Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart".Helen Keller

Apparently my blogroll falls into this category.

I know that I am a technotard, yet I forge ahead with impunity mucking about with a new template. I don't have time to actually figure out anything more than - "oh, that looks nice". Beyond that, trouble ensues. So if any gallant or gal out there has switched and can give me the crib notes on reclaiming my blogroll, I'll give you some Valentine's chocolates. I could do without them, although come to think of it - why should I?

I'm not really into the whole schmaltzy kissy coo-coo commercialism of Valentine's Day - but if you are, do enjoy.


Tom & Icy said...

It's such a shame to lose parts of our template like that. The only thing I know is to save a file of your web page in a folder on your hard drive in case something like that happens. But when we switch to the new Blogger we have to type in all the links again one at a time, usually. That is a pain, but I guess the only way.
That quote by Hellen Keller makes me think of poor Dusty Doggy who is very old and cannot see and cannot hear. He depends so much on us now to care for him.

Doug said...

Oh, yeah, I'm a big commercial veneral day guy. I'll toast you with lye.

I think if you "upgraded" your template when you switched, there's something called "Add an element" to your sidebar which can be a blogroll. Then you enter each blog in turn. It's supposed to not take too long, but I resisted the temptation.

Pavel said...

LOVE your new look!

I don't do the Valentine's thing myself, but the chocolate is good!

You do KNOW that if you EVER need any nerd help, that you can call or email, RIGHT???

neva said...

i could SWEAR i checked here last night, before i went off to bed -- no new post, let alone template, let alone missing blogroll! aieeeeee! that said, i believe you have access to one or two tech-savvy folks who will surely get you back on bloggy-track in no time flat, Shirley.

Happy Valentime's Day. and i mean that will all my < B (trust me, this will make sense when you have a chance to see the latest edition of Teen Girl Squad)

LYMYMI, NBFF!!! xoxoxo

G said...

Tom&Icy: Why did I listen to them when it said "we will save your template"...but where? Okay, I guess I have a project for this weekend. Poor DustyDoggy - luckily she has a loving home. That reminds me of one of my sister's dogs Clementine, who is pretty much blind. She's another lucky pup.

Doug: Just look out for my eye!

I don't know why I didn't continue to resist - it was an impulsive moment.

Pavel: Thanks - it was time for something a little different.

I know that but it seems this is something I'll have to re-enter this weekend. Thanks though. Take a chocolate on your way out.

Neva: Something was screwey with the whole thing last night so even though I changed, it wasn't showing up. I always find myself in the technically challenged department whenever I do anything more than post. Oy vell.

Happy Valentine's Day to yu too NBFF. I can't wait to see it - tonight! LYMYMIT!!! xoxoxoxox

al said...

Wow! Nice new template, G -- and a nice sweet-and-sour V-Day post, too. But, I can still see the freakin' polka-dots. Maybe I should contact Dr. Snark?

pia said...

You called for the technically challenged? Oh right the technically knowledgeable. Sorry

I just hope that you're home this weekend, all nice and cozy.

The blogroll can wait, said she queen of linkage

The ice storm has obviously done something weird to my priorities

Like the new look also

St Jude said...

If you have just changed your template then you have lost the links to the blogroll. Did you back it up in note pad or something similar? If not then it will be easier to start again... sorry sweetie but to be honest that is the easiest thing to do rather than trying to recover it.

In future just make sure that you back up your template. Go into your template, select all and copy it, then save it into notepad. Do it regularly, you never know.

ann said...

you've all lost me. I panicked when I customised my London~Love and London~Love~Verse blogs, but I didn't change the template 'cos I liked what I had, I just changed colours and fonts.

They did say the old template would be saved. In Template, Fonts and Colours there's a line *Revert to template default* ... try clicking on that. I don't think you've got anything to lose, although I am blogdom's computer incompetent... doh!

Good luck and Happy V Day.... (I mean Vincent day... sigh)

Claire said...

Sorry, can't help. I'm a recovering luddite still puttzing around trying to figure out this same stuff. Yikes!

Pinky said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! HUG!!!

Kyahgirl said...

I updated my wordpress version the other day and my blogroll went awol too. very annoying. It took me an hour or two of mucking around with templates and something called php to get it back....most annoying.

oh yeah, I came here to give you some heart my friend!!!

G said...

Thanks Al! My eyes, the dots, my eyes, Dr. Snark!!!!

Pia: We make a fine pair, although I do believe you have just a few more things figured out then I do. I hope to be home too - so maybe I could be nice and cozy while I figure out the blogroll :) Thanks - it's a step towards customization I say. Babysteps, babysteps.

St. Jude: Aren't you the saint of the hopeless? No magic wand with you hmmm? Thank you for a reminder I most certainly should have thought of myself. And thank you for dropping in.

Ann: You're a smart woman, that's also why you didn't change the template. I'll muck about with it this weekend. I know where to find you all, if not...xox

PS: Vincent day - cute.

Claire: It seems I'm not even a recovering luddite so you're a rung above me.

Pinky: Hearts off to you. xox

Kyahgirl: Well, I need to get over and see the new and updated Mother Hen's Place! Hearts back to you - hope all is well. xox

Minka said...

I thought that was a short sidebar when I first looke dat the tmeplate...unfourtuantely i am no wizz when it comes to things like this. I am one of those...hit some keys, close your eyes, gently shake your computer and if nothign else helps...even pray :)

sorry, I know Miz B. is very good at thsi stuff though!

G said...

Why do I so relate to your method of wizadry? Yeah, a little short indeed. Luckily I have a long weekend to make some sense of it. Thanks for the input though. :)

swampwitch said...

I have so missed visiting my usual blogs. Just had to take a few seconds to say hi. I "heart" that saying by Helen Keller.
Am off to Oklahoma to be with youngest daughter's family and babysit the little one. Stay in touch. Will have to come back when I have more time to read and catch up on what's going on at your place.
K <:)

G said...

Swampy, I've missed your place as well. I haven't been able to make the rounds but I will make it a point to get over and see what's happening in your beautiful corner of the world soon.

Enjoy your visit with your daughter. xox

weirsdo said...

I think Valentine's Day is only meaningful from 15-25 or so.