Saturday, July 26, 2008


I may be turning into a one trick pony as the only time I dust off my blog it seems is to take it out for a Spin.

I've had many blogworthy thoughts in recent weeks - some funny, some poignant, some full of angst, some complaining, some stressing, some bitching, some tears, some laughing...but none of them made it into a post. Once they're gone - they're gone. It's funny how quickly a story goes stale.

My family are all good. I've been pretty hard on myself owing to the fact that Tali and Julian did not go to camp this summer. As it turns out, lack of structure sounds good to a kid until they actually have lack of structure. Hats off to Scissors who perseveres and gets them out of the house each day, even if some days end up with visits to two different therapies with Julian. First off to his OT and then to the psychologist. Does anyone else bring their dog to the shrink with their kids? I didn't think so. It seems Louie jumped up on the couch too.

Of course, we laugh because if we don't, we just may cry. Tali recounted how the doctor told them that Julian indicated that he felt afraid when he was out of control. I raised my eyebrow a bit doubtfully and said that he didn't strike me as afraid when he was setting about pulling her hair. Tali concurred. We then made a little skit up about that.

Julian is seeing the doctor because we wanted an updated evaluation and we decided to continue for a bit to help work through some behavioral rough spots that we're dealing with. To that end, it has been helpful or so I tell myself because it gives hope. And where would we be without that?

Now for your listening pleasure - Tift Merritt. She's a Texas born/North Carolina raised singer-songwriter. That's what I know. Have a listen and enjoy:


Her Space: Tift

Hope you're all good. Have a great weekend.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Well, well, well. Thought I got lost on the Lazy River at the water park, did you now? What can I tell you that would actually be of interest? Being back in the city is a different slice of life. When I get home from work, the kids have been in Daddy Day Camp all day and they're eager for a bit of Mommy time. By the time that winds down, I'm pretty much spent. Unlike working on the Island, I need to have my full compliment of sleep to start off nice and early with my trek to the subway station. Once there, the choices are rather strategic so I need to be alert to size up seating on the Express train or make a quick determination to dash for the closing doors of the less crowded local. Getting to the subway station early enough affords me the luxury of choosing.

So I have not had the computer on much at all. I can't say that I always miss it. I feel a bit fresher falling to sleep with a good book, but I do miss you guys. Yes I do. So in line with that thought, today I'm featuring someone who has long deserved a Saturday Spin - Alejandro Escovedo singing "Wasn't I Always a Friend to You" helped by a few friends of his own:

Alejandro has been around the block for some time now. Peers and music critics have nothing but praise for him. He simply does not put out a bad record and this latest, Real Animal, is no exception. He was born to Mexican immigrant parents in a musical family (Sheila E. is his niece). After a near death bout with Hepatitis C in 2003, he is doing well and making music. I've heard him interviewed on a radio show and he is a down to earth real mensch.

"Musically, Alejandro Escovedo is in his own genre." David Fricke, Rolling Stone. Couldn't agree more.


Listen to Alejandro's version of above song over on: MySpace

BloodShot Records

I truly hope you're all doing well and will be by when I can sneak in some quality blog time. Have a great weekend and stay cool! Don't forget to drink plenty of water.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Or - Happy Birthday to Me!

This is the last decade birthday where my first number times two equals my second number. After this one, it's literally all downhill from here. So what's an aging blogger to do on a 90 degree July birthday? That's right! Head to a water park! It's set in a mountain so that's nice. Oddly enough and you may just understand this - it is both the last place and the only place where I would choose to spend my day.

When daydreaming about an idyllic birthday, I conjure up meandering through the Vermont countryside, browsing antique shops and having a leisurely lunch. Screeching halt to dream sequence! My kids have forced me into realizing the only way to spend it is at a water park splashing down the "Colorado rapids" ride, (terrorized as now I know what it holds in store for me, yet feel compelled to take the plunge just the same).

I have been a tad preoccupied of late with my own racing thoughts which are never good company. Work is rocky right now, the kids adjusting to a summer non-schedule is less than calm, and we're all settling into our new time zones. I'm sure we'll get over this collective household "jet lag" eventually.

In the meantime, I've promised the Universe that I won't take it personally. Deliver a decent sunny day for my birthday and we're on the road to reconciliation. After all, it's delivered my new issue of Domino magazine today.

A couple of city kids in the county this past July 4th weekend:

I don't know if I've ever told my BIL Tony that he reminds me of Mick Fleetwood.

So that's life round these parts. Will the excitement never end?!

Stop by for our usual Chinese Food celebratory dinner tonight if you're in the neighborhood!