Saturday, July 19, 2008


Well, well, well. Thought I got lost on the Lazy River at the water park, did you now? What can I tell you that would actually be of interest? Being back in the city is a different slice of life. When I get home from work, the kids have been in Daddy Day Camp all day and they're eager for a bit of Mommy time. By the time that winds down, I'm pretty much spent. Unlike working on the Island, I need to have my full compliment of sleep to start off nice and early with my trek to the subway station. Once there, the choices are rather strategic so I need to be alert to size up seating on the Express train or make a quick determination to dash for the closing doors of the less crowded local. Getting to the subway station early enough affords me the luxury of choosing.

So I have not had the computer on much at all. I can't say that I always miss it. I feel a bit fresher falling to sleep with a good book, but I do miss you guys. Yes I do. So in line with that thought, today I'm featuring someone who has long deserved a Saturday Spin - Alejandro Escovedo singing "Wasn't I Always a Friend to You" helped by a few friends of his own:

Alejandro has been around the block for some time now. Peers and music critics have nothing but praise for him. He simply does not put out a bad record and this latest, Real Animal, is no exception. He was born to Mexican immigrant parents in a musical family (Sheila E. is his niece). After a near death bout with Hepatitis C in 2003, he is doing well and making music. I've heard him interviewed on a radio show and he is a down to earth real mensch.

"Musically, Alejandro Escovedo is in his own genre." David Fricke, Rolling Stone. Couldn't agree more.


Listen to Alejandro's version of above song over on: MySpace

BloodShot Records

I truly hope you're all doing well and will be by when I can sneak in some quality blog time. Have a great weekend and stay cool! Don't forget to drink plenty of water.


Tom & Icy said...

Wow! That rocked me awake on this Saturday morning!

Doug said...

I woke up with hope of a Saturday Spin. I still believe, G. I still believe. I've noticed a duet with the boss is a good way to get some airtime on G Simply Said. As it should be.

Ariel the Thief said...

Great Saturday fiesta! Thank you!

G said...

T&A (how bawdy)&I: I hope that's a good thing :)

Doug, in Santa too, I'll bet. Ah, you're a keen observer. I couldn't pass up the duet, although it might have been unfair to not spotlight Alejandro solo.

Ariel, thanks for joining in - ole! Now if I could just figure out how to put an accent mark in there. Anybody? Somebody?

Anonymous said...

Yes Mom :) On the radio they were telling people not to go out and this is the South where people are used to heat--though it always seems to be warmer in New York

As I was an FUV freak I listened to AE before and believe I own something of his but this was a treat

You went on a lazy river? Me jealous. Stayed in a hotel because they advertised one--well for other reasons too--but the lazy river was a kiddies pool

Have never been on one. Never heard of one until I came here and I have been to the Jersey Shore often--with kids until they turned teens a few years ago so we would have..

tsduff said...

OH NO! I commented last week but it is vanished :(

Sheila E. is his niece? Wow, small world. I too look forward to Saturday Spins... it is so unique in the blog world and I love your "finds".

BTW, I DID think you got lost on the Lazy River. I was there too (in my head).

G said...

Pia, make sure now. It always does seem to be warmer in New York.

I'm glad you enjoyed. I'm not getting my FUV fixes enough of late so that's kind of suck.

Actually we went on the "Colorado Rapds" which was anything but lazy and made me feel like a kid again as I screamed the whole way down. Tali and Julian are much more adventurous than I. Stay cool!

Terry - I saw your comment on my other post so it might have eaten up one thinking it a duplicate. Who knows?!

I didn't get lost on the lazy river but I did get lost going there - oy. But with Julian in the backseat, I couldn't disappoint and we made our way back to the right path. I'm glad you fly by for the spins - it really is nice to have company.

Anonymous said...

Oh! You didn't tell us the Boss was on with him! I'm having a hard time staying cool.