

~ good girl ~ said...

Perfect holiday. I love days like these when there's not much planned and everything to see. Even the air smells oddly picturesque :-)

Welcome home!

GG x

G said...

Hi Pinky! And guess what necklace played a prominent role throughout? Forest Treasure! I think I wore it almost every day. I'll have to get some pictures up. Thanks for the lovely welcome.

cj: Hi! Thanks - you don't owe me anything. You'll write when time permits.

Neva: Hahaha - yesss, wetshirt. Actually, there were two decent beach days. The rest - not so much, but that's when we went horseback riding, etc. lymymit!

Actonbell: Gazing upon the ocean should be part of any stress management program. I think I need to gaze upon it a bit more :) Thanks.

GG: It was. We were either meandering about or barbequing or just being easy. Montauk is a rugged beauty - very picturesque. It's become a family tradition before school starts to head out for a week or so (whatever time we can fit in we do).

Thanks all for the nice welcome. Now we're busy gathering the school supplies.

Doug said...

It's good to have you back and it sounds like a good time storm or no storm.

I had that album, by the way. It's a goody.

Anonymous said...

Hi G, glad you're back! I do hope you had a great time. Wait, tropical depressions, blackouts, sweatshirts, wetshirts, rockpainting by tealight, it sounds like you DID have a grand time!


(Gotta sign in as anonymous or Blogger won't let me comment, for some reason.)

G said...

Doug - Yes, these getaways are good for the soul, rain or shine. Don't you love his voice?

Pavel: And I didn't even get to the pony poop! Yeah, it's fun to get away, now we're already shifting into school mode. How mysterious - Anonymous.

Minka said...

G is back....and it looks like you guys got to spend some quality time together. But we sure are glad to have you back...

neva said...

by the way, you may have had me at "hello"... but you absolutely cinced the deal by quoting Taj Mahal. that's just *one* more reason you are SO my NBFF!

hope today (Tuesday, 5 Sept.) goes well, and that a certain little Choo Choo has a great day in School School!

Doug said...

G, absolutely. I had all his records frmo the late 60s through the 80s. Have you heard Kulanjian?

Joel said...

Welcome back G person

Sar said...

Welcome Back! Glad you conquered Ernesto you creative gal.

And here's to our kids going back to school - CHEERS! :)

G said...

Minka! How's the foot? Yes we had some quality time - I thought of you as we even got to go horseback riding! Well Julian went on a pony ride and Tali and I did a trail ride. Scissors prefers being close to the ground :) But nice to be back and get ourselves settled in for another school year.

Neva: How did I know you would appreciate Taj Mahal?! A certain little Choo Choo is in school as we speak. We left him in his class after Tali and Scissors pried my hands from the railing. No really I'm fine. And I think he will be too. He was fine with us leaving. Now I'm just dealing with the NYC Board of Ed on some uncrossed t's. Be in touch xox

Doug: At your mention, I looked it up and listened to portions of some of the tracks - amazing. What a nice melding of blues from two cultures. I think it will have to go on the need to have for traveling list. Please feel free to leave other recommendations in the inbox.

Joel - Thanks Joel person. Hope your travels are easy with the newly congested roads.

Sar: Ernesto was no match for us vacationers desperate for a good time. Cheers! Here's to life as it should be - kids with a schedule.

pia said...

Mountak has to be my favorite place on earth

And the second floor of the Ocean Beach Resort my fave place to say--though nobody can ever find the resort. That's what I like about it--rustic, beautiful, and always ocean

Mo'a said...

Paloma just asked about you and Neva...she said "And when exactly are they coming?"
It sounds like you and your family had a good time together :)Welcome Back :) :)

FelineFrisky said...

Welcome back! So v ery glad you all enjoyed your time together. More stories

brian said...

Welcome back. I need a vacation.

Miz BoheMia said...

WELCOME BACK! Forgive my being late to the party... things are kinda crazy here to say the least but you have been missed I tell you, MISSED!

We were once, prekids, stuck in Cancun (long story of one crappy vacation though now it is a delightful memory) and one of the best moments of the whole time spent there was when we went to visit the ruins at Tulum and there was a huge and heave downpour... most people ran for their cars and off they went to their hotels but we ran around in the rain, in these ruins in Mexico overlooking the Caribbean with a sweet stray dog that followed us everywhere and that was heaven for us... we were soaked, caught a cold and felt miserable soon after but it was well worth it!

G said...

Pia - Haha - yes looking for the resort. Montauk has become a little bit of a family tradition for us. I absolutely love it for that - its rustic rugged beauty. I grew up with the Jersey shore (I won't knock it, but I won't be going back :). Montauk has our heart.

mo'a - Thanks we had a nice time. Now that we're back in action, Neva and I need to make a plan I say! I can't wait to meet you and well Paloma of course!

FF: Thanks - yes a thousand stories from these trips...

Brian: I could be wrong, but didn't you just have a vacation during the summer as I trudged off to work? I could be wrong...

MizB: My parties have no start or finish time, therefore you're never late. Missed you all in Blogville too!

Sometimes those are the best moments when you can just let go - both literally and figuratively and say "Hey we're wet already, let's get really soaked and have some fun". It made a good memory for you as our trip did for us.

First Nations said...

welcome back!
that sounds so perfect. a rainy day at the ocean is one of the coziest things ever. and with tealights? oh my. bring on the hot chocolate and the kahlua!

brian said...

And your point is????? :)

Kyahgirl said...

so glad you're back and that you had a good vacation!!

G said...

fn: It was cozy and I love cozzzy! It was overall relaxing although the after-effects never last long enough :)

brian: actually, I take that back as I get closer to going back to work myself.

kyah: Thanks! Although like you, it seems that I am back but not quite back yet. Good to see you :)

weirsdo said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Sometimes a storm can create a magical atmosphere.