Friday, October 26, 2007

Whatever Happened to Baby G?

I saw her somewhere. She can be found spinning tunes in Central Snark on the weekend. Well not live, but that's one post. One of the co-administrators of the blog, who is her NBFF, has some really tough things happening lately and she's not posting. So all of the co-administrators of whom she counts herself one, are rising to the occasion and trying to do posts there. She's trying to whip up a post for TheSnark right now I think. Did I mention she's also serving as editor for for the blog reviews?

It's just when Dieselpresented reviews as something fun and easy and did he mention fun? Well she couldn't refuse. She likes writing and wanted to give it a crack. She actually does like doing the reviews.

I know she longs for those halcyon days of writing a post, rereading it, rereading it again. Thinking it to be exactly what she wanted to say at that moment in time and publishing. Then rereading and correcting a typo and rereading and well you get the picture.

The truth is it's been pretty hectic of late for her. But mostly it's all good and it's life and did we mention she might be a tad distractable by nature? She'll get her act together I'm sure and figure out the balance of it all. When she does, oh she'll be back with a vengeance.

What's that? Oh no, she's fine. She's just resting here, that's all.

Now scram.

Baby Jane Hudson


TLP said...

Good ol' Baby G. Nice.

Beautiful puppy you got! Adorable.

G said...

TLP, I just saw the movie recently. Scares me to this day.

Thanks! We love him.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I forgot all about that movie. I saw it for the first time when I was way too young for it and I remember it creeped me out for a long time - even though I didn't "get" a lot of it at the time. I should check it out again just for kicks.

she's got Bette Davis eyes

G said...

Jeff, my experience exactly. I think I creeped myself out with this post but forged ahead in the name of a comedic spin. It was on HBO one night recently. It made a tad more sense as an adult, but it still scared me.

Yeah, and she can keep em.

Nessa said...

She is very scary.

FirstNations said...

to this day I cannot eat something that lies in wait for me under a metal cover. GAAAAAAAAH.

funny how a hobby can get away from a person, she said, realizing that she's just spent 4 hours deedling with her blog herownself....

tsduff said...

Well, G, just like you to step up to the plate and pinch hit. Good show - except that horrible in every way movie... ha ha ha so glad you aren't related to that Jane :) That face would scare the feathers off de tar baby.

Hobbes said...

We look forward to your return here.

Ariel the Thief said...

Poor Baby G. Gimme your feet and seat back, a foot massage is going to make you feel better.

Anonymous said...

That was the single scariest movie ever. Of course when you're a kid a movie about two old ladies is scary period. Same with middle age--I think there might be 2 years in your 20's when it's just normal scary

We at Courting miss your wonderful stories.
We miss your NBFF too but we spoke to her--and very much admire her grace under too many things happening at once

G said...

Nessa, she gave me bad dreams. I think I may have to remover her from my blog.

fn, you can cover it, just let it be transparent. I understand. My family thinks I have "a problem". They may confiscate my computer. If you don't hear from me, think the worst - they've taken the laptop!

Terry, you know coming from a big family - have to be willing to roll up your sleeves :) That movie is horrible - the lengths I'm willing to go to for my own twisted blend of humor.

Hobbes, I always look forward to seeing your furry face.

Ariel, you're the only one who understands me. Do you think my family offered that? Here's a little peppermint lotion too if you don't mind.

Pia, I think I overlook that when I think of "horror" movies. But I agree and I am so cracking up at your comment which is very true!

I miss everyone. I'll admit I've snuck in and read posts and didn't leave comments at your place. Crazy days at work and home. Can't put my finger on it, but hopefully things will become more "organized" for me.

Oh and my NBFF is true grace under pressure. She'll be back herself soon and hopefully getting back to normal as she knows it. She's amazing.

Miss you and be by soon!

ann said...

ah resting... sounds good
to me; where do I sign up?

G said...

Ann, right here my friend. Sit right down and relax. Some tea?

Minka said...

well, I hope the stress is not too much for her. She has been holding up many a thing at the same time, and didn't know juggling is an art form to begin with.
I think you are handling all the balls nicely and if one would drop, it could be picked up again :)

G said...

Oh she's fine, just one of the balls hit her on the head (somehow that came out wrong ~..~