Friday, November 17, 2006

If It Weren't for Bad Luck...

That's right, brother, I'd have no luck at all.

Well, had a little work done on the house last year. Looks quite nice, if I do say so myself. But apparently it's not the form part that's problematic. Oh no, it's the function. Of course, we can't be sure of this apparently until part of the floor is ripped up (how much we won't know until the plumber comes for a visit tomorrow) . What's that? Just have the contractor come back? Well, if a Malaysian guy named Sunny (about 5'9", 165 lbs.) shows up in a green van, call me. He was last heard from on the way to the airport and a little hint - we're not the only ones looking for him so he may be a little hasty in his presentation.

You know, I make it a point to not use expletives in print on my blog. In print - it's there waiting to come back and bite me in the ass-trology chart, yeah. At least the utterances will just fly away like a $20 bill on a windy day being handed to the toll collector (there's that aforementioned luck). So I'll allow you to insert your own %^&*@# expletives if you'd like in the comments.

Or alternately, you could go vote for me in SAR'S CAPTION CONTEST. I'm looking to make this week a hat trick, how's about helping a dame down on her luck.

Oh brother can you spare a dime?


Miz BoheMia said...

Oh how I feel for you my friend! We had something similar with a plumber who showed up dutifully, until he got paid... the little last stretch of work left we had to hire someone else to do because well, the other guy just disappeared!


Oh the burn one feels to get one pulled over their eyes! Our now infamously dead BMW was sold to us by a friend recommended to us by my ex-stepbrother (who probably stuck it to us when he sold us the house) when we just moved here and were disoriented. So we trusted this guy to give us a good deal and we learned that taking it up the ass on the car was just the beginning for a Spanish stay of much figurative sodomy... the house, an extra room we built, renting two different spaces for the business that never really was, importing our Infiniti... and the list goes on!

You know? Want help tracking down that f****r??? I have some rage to unload! FO SHO! Let's go and kick us some ass! K-POW!

Ay! Early morning mental comments... forgive me... my way of saying hi as I am torn away from the computer by two hungry and ant-killing lil' bohemians!

Sleep tight my dear friend!

DaBich said...

"I'm looking to make this week a hat trick, how's about helping a dame down on her luck." the dame a hockey fanatic like me???? If so, I just may vote for her ;)

Al said...

Darn! Dang! Drat! mmmmm-Poop! (Believe mem I can do much better, but I know your daughter read your blog.)

G said...

MIZ B! I can see it now us taking over Malaysia - there'd be no hope for that Mother ##$*&#!!! Oh do I feel for you. There is nothing like being had by these schmucks. I have to run to take little man to school but I'm sure I'll have plenty of rage left over when I'm done. Perhaps we can meet part way? xox

DB: Well, my husband is and we met at a hockey game - does that count? ;)

Al: Don't worry Al, I read code and understand perfectly well what that meant!

Joel said...

Reminds me a bit of our former residence in Boston...the builder was so very present while getting us to spend additional money on the "extras" he was pitching but surprisingly absent when the basement flooded a short time later, and a short time after that, and a short time after that, and so on and so on. Hate problems associated with houses and cars - feel your pain - sending good, positive thoughts. If that doesn't work we'll join the posse and bring your wayward contractor to justice.

neva said...

my expletives are in the mail.

i can give you the number for our plumber, Bob. (hey, if you can't trust a plumber named "Bob", who *can* you trust?) not sure he'll drive into Queens from east CT, but it never hurts to ask. (if a plumber named "Bob" won't drive in from CT, who will?)

as for the caption? since i lucked into my own sweet "hat trick" a few weeks ago, i believe it's time for YOU to do the same! (ooooh... do i feel some shameless promotion coming on? i do! i do!) xoxo

Diesel said...

Bob the plumber
(Can we fix it?)
Bob the plumber
(Yes we can!!!)

Apologies to those of you with no small children.

ann said...

workmen.... you can't live with 'em and you can't live without them.

I had new carpet laid this week to discover today that whilst moving my furniture my woodwork and walls have been bashed, a lovely old, very very old, Louis XIV chair in my room has been damaged and they've messed up my vacuum cleaner. BUT do I say anything... oh no, not moi... I go to pay the bill today and say how lovely everything is.... grrrrr.

I won't even go into the saga with a certain plumber, broken central heating, a bill of over $800 and the neighbours thinking, hey hey what's going on over the road, since said plumber was useless and here every night for a week and all day Saturday.

If I ever remarry the first criteria is that he can do DIY

So we've both had a moan... LOL

Have a lovely weekend and Shabbat Shalom

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Kyahgirl said...


Just helping you out in the cussing department.

G said...

Joel: I knew I could count on you gentle souls for a little good ole fashioned vigilantism! Pick you both up at 7:00! Oh bring the dogs too!

Neva: I'll sit here looking out the window for the mailman. Thanks for Bob. For now, we have a clear pipe that isn't clogging...until the next major downpour! Oy vay! I'm just looking to join you in the Hat Trick Circle (which I believe Joel is the first time member of?). Now that "my pipes" are clear, I'm feeling a bit shameless and less downtrodden. Lemme at em! xox

Diesel: Bob! Of course! See you at Sar's.

Ann: You should kvetch and not pay!!! I am not one to go down easily (that didn't sound right) but the problem is the creep is long gone! And now our woes are beginning. Oy vay oy vay!

Ann, problem is what are the odds for a DIY that is a YID? It's a
problem booba. Shabbat Shalom xox

Kyah: That's it! Now add in a grrrowl and a bark and be ready to attack!!!

goldennib said...

Oh, boogers!

ann said...

G... your caption was great... I had to do a double take, 'cos I thought it was a succah... LOL

at this moment you are in the lead... hooray

and your comment.... erm.. Jewish men are just no good with their hands... LOL

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Sar said...

Oh pickles! That's from Higgleytown Heros. (Take that Diesel!)

Best of luck with the contracting remedy. At least it's not as bad as what I recently heard - that the contractor who did our kitchen back in NJ accidently set a kitchen on fire for negligently leaving some piece of equipment on in a precarious location. Eeeek!

G said...

Goldennib: Thanks for your kind word.

Ann: Me too! Thanks for the cheer! I thought you might like that one :) xox

Sar: Now I've got that theme song in my head! So far we have a temporary reprieve as it cleared with another snaking, but then what? Oh well, we hope for the best. So few contracting stories end in a completely happy ending.

Have a great weekend pals! ;)

weirsdo said...

I sympathize.
Our house is custom everything, meaning everything is expensive or just plain impossible to fix. Why did we buy this? We fell in love.
The good news is that workmen down here have been the most honest I've ever experienced and pretty competent, as well as colorful characters. Also, often, inexpensive. The bad news is, I've gotten to know too many of them far too well.

G said...

Weirsdo: Ah, emotion - far worse reasons to buy a home. Could a Workman Files be far off?

Thanks for your sympathy.

cj said...

Oh my dear G! That is terrible!! Its a day for bad luck. Erick ran into his fair share of bad luck too. But tomorrow is another day and ... my friend things always work out.

Gracie and I voted for you a few times now... :) We hope you win!

shayna said...

Geez... sounds like what has happened to us. Our bathroom is having to be re-done... flooring taken up because the plumber did one "HECK" of a job!

Hope it all works out for you! :)

G said...

Shayna: Thanks. So far we got off without the floor coming apart...this time. We hope for the best. In the meantime sorry about your troubles. Would you like to join our contractor hunt?

cj: So true, cj. Today things seem a bit brighter (especially since we didn't need to rip up any flooring). Well thank you to you and Gracie for answering my "vote early and often" pleas.

Have fun at the Barenaked Ladies show!