Friday, September 29, 2006

What Are You Looking At?

...You talkin to me? Go ahead, knock this blog off my shoulder. Dare ya.

Just practicing my tough stance for fighting. Something about a brawl.

Okay okay - I'm Sar's guest today at the one and onlyBELLE OF THE BRAWL! Could I be more excited - not!

So go visit me there pleeeaase. I told her I had friends - people who knew people. It's a lie I know, but I wanted in and there was this qualifying questionnaire. No, really that's a lie - about the questionnaire. It's all above the boards. And guess what? Sar needs a guest for next week. I don't know if they'll be bloodletting, but it always looks like fun. Weren't all schoolyard fights as long as you weren't involved? There I go talking like a tough again, people might get ideas...

If you've happened to wander here from Sar's, it would have been nice to have a post proper up. But you know that family I was talking about over there? Funny thing is they make demands on me..."Sleep with me Mommy" No. "Tell me a story" okay "Just lay with me while you tell it" Alright - move over...

Five hours later after awaking in a twin bed with a small arm acroos my face, from a stress dream that (no surprises here) involves the New York City subway system (what I had to go through to get a Metro Card), I jump on the computer to put this word about my guest post in. What happened to the other parental unit? He looks pretty comfy in our bed right now.

So in the interest of continuing sleep and hopefully a dream that has rainbows and butterflies and lovely music and clean homes and organized filing systems, this post will have to do.

Sweet dreams.


cj said...

Well of course you have friends... :) I am on my way over to the brawl right now. I am sure its an excellent post - you always write such thought provoking and meaningful posts. I am on my way!!

Tom & Icy said...

It just strikes me how you belong to such a well organized religion with rules and traditions that have made it strong enough to endure for thousands of years in spite of terrible aversities and yet you live in a society that is very fluid and changing and boiling with turmoil. You have a rough road ahead when your children enter adolescence.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Gee,
like your stance

FelineFrisky said...

I will be on my way over to Sar's to "see" you! Thanks for the heads up! D :}

Anonymous said...

Okay, tough girl, I'm on my way there, before you get all violent on me! (smile)


brian said...

Put em up Lampy. Youze messin wit da wrong guy heres. Da Bunny is back. :)

Swampwitch said...

...rainbows...butterflies...clean homes...organized files...This post will do just fine. Headed to Sars...

Cindra said...

I don't think you can have clean homes AND organized files...oh, yeah, it's a dream!

G said...

cj: I know I do :) Thank you my friend.

tom&icy: It's an interesting juxtaposition for sure. Particularly those (in any religion) who follow the true orthodoxy.

It's a scarey propistion - any tips?

quasar9: Thanks qusar and thanks for the visit. Come by any time (sorry I didn't have brownies here).

FF: Thanks for your visit D.

Pavel: You're safe, it's only virtual.

Brian: A bunny talking tough - hahahahahaha! Look over there - some carrots...

SW: Thanks - saw you there :)

cindra jo: Riiiggght. A girl can dream :) Did I mention that I like your braids?

Cindra said...

Well, thanks, G. Did I mention I like your lampshade?

G said...

Tip of the lampshade to cindra jo :)

neva said...

D'oh & Oy!! i got so excited by the fact that you had done a guest post i COMPLETELY forgot to leave a comment here! (you know how i am about guest posts and shiny objects...)

hope when you awoke this morning, your clean house wasn't *too* littered up with butterflies and rainbows (everyone knows what little slobs they can be--and i hear it's extremely hard to clean butterfly shmuts off the floor, to boot!)

you MUST stop over and say "hi" to our dear friend Mo'a, i suspect you'll absolutely love the story of the dollmaker she profiled...

loveyaMISSYOUmeanitNBFF--and congrats again on a FABULOUS guest spot!! xoxo

pia said...

Will go to see you at
Sar's tomorrow. Went to that incredible, incredible restaurant, twice.

Talked to the owner. Couldn't believe I had always taken pictures of it because of the seagull and had never seen the inn or store.

G told me about a great pancake place in Montauk--beats all the famous ones by a lot

Minka said...

I think you are doing just fine and teh post over at Sar´s is grand. You did a wonderful job and I hope you know it.

Did Sar approach you or does one volunteer to guest post?

I mean I only got into snarking by asking my questions here...this seems to be a good spot to get answers :)

weirsdo said...

Went there, read that, and enjoyed it.

Tom & Icy's comment about adolescence reminds me of the 19th-c. Baptist minister whose kid started smoking when he was 11, got a speakeasy card at 15, experimented with dope, and ran off to NYC to be a musician, of all things.
But Dad turned out o. k.
And even though our family is religiously liberal and relatively unscheduled, Mall Diva is still finding ways to make adolescence less than a walk in the park, and she's not even officially teenage yet.

brian said...

Morning GQ,

I actually adopted a bunny complete with carrot for my blog!!! Too funny.

Have a great weekend Lampy.

G said...

Neva: Ahh here/there, no matter. Yes I rode the rainbow right to my laptop. I guess it's good that the cleaning lady comes today.

I willl! My schedule is a little tight today (that's why I'm stealing time now).

lymymit ~ and thanks.

pia: I'm so glad you did and enjoyed it! We all love it in my family. It beats all the others in every aspect. I am sure you enjoyed your stay - hard not to :) So glad to see you.

Minka: Thank you Minka. I felt good about the post, but I can't tell you how nice it is to hear that.

Now, I'll do my best to set you on the right path. Sar (I think) usually invites people as a guest. But, having said that, she has asked for volunteers for next week. ALthough she did get some, I am sure she would love to get an email from you and then she would assign you a spot down the line. Her email contact is is in her profile.

Weirsdo: Haha - I love that! Speakeasy card you say?

You know I think there's no avoiding the tremors that occur during adolescence. But if I may, Mall Diva is doing you quite proud. After all - is compliant good? I guess for the answer, ask me in 4-5 years.

Brian: Morning. Haha - perfect. I'll have to stop by later. Now I'm off to violin lessons!

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!

iieque: IIE! Queens' G escapes!

pinky said...

Hello, love! I forgot to post over here, too! wonderful as always. Hope that you are having a good weekend!

G said...

Thank you my dear Pinky! We are ~ hope you are too. Always a litle hectic, but nice.

QUASAR9 said...

"So in the interest of continuing sleep and hopefully a dream that has rainbows and butterflies and lovely music and clean homes and organized filing systems, this post will have to do."
Sweet dreams.!

Hope your dreams always come true.
Thanks for the visit!
Wishing you a Magical Sunday. - Q

actonbell said...

I loved your post over at Sar's. (I don't run late in real life, just cyber-life. Really.)

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Kyahgirl said...

ha ha, I too often wake up clinging to the edge of a twin bed with a little pair of legs over my neck or some such other delightful thing!!

I loved your post over at Sars. Hope you're getting enough sleep now.

G said...

Q: That's about the nicest thing I've heard today. Hope your Sunday is magical too! G

Actonbell: Thanks so much. I'm a believer in "somthing's got to give" - can't have perfection and punctuality in all areas I say. Besides time is relative anyway. Hope you're having a great weekend too!

Kyahgirl: Thanks so much Kyah. Somehow I thought you might relate to that slice of life. I'm all rested up and ready for a new week and stories before bedtime :)

Enjoy the rest of this gorgeous weekend all! See you in ze blogesphere!

neva said...

Rabbit, Rabbit, sister/girlfriend! i'm missing you, even as i recognize that "real" life can get in the way of fun & games (including inordinate time spent in the blogosphere) and/or needy NBFF's...

hope you're having a beautiful -- and yes, *magical*-- weekend. xox

G said...

Ahh thank you my dear NBFF! Yes just the usual coordination of who needs to be where and now bringing us all back together for the early dinner at Grandma's before we start fasting. I've been a little scattered about and didn't get to make all my visits.

Well, after the Holiday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Rabbit Rabbit to you!


weirsdo said...

G: Yeah. You know, to get into the bars during Prohibition. Dad was born in 1915. He was the youngest of three.