Monday, February 04, 2008

It's Good to be a New York fan tonight -

especially for us casual observers.

No matter your level of sports observance - in my case my knowledge of Michael Strahan of the NY Giants was limited to his divorce battle played out quite publicly in PageSix of the NY Post. This is not important. You can catch up quickly and by that I mean, during the "big game" if need be. Oh this being a sports fan is not for the faint of heart. I really do feel for those fans who watch their teams throughout the regular season because I am not there with you rooting through the good times and bad. No, I am there when it gets interesting. I mean, who would want to be a New England fan tonight - a perfect season ending like this? Oy, that's got to hurt.

I do enjoy sports in what could be considered a bandwagon jumping sort of way, but truly it is just that I reserve my rooting for the final moments of a season - Super Bowls, World Series, Stanley Cups and so forth. I've rooted NY teams through all of them: '77 Yankees - I was there (mostly to hear Phil Risuto kvell "look at Reggie!"; 86 Mets - through all seven games; 91 Giants squeeker over the Bills, front and center; 94 Rangers - didn't everyone watch? In some ways, being this type of fan is even tougher as you have no idea of the stats, you just want to see your hometown team win. To clear the air - I am a NY Mets fan if push comes to shove (as it often does on the 7 train to Shea).

Of course, my personal fave of the game was the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers halftime show. I was a teenager when their seminal debut album hit the charts, so during the halftime show the kids and I rocked out. Scissors had taken his award winning chile over to his friend's where men could be men and watch sports undistracted.

Well, I'm sure except for that Victoria's Secret commercial.

So here's to you sports fans - the old and the new (or temporary). It's not whether you win or lose - well, actually from where I'm sitting it is.

Spring training must be just around the corner...


Raghu Ram Prasad said...

well explained and simply said....keep in touch with sports and nice to you hear

Anonymous said...

HeineKen is from Boston and we used to live in Columbus this has not been a good ending of the football season for him...however, he had a good time while it lasted :)

Mother Theresa said...

We don't have the Superbowl over here, so I'm totally out of it. Hope you're feeling better these days. :)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

The best Super Bowl I've seen since I can remember. Sure the 2nd and 3rd quarters were a little dull but the end was a bona fide nail biter!

It was easy to enjoy this game since I had nothing invested in it. I just like good football.

Oh, and the Victoria's Secret ad wasn't that distracting. I'm quite sure they could have made it MORE distracting. Just thought you might like a guy's perspective on that.

G said...

raghu ram prasad, welcome and thank you for your visit and comment.

mo'a, oh I'm so sorry for HeineKen! See, it's not easy being a sports fan!

Theresa, ah but you have futbol (which is actually the most viewed sport in our house as Scissors is a huge fan). And thank you, I'm feeling well.

Jeff, I agree - I was floating around during those quarters, but I hunkered down for the 4th quarter.

Haha, thanks for that perspective - I guess the advertisers just give the bait :)

G said...

Actonbell, I just missed you in there! Such a great album! I agree - the commercials were nothing spectacular so I'm glad the halftime show rocked.

Doug said...

I got nephewed during the half time show so I got stuck just enjoying the game. I agree with Jeff, I think this year was the best football game in years. Congrats to those of you who root for the Giants even when they aren't playing the Pats.

G said...

Well that's a pretty decent tradeoff. It was an unbelievable game. And I'll accept your congrats on behalf of the "true blue" fans in my family tree :)

By the way - I did watch the Green Bay game as well. Just saying.

Ariel the Thief said...

"Scissors had taken his award winning chile over to his friend's where men could be men and watch sports undistracted."

Good to hear everybody had the Super Bowl they prefer. :-)

G said...

Ariel - nobody's deluded and everybody's happy (well except Tali who wanted to go with Scissors but she settled for me).