Monday, April 16, 2007

Baby baby baby you're out of time...

"I say, baby baby baby you're out of time..."

Sometimes I feel as though I'm in a step aerobics class - only I'm not. Well I'm not because a) I'm not in the gym and b) it's just how life feels sometimes - as if I'm facing the front of the class when everyone else is facing the back. No wonder I ended up with a stress fracture that time, all that keeping up - in the step class that is.

It's hard keeping up with everyone's lives, it's hard keeping up with mine. Truth is I don't do such a bang up job at it. When we went to Tali's violin lesson tonight, she handed over an outline of a Recital that we are getting together to perform at Grandpa's nursing home to her teacher, Margaret. I say "we" as I just came up with the idea and presented it to Margaret who thought it would be a wonderful thing to do. Actually, she said in her lovely Icelandic accent "Tali this would be great, it would be a real mitzvah" (love when Margaret sprinkles in a little Jewishness with her Icelandic accent). From there, Tali has created an outline of proposed pieces to play, who will get a solo and so on and so forth. Margaret sort of beamed at me. I smiled back and said "in a year or so, I'll turn the household over to her".

Anyway, that's all I've got for now, come dance - I'm the one in need of a support bra, sporting bad pigtails. Can you find me?


HMBT said...

I understand this post...better than I would like to admit. Hang in's gotta get better (easier) at some point, or otherwise what's the point in all this living and learning? Maybe easier is the wrong word...tolerable may be a better one.

pia said...

smiled back and said "in a year or so, I'll turn the household over to her".
I love that

Doug said...

Eric Burdon?

What's with all the Icelanders all of a sudden? They're the new Mexicans?

Kyahgirl said...

just think how much easier your life will be with Tali in charge! go for it :-)

That guy in the video was macabre! eww.

G said...

hmbt: if my memory serves, it got better and easier (in the step class) and then I suffered the stress fracture :) Thanks - just life in all its angst and beauty.

Pia: I have confidence in the kid :)

Doug: CHRIS FARLOWE - I couldn't get The Stones on such short notice.

On the Icelanders? Just more expensive :)

Kyahgirl: I think it's all uphill from here Kyahbaby!

And a pop sensation in his native England - go figure.

Diesel said...

It won't play for me, so I'll have to take your word for it.

If Icelanders are the new Mexicans, what does that make Mexicans? Oh yeah, Californians.

First Nations said...

those are, she's just, its kinda, yeah.
i mean, the pigtails. and the dancing.



actonbell said...

Great post! I'm always out of time, and I have no bloody excuse. Good thing I don't have kids OR a career:)

On second thought, if I'd had another Ekim...oh, yes, there might have been advantages to that.

I've heard that song! Never knew who did it, so thank you, I learned something today.

~cj~ said...

OMG!!! ME TOO!!! I hope that you get a water break soon!

G said...

Diesel: Are you practicing jokes for your computer again?

fn: Exactly!

Actonbell, We all have excuses - dig deep.

This version is actually a cover of a song originally done by The Rolling Stones. So there's learning something else new :)

cj: Meet you at the water fountain :)

weirsdo said...

Kid management--I know the feeling. Please tell us more about the recital as it unfolds, or e-mail me. You know I'm interested.

ann said...

oh my goodness g, that's a blast from the past. Chris Farlowe, well, well, well. It looked like our Top of the Pops.

Yeah, and who could miss you.

I love your little spiel... just wait till they're older, oy vay!

G said...

Weirsdo: I thought that you might. I will fill you in on the details as they become clear. Thank you.

Ann: I am laughing because as I posted this, you came into my head. I thought you might be the only one to know who Chris Farlowe is.

Oy vay indeed.

Doug said...

G, I don't feel too terribly bad for not knowing that.

G said...

Doug - me neither, as it turns out.

Minka said...

well, if Tali takes over, you can be one of the crowd in the classroom looking in teh opposite direction and flat out deny tidying up your room :) It could be fun!

Doug, icelanders are everywhere and multiplying. It is a scary thought, I know!

Lovely video too, what were you thinking with those pig tails, though?

neva said...

baby baby... i wasn't so much "out of time" as "out of computer" (since Joel's home this week, it's been tough gettin' time at the desk/on the PC/in the blogsphere)

sorry i missed this. sorry i'll miss the recital -- but i'm guessing it's gonna be as grand a mitzvah as those lovely folks have ever had! just like you to come up with a way to make more work for yourself, when you have no time for yourself -- but then, that's part of the wonderfulness that is... YOU. xox

tsduff said...

Icelandic accents ARE lovely, aren't they? I can't believe I sat through that entire song... I do happen to like the song by the Stones, but man alive, that is a tough video to watch... tee hee.

G said...

Minka, I'm beginning to see the charm of that. I know - the pigtails were the deal killer! UGh.

Neva, let's hope we can pull it off with scheduling and such. Aw now you're making me blush under this shade here. Too sweet. xox

Terry, they are indeed. Have to agree with you on that one. :)