Saturday, August 16, 2008


As my blog spirals into oblivion, why not disregard what year it is altogether and just play a random tune from the iPod...mostly to torture my kids. You see, Julian didn't want to go to bed tonight and he was steadfastly planted next to Tali who was playing a Mario game of some sort on her (insert name of handheld gameboy-ish thing that my addled brain won't let me recall) which I was alternately telling her to turn off as I attempted to corral Julian. To be taken seriously, I had my iPod on which was only recently rescued back from Tali's "sharing" it with me so as to hear her downloaded Jonas Brothers music (more on that to follow at a later date) and what comes on but the following song. I must say as I watch it, my choreography wasn't so off the beaten path.

You know how you think you're singing decently when you have headphones on? Well, actually I myself know that I am not, but just the same, I was loudly singing the refrain to Julian as I scaled the chair to get him on the other side of it..."Heathcliff, it's me, I'm Cathy, I've come hooome and I'm so cold, let me into your windoooow..."

The kids were laughing quite giddily, mostly because I think they began to fear for my sanity. The main objective was achieved as Tali turned off her DS (!that's what it's called!) and Julian went into the bathroom for his nightly pre-bedtime ritual (as he is nothing if not ritualistic) and declared "I'm going to bed, I'm tired." So rarely does this happen, I let him waste a little extra water in the cleaning of the sink.

And so, here we are listening to a song that was released thirty years ago. I find myself thinking this a bit we watched Jaws recently - "wow, this was thirty years ago." As I sat in the Garden (as in Madison Square) with Tali waiting for the aforementioned Jonas Brothers to come on and thinking as a Who song blared over the sound system that I had seen them in this same venue - thirty years ago. I'm becoming an old timer. Ain't that a real kick in the pants?

Watch it.

Anyway, I miss blogging. I miss it a lot. I'm just not a very disciplined person and so I find that most nights it's best to not even turn on the computer. Work isn't the most conducive environment for blogging these days which oddly I don't miss as much while there because I'm actually fairly occupied. But sometimes, I sneak a peak and have a smile and go on my way a little more connected to an inner self who sings Wuthering Heights to her kids and thinks of the kid she was herself...thirty years ago.

Have a great weekend.



Doug The Una said...

I kind of remember Kate Bush. Whatever became of her? Did she grow a beard or anything?

Blogging is tough when you do it by discipline instead of from excitement (said while not writing this week's story which should have been written in July.) I'm delighted to see a Saturday Spin here and have news of you, but I wouldn't want anyone (else) to feel obliged to blog.

Anonymous said...

I missed this, so it was new to me.
A propos of singing with headphones, Mall Diva's friend Moony (whom we know to be chock full of musical talent) was singing with them on in her room one day when her mother burst in, thinking Moony was screaming for help.

Ariel the Thief said...

"You know how you think you're singing decently when you have headphones on?"


I love her voice and the way she uses it. I found her embarrassing as a child, though.

You keep your sense of humour and other surviving technics. Were you only singing or doing the dancing too? :-)

Tom & Icy said...

I can just imagine you dancing like that as you chase you kids around. Delightful.

Claire said...

I assure you the blogosphere misses you too! Sometimes I'm so tired at night my eyes kind of cross as I'm reading blogs. Then I know it time to stop! The computer is strangely addicting.

G said...

Doug, why does that sound familiar...?

See that's the problem, I still want to blog - not from an obligation standpoint, but because I truly do enjoy it. I think it's been a little bit of a demanding summer and I've also just been decompressing where possible and it was easier just to shut down for a bit. You won't get rid of me that easily though.

Weirsdo, glad for that then. Moony can then use the old joke "they asked me to sing solo - so low that they couldn't hear me."

Ariel, sure - you even begin to sway about or play air guitar so convinced that you're sounding good.

I could see where you would have found her embarrassing as a child. I think my children began to find me embarrassing singing her song. Yeah, I through a little dance in...for effect.

Tom&Icy, it's the only way I can catch them - the elemant of surprise!

Claire, I know of what you speak. I've kind of cut myself off as I'll have to now and be by to visit shortly. But it's tough managing timewise.

And thanks - I truly miss my little corner of the Blogosphere.

tsduff said...

Thirty years seems to be a comfortable milestone these days for some of us... so many things happened about that many years ago now :) That doesn't mean we are old - just old-er.

I too love to blog - but find myself feeling guilty and unhappy when other things keep me from it - as in non-stop out of town company this past 5 weeks in a row, (all different folks & family, and still here), being physically gone from home, and that's about it. Time is precious when you need to sit down a blog - because it involves interacting with other bloggers, reading and *gasp* yes, actually thinking! So when there isn't any spare time available, things are rushed, or not even covered. So I hope you will continue to drop in once in a while to let us say hi to you. xo

Kyahgirl said...

Hi G, so nice to see you. I had to smile when I read about your bedtime antics....its not always easy is it?

I think of you often, as well as all our blogging friends.

Doug's right...don't feel obliged to it for the joy when you have time. Someday I'll get back to mine too :-)

Anonymous said...

G, riding into Boston this morning and thinking I haven't read your blog in like, 30 years and wanted to catch up - summers are the worst for routine - i fall out of all of mine, which isn't bad unless you are my boss, or my wife, who depend on certain amount of production every month - lol

i went to the Who in the garden 3 nights in a row during one tour - crazy! - guess that's what early adulthood is about - hopefully anyway, cause that's what mine was.

Anyway, miss ya - say hey to the kids and scissors for us - hope u are well and i will try to catch up in email more soon - luv ya honey - Pat

G said...

Terry, Kyah and Patrick the Elder, I just wanted to say that I loved reading all of your comments from old friends and older brother. They made me smile which is always good.

Pat, three nights in a row? Yeah, you like the rowdy rockers! We have much catching up to do, but hope all is well. Email updates are in order. xox and love to all.