Sunday, April 29, 2007

On Science Projects and Plants

So Tali has a project for Science class which is to use a simple machine to improve upon another machine. The children had to submit their ideas to the teacher and her first invention was rejected because it was similar to another invention already submitted. Greeeaaat.

So any suggestions would be welcome in the comment box. Actually, she came up with another for which we are working up a model. In the meantime, we went to the nursery for some plants for the planters in the front of the house because nothing says project avoidance like a little spruce up of the outdoors.

Going anywhere with Tali and Julian together is a trip. Do I love these kids? Do they make me laugh - every time. But by the end of the outing, I'm moving them swiftly and steadily towards the car. Now why does the nursery do something like put a candy machine before the checkout? Julian kept getting drawn back to it. "I don't have change Julian, just my debit card." I said.

"Just a quarter" he pleads. "No, no change".

I herd them back to the register where invariably they take one more walk. I am preoccupied with checking out when the Momdar zones in on a foreign sound in the nursery (insert Psycho shower scene music here). My card has gone through and the workers are packing up my cart when I skip over an aisle and see my darling children rocking the candy machine. I call out their names and give them the incredulous stare which goes something like one eye closes and one eye bugs out. I get them and the plants out of the nursery as Tali explains "We just shook the machine a little and a chocolate covered raisin came out". That's the point that I had looked down the aisle to see Julian popping it in his mouth.

"I see" I say "so you risk knocking over a $250 machine for a penny candy? Let's have a little talk about consequences."

"I wanted an M&M" Julian chimes in. So much for consequences.

We stop to pet a basset hound outside the nursery. As we walk to the car, I tell the kids that we once had a basset hound growing up and her name was Banjo. We also had another dog named Groucho. What happened to her, the kids want to know.

So I tell the truth - "She got very sick".
"What was the matter with her?" Tali asks.

"She had cancer" I say.
"Dogs can get cancer?" Tali asks.

"Why did she get cancelled?" Julian chimes in.

"Not cancelled Julian - CANCER" Tali corrects.

With that, we headed on to our next stop with the music playing and the kids already onto the next conversation. Me? I'm just smiling at these little people that make my life so very rich.


pia said...

I loved the conversation between Tali and Julian

So much for consequences

neva said...

"cancelled"? hahahahaha! and i can just see your kids rocking that machine. too funny. also potential idea for new science project:

Candy-Machine "help-those yummy-treats-out-of-the-bowl-and-into-your-mouth" Funnel. hey, i'd use it... and you know your son would, too! ; ) xox

Logophile said...

Oh man,
I know that look!
I know exactly how that feels!
I wear that look
Your little people are great.

G said...

Pia, there always goodies. Yes indeed, so much for consequences.

Neva, I did say, "actually cancelled wouldn't be inappropriate" as I laughed. But now I'm laughing HAHAHAHA (as I take notes) at your science project idea - it could work, I tell you.

Logo, oh I know you must know it with The Things! I know it quite well myself. Thanks, they give me indigestion but also perspective, so it's all good.

Aimee said...

cancelled made me giggle.

When I had to create an "invention" I used those big cardboard things that are supposed to be like the display (they are folded into thirds) and created a long hair - hair dryer...So I could sit inside it and dry all my hair at once. lol (it was waist length). Unfortunately I don't need it anymore. hehe.

First Nations said...

this is cracking me up! the shower scene music is perfect momdar alert music!

Doug said...

Very cute. I'm trying to remember the simple machines. Pulley, lever, inclined plane, wheel, screw... what are the other ones? Is a gear one?

How about a pulley behind an inclined plane. I think that's how the pyramids were built.

G said...

Aimee: I'm cracking up just trying to get a visual on that long hair dryer invention. And you never patented that one?

Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

fn: I really think I heard it in my head at that exact moment.

Doug, You're pretty good on the simple machines - although let's see, add the wedge and take out the gear. Gear is a complex. Thanks but we have to "improve" upon an existing machine. A friend suggested "reinventing the wheel".

Claire said...

I love the fact that you obviously are enjoying their childhood! It goes away so shockingly fast. My 'baby' is 11 and her brothers, 21 and 19. I am happy they are growing up, yet...
sometimes I miss them as young children. That sweet innocence is to be savored.

Doug said...

Good idea. The wedge gets reinvented every day.

HMBT said...

How about making those floor cleaning wipes into little booties for your know they could be like hospital booties, dry on the inside but wet and stuff on the outside and then you could put them on and dance around the kitchen (or wherever) and clean the floors while having fun and burning calories. While you are at it, those dusting clothes could be made into gloves'd be so much easier to dust like that!
I loved this post...your kids are so smart and kid like...I love that.
Have a good day...I hope you find a great product to make better for Tali!

Theresa said...

"Cancelled", that's priceless. Your kids would get along great with mine, they're kind of like, "Consequences, is that something you can eat?"

ariel said...

it was very funny! somehow I think the story did not end where your post did. :)

oh my, is there such a thing like "simple machine" really?

G said...

Claire: Grin and bear it right? Nah, just kidding - they are a joy to behold. Time does indeed fly and I am enjoying all the phases of it. To be savored indeed.

Doug: True that.

hmbt: You know, I think I'll just cover my kids with dusters as they roll around the floor - thanks for that very useful invention! You're the best. Really those are grand ideas, but we have to use simple machines in the project. We're onto something though. Thank you for your lovely comments.

Theresa: It's settled - they can snack on consequences! Welcome to my humble abode.

Ariel, that was just the warm up :) When it comes to Science projects, there is no simple! Don't remind me!

tsduff said...

I had a dear beagle named Banjo. In fact, I've had two of them named Banjo in my lifetime :-D Can't waste a good name now, can you? HA HA - good vocabulary... canceled eh?

G said...

Terry - how funny is that? Actually our Banjo was the "runt" of the litter and was a pretty small basset. In many ways, she looked like a beagle. Can't waste a good name indeed!

Yes, cancelled - I'll never think of the meaning of that word the same again. :-)

weirsdo said...

Oh dear. Maybe a debit card machine to help with the candy machine would be a good project?
That reminded me of Erma Bombeck complaining about her kids' behavior: "A water fight in church? With holy water yet?" But it's all in the context of "I kept saying, 'Why don't you grow up?'--and they did."