Tuesday, June 06, 2006


and love to blog.

I'd like you all to meet G, my new avatar. I could have gone on for some time like this, no avatar - just a G.

To be sung to the tune of "Just a Gigalo":

Just a G, I know
and everywhere I go,
bloggers know the post
I'm maiming.

Well, you'll excuse me if I just had too much fun at Doug's today. You see, he's really not supposed to know we can have fun without him, no less have a big bash! Cake, drinks, limbo - the works. I didn't bring the potent potables as I'm not much for the drink, but I didn't exactly stop it. Yes, for that I am guilty. It was at this point in the party, when Kyah walked in to see me with a lampshade on my head leading the Conga line. She abruptly left and upon her return, invited me to check my e-mail.

I admit to being somewhat nervous because perhaps I had shimmied under the line of good taste and shamed myself in Doug's nice orderly place; exhorting all to "Fight for your right to Paaaarty" (I mean Doug was at the polls, appropriate I thought). He seems to care about rights.

Anyway, there in the e-mail is the above lovely lady with the lampshade - a gift from my dear new friend Kyah to be my very own avatar. It was the best gift I have received in some time - well in the blogosphere (so as not to hurt any real family member's feelings). Quick recoup.

So here is the new G, sure to be making the rounds and even more social now that she has a lampshade to hide behind.

Just in time for summer - all the barbecues, pool/beach parties...Better get my sunblock out.

Now, whether or not the links work, well my apologies dearest Doug and Kyah, if not. I am still in the 90 day probationary period.


FirstNations said...

rockin icon! and the lamp; i'd own that sapsucker.
very nice ideeeeeed!

Sar said...

You have an avatar - yay! Good choice, Kyha.

You'll have to RUSH over and leave a comment and show off your new schnazzy look there lady. ;)

G said...

first nations - you likey? Me too. Well she's not for sale - but she does parties. I'll be making the rounds tomorrow.

Sar: I'll be by - leave a luminary on in the window for me..

Kyahgirl said...

You are perfect in every way...

g, the lady of the lamp :-)

Miz BoheMia said...

Ooooh! Sexy Lady! This bohemian finds you sizzlin' I tell you, sizzlin'!!!

And great job over at brotha Doug's! This bohemian for one is quite fond of parties and of DANCIN' THE DANCE ELECTRIC!!! OW!

Anonymous said...

Great avatar.
And you are intrigued by my novella? Thank you, thank you, thank you *kissing your feet and bumping forehead on carpet.*

G said...

Kyah: Wasnt' that a Joni Mitchell song - The Lady of the Lamp? I like it. It's my song now. Oooh, you're going to make me blush, glad I have my new lampshade.

Brian: Thank you, oh salt of the earth. Glad you came by the party and I loooove my new poem. Even with your link instructions I failed. I'll have to wait for a lucid moment. Where are we - June?
I'll be by soon.

MizB: The sizzlin comment from you - my day is complete and it's only 9:42 a.m. (EST). I bet nobody dances the DANCE ELECTRIC quite like you! And that is fo sho sista!

Weirsdo, You'll excuse me fore it was late, and I am new to your world, but I believe I mixed up exactly whose novella it was.
That's fine, thank you, no need to kiss my feet. Really, thank you.
I'll have to go back and give another read and comment.

In accepting this great avatar award, I would once again like to thank Kyahgirl as without her, I would be just another G in the crowd.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling some avatar envy here...somewhat second class for my lack. Oh well, bravo! anyway...I'll get over it.

G said...

Joel: Embrace your daring to go without. My opinion, it adds to the mystique - "Just who is this Joel?" But if you like, I know this avatar personal shopper who works for doggie bones.

Minka said...

And what a wonderful job you did over at Waking Ambrose :)
And might I juts add, the new avatar is mighty fine. Although i am pretty sure you don´t need to hide.
I would like to thank you yet again for hosting a wonderful party in my honour :)

G said...

I think it's a fine mall Brian.

Why thank you Minka. It was my honour to honour you! You're lots of fun.

Sidenote Minka - If I may be so personal - when is your bd - I see you are a Canerian?

G said...

uh, that would be Cancerian.

Anonymous said...

i lovelovelove the new avatar! you're the luckiest girl in the blogosphere to have someone as cool as kyahgirl give that to you!! (apparently, i, too, suffer from avatar envy!)

waited all stinkin' day to be able to comment here, there, and everywhere! (stupid blogger, keeping your friends from sayin' "hi"!) i wanted to tell you how much i admire the new "look" *and* congratulate you on the fabulous job you did as fill-in "hostess" at doug's place! i was very impressed!

that's it... i have to try and scramble to "see" folks before blogger throws another comment wrench into the blogworks! : D

Kyahgirl said...

still looking good missy.

The lady of the lamp was Florence Nightingale wasn't it?

Anyway, I think you're the lady of the lampshade, subtle difference. Way more fun.

G said...

That reference totally went over my head - must be the new shade. Ah well, what price a funky avatar, eh?

Never could stand the sight of blood - lady of the lampshade is perfect.

Doug The Una said...

You're on notice, Missy!

Fantastic picture for you.

G said...

Choosing to ignore the warning, G tips lampshade towards Doug.

Ariel the Thief said...

yes, I am behind, my reading is so unpreictable. but I do want to tell you I love the story of your new avatar. :)

G said...

Why Ariel - who woulda thunk to find you here? she says as she straightens from the startle and straightens her shade. What a welcome surprise. Comments like that mean all the more. It was fun. Thanks for coming by. And I do so love your comments at Doug's.