Thursday, November 09, 2006

Calls from the Road

I had always worked in Manhattan until about two years ago. At that point, my company opened a new office on Long Island and I transferred there. I can't say that I don't miss the city. But what I surely don't miss, is rushing to the train station in the am and getting packed into one of the most crowded train lines in the city in the morning rush hour. However, it was during these train rides that I did most of my reading.

The upside of course is that I just get into my climate controlled vehicle (you just don't want to ever feel that rush of heat that slaps you in the face at 8:00 am on a sweltering August day in New York City subways). I shudder to recall. Plus I get to listen to the radio or a cd or both on my rides. Oh and nobody presses over from their seat onto mine, or makes rude gestures, or starts proselytizing or collecting spare change - I drop them off at school first.

Then there are the Calls from the Road. These are the calls to my Mom (that's where we coined the phrase) whereby we discuss what's going on in the family, what's happening with the kids and a general regaling of the week which invariably has us laughing. In this evening's call, there were several threads of discussion but our finishing one was about woman and hormones and the joys of womanhood. I was recounting how my daughter (who will be nine shortly) can be so obstinate and difficult on certain days - like it's not even her. Hey wait a minute...the thought hit me like a bolt of lightning. Oy vay, it's the start of hormones coursing through her little body. Which led to a discussion about what it used to be called in days of yore.

My mother: "My friend is visiting",
Me: "the curse"
My mother: "No that's getting married".

Haha. She still has that vaudevillian sense of humor and she's 82. And we chuckled on some of the old wive's tales and before you know it, I was pulling up to my house.

True, me mum's hearing may be going or is it gone? She's a bit stiff in her gate, but she's always good for a laugh or two. We do enjoy our Calls from the Road.

Listen for it coming to an NPR station near you.


al said...

Sweet story, G. Mine would be 77...

swampwitch said...

Hey just saying hi for a brief second. Babysitting a year old and don't have much time for blogging these days. I miss your visits.

neva said...

ha! my own dear mom turned 79 this year, doesn't look a day over 60, and has a mind like a steel trap. in which, i might add, is trapped the sins of my sisters (along with a few of my own), something she *never* tires of dissecting. oy. i would be thrilled if she'd tell me something more lively than "remember when your older sister "borrowed" your car (22 years ago) for 4 months and returned it after a tree fell on the hood?". good times.

count your blessings, NBFF... actaully, based on what i just read, i can see you already do! xoxo

ann said...

my sons maintain their sister was born with PMS

Just been talking to my mother of 83... she uses emotional blackmail on me since my father died and since I'm alone too now.

I don't like to say no, so I end up doing things I really don't want to do... now she wants me to go to Italy for Pesach. But I have my own children to think of too. I am so torn

Shabbat Shalom to you and all your dear family

lotsa luv ann xxxx

ann said...

P.S. I pray I don't do this to my children...

pia said...

Love that story G--you do have a great knack :-)

cindra said...

What a nice lil' tribute to your mom. we appreciate them more the longer they are around, thank goodness! I'm in the midst of the teenage daughter/mother thing right's exhausting and hard to remember that in a mere 14 years she'll finally start to appreciate me.

al said...

14 years if you're lucky, Cindra. 30 is the new 11.

Doug said...

That is a nice story, and a good joke. I'll be listening for you "Calls from Alphabet Road" on KPCC.

Doug said...

Oh, and thanks for a big day.

Mutha said...

G: My mom is 83, a vaudevillian through and through, and a FDR Democrat. She told me on this past Monday that if things didn't go her way this election, then she was DONE. Done as in Viking funeral, I asked. No, but she swore she would never vote again. The high point of my week was when she called me while I was driving on Wednesday to tell me Rumsfeld resigned. She was laughing so hard she was crying.

And: my 9 1/2 year old son is also showing signs of hormone-surge. Oh yeah, no rest for the moms of sons either.

Mutha said...

Man, al. "30 is the new 11" -- that is good.

Tom & Icy said...

I loved that second paragraph! You have such a great nack for writing.

cindra said...

Al-thanks. You burst my bubble. Again. Sheesh.

G said...

Thanks Al, the ole gals are treasures. Sorry about your mom.

Swampy: I so miss you and have not been making my usual rounds but I did check in with you earlier. Miss ya ~ LWTLSOHH

Neva: A mind like a steel trap - watch out for your hands. Give it up already Mom, we're all grown up. Not like my mom never has those moments. But overall, I go easy on her as she is a real treasure to me. xox

Ann: Brothers!

That's very difficult (and my MIL employs similar tactics at times) although I only wish she wanted to go to Italy for Pesach. But having said that, you are entitled to your own life, especially as a bubbe in your own right! And I am sure you won't do that to your children. Much different generation. Shabbat Shalom to you and your beautiful family. xox

Pia: Thank you, I'll take that right to heart.

Cindra: Take heart as she does but just isn't letting on. Well at least you can impart your wisdom to me on dealing with "the teen years". AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Al - and here I was thinking it was the other way around. Oy vay.

Doug - Thanks and original far as I know (both my mom and the joke :). Listen up.

Oh and you're more than welcome, let it be said we did the least we could to make you happy.

G said...

Mutha: My mom was a lifelong Democrat until Bill Clinton probably (a little too sexy for her I imagine) so we don't always agree on politics but hey, we don't need each other's approval as it turns out. I smiled at your Mom calling you though - you'll remember that.

Yeah - true about the boys too. Okay I'll take notes for my (almost) 5 year old.

Mutha - He's good isn't he? He should start his blog already!

Tom&Icy: Thanks - funny, that was my favorite part too. Glad to see you around!

Cindra - yeah, good ole Al - a realist at everyone else's expense!

By the way I have to get back over to your place this weekend, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Tom!!! and many more.

Miz BoheMia said...

I have been catching up again! I think you shall be stuck with the BoheMia-appointed-title of blogging dynamo! FO SHO!!!

Well, you have seen my house and yellow, purple, lilac, green, orance, fuchsia, pink and blue should about cover it... that said, though it doesn't make a rainbow it ties it in to our being typical SF nutty liberals or whatnot... and we tend to stand together on stuff... only difference being that Loverboy is more practical and I, well, too headstrong, surprise, surprise!

Your relationship with your mother sounds delightful... I cannot relate which is what I think makes it so fascinating to me and YES! Maybe we could jabe a listen? :-) Whaddya say? ;-P

Miz BoheMia said...

That was supposed to say HAVE! AY!

al said...

Hi again, G -- thinking back to when my kids were 11, it was the other way 'round back then. They never act their age, and a parent just can't catch a break. Just ask your Mom.

And, for a certified smart-ass, you have a very warm way with words.

Anonymous said...

Our moms and our children are always good for keeping us on our toes.

swampwitch said...

OK, LWTLSOHH: I'm back briefly...2-year old decided to sleep in a little longer so I have a few extra minutes. I love it that your mom is 82 and has that vaudevillian sense of humor. My mother-in-law is 80, and she is a riot.
I can't imagine living in Manhattan and trying to get to work...too much of a small town girl in me.
And, finally, I love NPR, too.

Mo'a said...

My Mother is 83, I am old enough to know that old people have not lost who they were as young people...believe me I am old enough to know....I am trying to keep up with the youngsters is not easy having 48th birthday every year....not so fast I am not telling....who said 11...oh!!! 30 is the new 11....whew!!!! :)Well I am not telling the truth anyway....who said 16....I hope you guys are not good at math....the truth is spilling out all over the place
Good post Princess :) We are lucky to have Mothers like ours....must go and vote :)

pinky said...

OH, how fun! I understand Calls From the Road and you wrote such a sweet story to explain yours. Jus lovely. I hope you are doing well and thank you SO much for all the good thoughts and well wishes. HUGS!

kathydc529 said...

Say hi to your mom for me! I can't believe she's 82.

Just Tom said...

I know it's been said but I wanted to add my voice to the group by saying, wonderful tribute. Nice, job, G

G said...

MizB: Ooh a Bohemian title - FO SHO! Now that's FUNKIFIED!

I have seen your house and it's a beautiful tapestry and you and Loverboy compliment each other so nicely. I never really considered. but a radio show - hmmm.

Al: hi again Al. I'm still trying to catch a break. Al I think after raising ten children, she's happy to have caught a breath.

As shucks Al, you're making this smart-ass blush :)

Goldennib: So true, so true. And I see so much so - you took flight, butterfly :)

Swampy: Ooh nothing like when the little ones cooperate. Yeah, seems life experiences just keep rendering them more humorous. And acutally it's worse, I live in Queens commuting into Manhattan. It's amazing what you can get used to.

Mo'a: You know that is such a perfect point, succinctly made by you. We all just become older versions of our younger selves. I'm okay at math - but my daughter's a whiz - "Tali, I have a tough equation for you!".

Yes, lucky indeed. I think I know which you voted for :)

Pinky: Glad you enjoyed but especially glad to see you up and about. Speedy recovery hugs you way. xox

Kitty! I was just picturing her the other day being my age sweeping up in front of the house (now I know how she always stayed thin). She always asks about you and the family.

Just Tom: Thank you and it's nice to see you so glad you dropped by.

weirsdo said...

"I drop them off at school first"--too funny. And your mom, also. Charming piece.
And thank you for your offers to Pansi et. al. The Barbies are mulling them.

Dan said...

G, I shuddered when I read

"you just don't want to ever feel that rush of heat that slaps you in the face at 8:00 am on a sweltering August day in New York City subways). I shudder to recall."


Anonymous said...

Your calls sound like such a delightful tradition:) And it's so wonderful to have our mothers to talk to!

I loved your post about meeting Sar, btw:)

G said...

Weirsdo: You guessed my favorite line! And thanks.

On Pansi: we would be only too honored, but I also don't want to (as I said) break up a love so timeless and senseless as exists between Doug and Pansi.

Ah you know of what I speak, Danny Boy! ;)

Actonbell: They are a tradition and I have to say it's a stress buster! "Knowing" your mom from the blogs, I agree - wonderful.

Thanks - it was fun :)

Minka said...

I just love your mom´s reply!
The cllas from my Mom that I recive all day long are more to this extend:

Where are you?
Have you eaten?
Am I ever gonna see you this week?


G said...

Minkala: She's good with the comeback. Those are all valid "mom" concerns - no matter what age the child! Have you eaten? You looked a little pale in your pictures :)

Kyahgirl said...

your mom sounds like a real gem!

G said...

She is as is yours! Maybe we should introduce the two Ironing fairies?