Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rumors of my disappearance...

...have been greatly exaggerated.

What? You didn't realize that I was gone?

No, I was not stuck on the teacup ride at the boardwalk nor was I held at watershooting flowerpoint by a deranged clown or The Insane Clown Posse.

I was, however, and not necessarily in order of importance or occurrence - at the beach; collecting seashells; eating pancakes; buying walking sticks as art; eating fish and chips; drinking a latte; walking; chasing my kids; swimming in the pool; laughing; getting sunburned; crying; claiming a package containing "The Thing" from the 112 Police Precinct after it had been stolen from my front porch and used as a ruse to gain entrance to another home in order to burgle it; helping my daughter finish her summer homework; going to an art exhibit; buying school clothes/supplies; trying to put the house in order and realizing Sysophus was actually a slacker; thinking about writing a story about a cemetery groundskeeper who kept a continuous chess game going as he worked; having a latte; reading about hipsters and finding out that "berries" is the new term for benjamins/cash/clams/shekels/; daydreaming; fantasizing; riding waves; dining under the full moon looking at the ocean; playing "tag you're it" with Julian; being accused of having too much fun with Julian by Tali; making it a little joke whenever Tali would accuse me by saying "what's that? I'm busy having fun with Julian right now." Having a latte.

Taking pictures of some people that I love - well one in particular:

and two more in particular (warning: shark attack in progress:

Catch of the Day

Dropping my camera into the water. Digital Dementia. Having a latte. Basically trying to get back to a more accelerated pace to gear me up to go back to work and re-enter society. Wahhhh. Oh and missing you all.

Did you get my postcard?

Weather is here - wish you were beautiful.


PS: I have been alternately snooping about but not commenting much. I will catch up. I also see absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder as two bloggers that I am terribly fond of, Shari and Weirsdo have bestowed some lovely awards upon me. Thank you both so much. Don't think I won't make a whole post about them. You both made my day.


goldennib said...

You were have so much more fun with Julian. I'm sorry you have to come back. But also glad to have you back.

Theresa said...

Yay! You're back, now I can put the coffee on. So, are you going to tell us about all those interesing things in more detail? I can't help but wonder what "The Thing" was.

ariel said...

oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear you got involved in a burglary. of course I know that you are innocent. nice diamond!

G said...

Goldennib, I think that's what it was! Me too but I'm also glad to be back here. Thanks.

Theresa, put the coffee on, honey - we have some catching up to do. The Thing? I'll have to make a post (hey, need material :).

Ariel, the timing was tragically coincidental. Thanks, is 5 carats ostentatious?

The Babka Nosher said...

It sounds like your vacation was more eventful than mine! I tried very hard to avoid the police station. Welcome back to reality!

ann said...

welcome home...

you can draw breath now...

Gale said...

I was not stuck on the teacup ride at the boardwalk...I love that phrase. I am mentally picturing you stuck, you are having grand if not frantic time....weeeeeeeeee

Shari said...

You're back!! ((HUGS))

Glad you had a lot of fun on your vacation and having one latte after another. ;)

I was thinking you had some catching up to do when you got home. The old "I need a vacation to recover from my vacation" that I go through. ;)

neva said...

claiming a package containing "The Thing" from the 112 Police Precinct after it had been stolen from my front porch and used as a ruse to gain entrance to another home in order to burgle it...????

do tell!

i've been checking in on you like clock-work, up until around Thursday, that is. then i gave, got busy. but i, for one, am veryveryvery glad you're BACK! trust me when i say, i missed my NBFF more than she can possibly imagine and/or believe!! ; ) xox

pia said...

digital dementia--I like--my digitally demented mind lost a very long comment and couldn't process police story properly

I had a fun adventure this afternoon which I explained in the comment that didn't take--my digitally demented mind can't repeat it now--it involved walking into the condo in Myrtle Beach--putting on the radio that didn't work--finding the new next door neighbor--a contractor and single father--who spent four hours fixing the wiring for a six pack in the future. His seven year old daughter gave me two tiaras

I really really like it here and just told the story partially and badly

My sister did call from Montauk--wanted me to see the shark--had to explain she actually had to take a picture for that to happen

Claire said...

Nice to 'see' you back in blogland! Sounds like a fun vaca, except for the police station part. Um, can't wait to find out what "The Thing" is?!

goldennib said...

Are you game? Please play with me.

Miz BoheMia said...

Dios mio! You have been busy and then some and in the midst of it all tears, stolen packages, burglaries and police precincts? Ooooweeee!

Do tell indeed!

Sounds like there was more fun than not in there and I am glad to hear that you lived it up with your faboo peeps my dearest amiga!

But enough with the vacationing and COME BACK NOW! 'Cause a certain bohemian misses you FO SHO!

Hope you are having as smooth a school day morning as possible... mine is just starting, I got 5 hours of sleep, am cross eyed and dizzy as hell and the kids have yet to wake up... do I HAVE to wake them? Oy!

Bog neshikot to you my dearest Gina!

Kyahgirl said...

nice to see you again. what a lovely tan :-)

TLP said...

I feel sorry for poor Tali. You're always having fun with Julian.

On the game at goldennib's, you snooze, you lose. Apparently you took a nap. But I have not been declared a wiener. It's a judged event.

Cindra said...

Perfect. BE where ever it is you should or need...and we will be here when you return. LOVE the photos.

I got your email and thank busy and crazy...and wish you were here!


NO apologies necessary for taking what you need...and what THEY need. This is all we got...the one chance. DO IT. And look for a hug and support when needed. It's RIGHT HERE!

cindra said...

Um, is little Lucy there being funny? Cos if she's not...that is just not funny, darn it.

First Nations said...

being bikers, we just pick out a small town at random and take it over for a week once a year. i never thought of burglary as a vacation activity but now here it is, and put in a way that is easy to read and understand!

your vacation sounds so dreamy. thanks. just, thanks. know what i mean? *smiling too big to talk*

Doug said...

Great photos. I'm not sure why but you can tell a Northeastern beach in photos.

So, if a thing from your balcony is used in a robbery, does that make you an accessory?

TLP said...

If little lucy is ME, then yes, that was an attempt at humor.

G said...

That TLP! ;)

Minka said...

Yeah, she's back and with full humor it seems. IS it just me or did drinking latte feature heavily in your days of summer?

p.s I mentioen dteh idea of bubble tea in a coffee place here in Reykjavik, they looked at me as if I had suggested to disclaim our independence and become part of Danmark again :)

Dan said...

wish you were beautiful

I do too!! :)

Welcome back!

G said...

I have been a TERRIBLE blog host-ess!!! But I will be damned if I won't catch up right now!

Babka, sometimes they just can't be avoided I find. thanks.

Ann, as soon as I drew some, I had the wind knocked out of me. I'm back now.

Gale, looking a little pale because you know all that spinning can make one a little uh dizzy.

Shari, and then another one to recover from recovering. I'm gearing up to catch up though. ANd big hugs to you!

Neva, hahaha! Sure absence makes the heart grow distrac...I mean fonder! I'll have to update all in one of my posts that are all interesting and well punctuated - in my head.

Pia, I wouldn't blame it on your mind. Clarity seems to have gone out my window (hopefully temporarily).

I love your tiara story and hope you are having another wonderful stay there. Look at you - upping your sister technologically ;)

Claire, you may be disappointed, but I'll try to build it up a bit.

Goldennib - damn! I meant to play - is it too late?

MizB - OWEEEEE - I was back then gone but back again!!! And I'm quietly catching up on all your FABOO vids. It was a grand way to end the summer and the kids are already back in the school morning chaos routine. Here we go again, fasten your seatbelts everyone! Missed you and glad to see you too mi amiga! Big neshikot to you!

Kyahgirl - why thank you - pass the cocoa butter please. So nice to see you too. I'm long overdue for visits I tell you.

TLP: Well somebody has to scour the floors!

I think I really snoozed on this one, but yours was looking Pretee good! I'll have to swing by Goldennib's for an update. Good luck!

Cindra, always nice to get a hug from a great sister! Hopefully your celebrations are as joyous and sweet! Yes, we are where we should be and doing what we can when we can.

TLP is very serious - it's true - Tali has no fun at all - poor Tali ;)

fn: Being bikers, you could get away quicker I imagine. Think about it for your next vacation.

Here I am smiling too big to talk too. Here's a hug.

Doug, well I guess you can, can't you? But beaches vary from state to state just so's you know.

Scissors is being held still, I haven't worked up the bail.

Minka, ha - back and gone and back again. You might mention if they don't serve bubble tea that that may be a likely outcome ;)

DaN: Well thanks. And you are resplendent in red, for the record.

And you know you all are just beautiful in my eyes!

weirsdo said...

You're very welcome and deserving.
Sounds as if your vacation was mostly great.
I'm puzzled about The Thing, though.

G said...

Weirsdo, I'll do a post and explain.