Saturday, July 26, 2008


I may be turning into a one trick pony as the only time I dust off my blog it seems is to take it out for a Spin.

I've had many blogworthy thoughts in recent weeks - some funny, some poignant, some full of angst, some complaining, some stressing, some bitching, some tears, some laughing...but none of them made it into a post. Once they're gone - they're gone. It's funny how quickly a story goes stale.

My family are all good. I've been pretty hard on myself owing to the fact that Tali and Julian did not go to camp this summer. As it turns out, lack of structure sounds good to a kid until they actually have lack of structure. Hats off to Scissors who perseveres and gets them out of the house each day, even if some days end up with visits to two different therapies with Julian. First off to his OT and then to the psychologist. Does anyone else bring their dog to the shrink with their kids? I didn't think so. It seems Louie jumped up on the couch too.

Of course, we laugh because if we don't, we just may cry. Tali recounted how the doctor told them that Julian indicated that he felt afraid when he was out of control. I raised my eyebrow a bit doubtfully and said that he didn't strike me as afraid when he was setting about pulling her hair. Tali concurred. We then made a little skit up about that.

Julian is seeing the doctor because we wanted an updated evaluation and we decided to continue for a bit to help work through some behavioral rough spots that we're dealing with. To that end, it has been helpful or so I tell myself because it gives hope. And where would we be without that?

Now for your listening pleasure - Tift Merritt. She's a Texas born/North Carolina raised singer-songwriter. That's what I know. Have a listen and enjoy:


Her Space: Tift

Hope you're all good. Have a great weekend.


Doug The Una said...

Good song. Blogging definitely has seasons. Maybe that's who you sent to summer camp.

For the record, I'm grateful for each post.

Sweet and Salty said...

Hey, G! Ain't it something? One moment things seem that they couldn't possibly go better. No long after you wonder what happened, how did things go so wrong so quickly?

I know, "to everything there is a season..." and stuff, but it doesn't make it easier when it's your kid going through the hard times. Still, I take comfort in knowing that in the midst of the troubled time, the good times are next.

"Lack of Structure" time for children? Good luck! (smile)

Take care, G. Oh, and if all we get from you is a Saturday Spin, that's okay. I've "discovered" some great musicians because of you!

Anonymous said...

I know just how you feel. I have periods like that many time also...not reading or commenting on other peoples blogs and not posting regularly.
I am glad that you are still posting...I miss our friends who have stopped.

Ariel the Thief said...

Woman, your life is busy... Great voice, nice singing. Thank you for keeping posting the Saturday Spins! I look forward to them each Saturday.

Anonymous said...

That was a great slice of G family life post

Would have loved to have seen the skit. Maybe you can video them :)

G commenting is overrated. They're nice to get but this blogger certainly understand life coming first

I just enjoy your family stories so much even when you don't--and you have such a wonderful sense of humor about your life

I know Julian's problems can't be easy for any of you including Julian--but laughing helps you get through and Julian will look back with some awe and in the end I know it helps him more than any doctor

Just warning you. I will probably be in New York for most of September

Nessa said...

Hope is definitely a good thing, even when it's not easy to come by.

G said...

Doug, I hope it's doing its laundry while away.

For the record, I'm grateful for each visit :)

Pavel, that's usually within the span of any given day at my house. I know, it's never easy when it's your own child, boy do I know that. But the joy that he brings makes up for a good deal of the worries. One thing you and I can say I am certain - life is never dull. :)

From a musician, I'll take that as a compliment.

Mo'a, so happy to see you! I too miss our friends who have stoppeed - a great deal. It's why I can't quite stop because I would miss so many people. I understand the need to make a break at times. I'm still keeping my foot in the blog though.

G said...

Ariel, we're all busy in our own ways. Like your little avatar - busy with his plane. I used to post what I heard during the week that piqued my interest. Now it's an excuse to go looking for what's new since I'm no longer driving and listening. I'm glad you come to listen. I look forward to weekends with my friends.

Pia, I just miss getting around more often to visit my friends. I agree with you on the comments/commenting thing. I sort of enjoy just having a quiet little place where people drop by when they feel like a visit. I'm always happy for company in my own lowkey way.

My sense of humor is my best inherited trait, it's the least I could do to pass it on. I just want Julian to be happy in whatever he does - I want the same for Tali. Thanks for your thoughts, they mean a lot.

Nessa, where would we be without it, ay?

Thanks for dropping by all - have a wonderful week.


Claire said...

I know what you mean. My son had a seizure recently after 9 months seizure free. It's like a punch in the head when these things pop up. Julian and Walt have different problems, but as mothers we just worry. We want the same thing thing for our kids -their happiness and success in life. It's nice to stop in here for a visit. You'll blog more again when you can. In the mean time ((hug!))

Hobbes said...

Sweet voice.
Good luck with and to Julian.