Saturday, March 15, 2008


I am putting this post together quickly as I have one little boy camper with a fever, so here's hoping he's feeling good as new tomorrow.

Today's singer is Keren Ann who is a French born Israeli singer or was it an Israeli born French singer? Well, she's based in both countries as well as New York. Read up on that in the Wiki link. As my old contractors were fond of saying, "this is small matter." What matters is that she sings beautiully and her songs have such a lovely soft quality that I think I would need an afternoon to lounge about with a gentle breeze blowing the curtains as her music played...(sound of dream sequence screeching to a halt). Well, you get the picture.

So now have a look:

and a listen: MySpace.

and a good weekend!



Doug said...

I think I heard about her on NPR. Better yet, she's an oracle in the temple of Apple.

Mo'a said...

She has a lovely sound...Hope your little one is on the mend.

Tom & Icy said...

Very relaxing.

ariel said...

She sings sweet and calming. Hope the boy is better!

ariel said...

I was thinking about who she reminds me of, I know now! Here is a video of Yael Naim I love.

Doug said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, colleen!

G said...

Doug, you did, they just featured her fairly recently. I think she's a little too soft to be an oracle for Fiona. I could be wrong.

Mo'a, glad you enjoyed. And thanks - my little one is riding it out. Up and down with the temperature. I stayed home today to nurse him back to health. Thank you.

Tom & Icy, good for weekends.

Ariel, she does and thanks. The boy is feeling slightly better but not quite there yet. He's sleeping as we speak.

Ariel, that is kismet. I love that and was *this close* to featuring that exact video for this weekend, but I had Keren Ann on hold for a while so I went ahead with her.

Thanks for the link and I'd love to hear any other music along the way.