Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Julian!

There is a favorite Thai proverb that I have on a paper that I come across every now and again. I was cleaning out my desk drawer yesterday and there it was:

Life is short. We must move very slowly.

Today is Julian's fifth birthday!
Five years have gone by in the blink of an eye. Yet if I look back, a lot has gone into those five years. Funny that.

I just looked down at him as he slumbered away in his bed and thought...five years ago, you weren't quite ready to be born yet. Now here you are sleeping, hopefully a good night's worth for school tomorrow. We'll bring goodie bags and cupcakes to the classroom and celebrate. We'll have a party this weekend for you and Tali. But for today on your fifth birthday I wish you this sweet boy:

1) Good Health;
2) Happiness;
3) For life to be kind to you;
4) For you to achieve all that you can;
5) For you to derive as much joy as you give to others in life.

You most certainly have brought happiness into every life that you have touched. When you were maybe one years old, Tali wanted to look up your Chinese horoscopes on a PBS site for the children's show, Sagwa. Yours said, "When you walk into a room, people smile". This fit you so perfectly then and it still does today. Your warmth surrounds you and shines into whatever space you are in.

I know that I smile every time that you walk into whatever room I am in. Who could ask for a greater blessing?

Happy Birthday ChooChoo - here's to many more happy celebrations.

And now for your favorite part - L'Chaim!


joel said...

Let me be the first...

Happy Birthday Julian!!!!

Dan said...

This is a totally sweet post. Damn you! (Reaching for the box of Kleenex ...)

Happy birthday big guy! One question for you, though: how in the world do you keep a 5-year old from moving too quickly? Wine for breakfast? ;)

G said...

Joel: Thank you on behalf of Julian! I'll share with him later.

Dan: Ah Dan, sometimes I can't help myself. Here's another tissue. I believe the proverb may be more for me. Hmmm wine for breakfast? A little in the oj you think? I'd need an elephant tranquilizer for him.

Thanks for the wishes, I'll pass them on.

pinky said...

Happy fifth birthday!! This is a wonderful and touchiing post. What a fantastic momma you are. I hope that you all have a blessed and happy day!

neva said...

man, NBFF... that was nice. and so sweet. and oh, how i can relate to those feelings that well up inside of you as you look at your beautiful sleeping son.

i hope all your wishes for this very special/wonderful child *do* come true. at his age, it's easy to see the "promise" of his future. when he gets older, it might not always seem so clear. doesn't matter, the love you feel right here and right now will NEVER be lessened -- no matter what. trust me, i know what i'm talking about here.

now if you'll excuse me, i need to grab a tissue out of that box Dan's holding, before they're all gone...

Happy Birthday, sweet Julian!! Carpe diem... and every diem hereafter!! xoxox

cj said...

Happy Birthday Julian!!!!

Al said...

Sweet post, G. Happy birthday, Julian!

swampy said...

Happy Birthday, Julian...and many many more.
This is such a touching post. I remember both my girls' 5th they are 32 and 25. Cherish all those moments.

Pavel said...

Oh, that's Great! Happy Birthday, little man! From the way your mom describes you, I'd like to meet you someday.

With a mom like yours, I know you are in good hands. Proverbs 22:6

Diesel said...

I'm with Dan (have I ever said that before?). I'm kinda tearing up hear. But then I have a five year old of my own. Congrats and happy birthday to Julian. (Great name, btw; my wife's name is Julia).

And I love the proverb. It reminds me of something that I think Martin Luther was supposed to have said, along the lines of having so much to do during a particular day that he needed to spend the first 4 hours in prayer. Anyway, I mangled it, but you get the idea. :)

wmyovhuy: Archaic Yiddish for "Happy Birthday!"

brian said...

Happy Birthday Julian aka ChooChoo and may you have many more happy memories to share.

ann said...

Oh five years old... how absolutely wonderful.. the best year ever.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Julian and have a fun day with lotsa cake, cards, presies, balloons and yes... lots and lots of kisses... mwahxxxx

lotsa luv auntie ann xxxxxx

ann said...

p.s. forgot to sing

Yom Hooledet Hayom
Yom Hooledet Hayom
Yom Hooledet
Yom Hooledet
Yom Hooledet Hayom

Pavel said...

"Hey, this is America! Speak Spanish!"

"¡Felix cumpleaños para tí!"

(just kidding)

Doug said...

Happy Birthday, Julian!

Have a great one and don't worry about the health thing until you've had your fill of cake and ice cream.

Miz BoheMia said...

Beautiful words my dearest amiga! I so understand the feeling... life altering is what these little people are... mind boggling the fact that we made their bodies and here they are, full force, their own people from the getgo and such a beautiful (although sometimes they may ellicit muderous feelings) and shining presence...

May sweet ChooChoo have a fabulous day! At that age they sooo live it up so may his day be all he dreamed of and more (no pressure on you guys!)

Besos to you my dear friend and big besos to the little lampshades...

G said...

Pinky: Thank you on all counts, you are so sweet. We had a day filled with mini celebrations and a party this weekend. It was fun.

Neva: Thank you my dear NBFF. Each of them hold such unique promise. I know paths can become cloudy, but then again, I am a lamp - I'll just remove the shade baby! Thanks for your sweet words and take on motherhood. xox

cj: Thanks my friend. Invite Gracie over for a piece of cake! Thea too!

Thanks Al on both counts. And have I mentioned I love your avatar (I've been a bit preoccucpied of late).

Ah Swampy, in the blink of an eye huh? I will truly try to cherish them.

Pavel: Thanks from the little man. If you're ever in New York...stop, you'll make me think I can begin coasting.

Diesel: Your Dan reference sounded so natural, so perhaps. Yeah once you have a five year old of your own, you know what looking down on them feels like. Thanks - yes I love Julia (in fact the John Lennon tune was part of the inspiration).

Yes indeed Diesel, I got it - even in your mangled version. and your Yiddish is improving.

Brian: Thanks, seems he has a few good ones there.

Auntie Ann: Twas a fun day had by all. Now we're all weighed down from the cake and pizza of tonight. Oy.

Ann: Very nice on the Hebrew rendition - makes it official!

Pavel: You're cracking me up. Gracias amiga.

Doug: Thanks from Julian. He's sleeping it off right now. The day ended off with him crying and holding my face with both hands shouting "it's my birthday". I patted his back as Tali laughed to my backwards comment of "it's the cake talking".

G said...

MizB: I just missed you in there! That is it - life altering. And mind altering too! We did have a nice day filled with mini celebrations. We're having a party here on Sunday so the fun will continue! It's our birthday celebration week with Tali on Friday.

Haha - cracked up at the "no pressure to us" comment. Yes I can see it now "It was my fifth birthday but it was rather unfulfilling..."

Thanks for your sweet wishes and besos to you amiga.

cindra said...

Happy Birthday, little man.

You are a sweet, sweet, momma, G. He's a lucky guy.

Do you get to take home baked cupcakes to class? We don't! No way. Not no more.

weirsdo said...

Happy Birthday, Julian.
Toyplayer is also extraordinarily sweet. I grew up with an older dad and no brothers. It has been a real revelation how sweet boys are.

PANSI said...

Hapy Berth day and all that but I have a bone to naw with you Mrs. Gee!!!!
After my Barby Idoll apeerance you said there were thong's outside, throne by my fan's I thot!!!!
I go out side and there was nothing there but fan's , who I love to deth of COARSE, but they can be reel anoying!!!!!!

pia said...

Sorry I missed Julian's birthday. Hope that it was amazing

and have a wonderful birthday week. birthdays should be celebrated all week


And may Julian and Tali live to be 120, with all their faculties including teeth. In a world filled with peace and joy.

And much family and much nachas-- (joy) don't know how to spell that. My instinct is to spell nachos

G said...

Cindra: Aw thank you kindly. We only get to take homemade cupcakes if my husband makes them. Alas, that did not occur, so I brought little bakery items with sprinkles. The NYC public school system still is somehwat archaic (in our neighborhood) in that they don't screen for nuts or other health issues. Just not "too sugary". Okay. The kids devoured them. ALthough the homemade would have been better. Great - now I have guilt.

Weirsdo: Thanks. I grew up with five brothers and it's still a revelation (just kidding guys). Yes indeed, very sweet these litte men.

Pansi: Thanks Pansi, wait'll I tell Julian you came by!

Did I say thong or throng? Either way, there may have been a throng of fans clad in thongs, which would have been unsightly. There should only be one naked butox and that should be yours! Hope I cleared that up! And I wouldn't be talking about chew toys if I were you (after that terrible offer from one of those dogs)!

Pia: Not to worry, we continue to celebrate all week. And Julian was in fine form yesterday.

From your mouth to G-d's ears. And I believe your instinct is correct actually (why am I not surprised? :). Thanks for your sweet and heartfelt birthday wishes.

The ZenFo Pro said...

Awww...such a wonderful blog b-day card!

G said...

Aw thanks Zenfo - he's my baby.

goldennib said...

While in real time it has been 20 years, in my heart it was just yesterday that my baby girl, who is rushing out of the house as we speak to save someone's life, was small enough to hold in one hand.

Hold on to them in your heart. Let them go with your hands.

Happy Birthday to you both.

(It is always mommy's BD, too.)

G said...

Goldennib, Our memories never fade when it comes to our children. And you must be incredibly proud of your "baby girl" too.

Thank you for those golden words of mother to mother advice. I will remember that as I have never seen it phrased quite so beautifully. Thank you.

weirsdo said...

You said "throng." Pansi was just confused again.