Tuesday, March 04, 2008


As I mentioned, I come from a large family. In sorting through my Mom's things, I only half jokingly suggested that perhaps I should catalog things digitally and let people decide what they would like as a keepsake from her jewelry. My brother raised his eyebrows suspiciously, "gBay!" I swore that I would not make a profit, at least not a despicable amount, then grudgingly offered him a small commission.

On a separate note, I won an item on eBay tonight! I have never purchased a big ticket item from eBay (that I can recall). Although the amount was actually a bargain, it is a piece of furniture which makes it big ticket. I had in my favor that the auction was for pickup only in NYC. After winning, I just googled the zip code which I surmised to be on the westside of Manhattan. The search returns jolted me a bit and my heartbeat quickened as I read "Sex Offenders in Zip Code 1****!" The room was spinning out of focus as I read on "Hotels in Zip Code 1****" and immediately thereafter "Bars in 1****." Oh my gosh, I'm being lured in by a pervert!!! At a hotel!!! Who'll try to liquor me up! That's it, I'm reporting this creep to eBay.

I went back and looked at the chair and all my fears have been allayed. After all, a bargain's a bargain. Anyway, Scissors will be picking it up with me. Would it be odd for me to send the seller a question as to his height and weight? I just want to make sure Scissors and I can take him. Otherwise we may have to call in the big guns:

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I'll let you know how it all works out. I hope.


Doug said...

What a great looking dog. You can only get a face like that on gBay.

Mo'a said...

Fingers crossed...sorry will Scissor Hands be offended.
Funny story...no matter where you go in NYC is always a great adventure.

ariel said...

A bargain is a bargain. Maybe you should write him and let him know that you bought the chair for your uncle Don Vincenzo as a birthday gift from his dearest niece. I bet he's going to be polite to you then.

Wonderful dog! Little body, big heart.

Tom & Icy said...

We're anxious to hear what happens with the ebay thing. That is the cutest puppy I've ever seen!

Jeff said...

Oh yeah, killer puppy will keep you safe ;-)

Diesel said...

That's one vicious looking dog.

tsduff said...

Louie is Impossibly cute. Boy did you get lucky.

I ordered a bed on ebay - made in the last century. It was a bed with ropes for the bottom - strung tight across. Only problem was, the lady shipped it from up state NY tp California. And, she didn't happen to use any shipping material other than... syran wrap and a few pieces of styrafoam. No wonder it arrived in many pieces... many more than she had shipped. The beautiful antique was broken, and the nutcase expected me to pay for it. I refused delivery (after inspecting the poor mess). EBAY finally did right by me, but not without a giant battle with this lady, tons of paperwork, emails to the warehouse where the pieces were awaiting their final fate... I'll buy my furniture local from now on.

Good luck with yours - hope it is home by now safe and sound.

G said...

Doug: And in limited quantity!

Mo'a: hahahaha! So true on the adventure.

Ariel, a bargain is indeed a bargain. That's not a bad approach.

Yeah, Louie's got a big heart and he's laying here by me right now.

Tom&Icy, we're very partial so we think so too :) I'll update everyone with a post (inspiration running low as it oft does).

Jeff, don't be fooled by appearances.

Diesel, you'd better hide your cat, man.

Terry, that's a terrible story! And what a disappointment. Quite frankly that's why I'm afraid to buy furniture (beside the obvious shipping expense), but this was a local pickup so it was worth it in every way.

I'm sitting on Grace typing right now :)

weirsdo said...

I like the chair, btw. It reminds me of the early sixties, which is a good thing.

G said...

Weirsdo, it is decidely mid-Century modern which I love. So thank you.