Saturday, August 30, 2008


Where did the summer go? Here we are in the midst of celebrating Labor Day weekend which is always a bittersweet weekend - a celebration which signifies the end of another chapter of carefree summer days (which are often only carefree for the under twelve set).

Anyway, I plan to be back next Saturday with a special Spin if I can get the proper waivers and releases signed. We just returned from a trip to Canada - a visit to family from Scissor's side in the Toronto area. I have some funny anecdotes and observations from the trip but I'll leave you with a picture of Julian, our own little Doctor Doolittle from an outing to the petting zoo. The boy belongs on a farm.

In a truly bittersweet summer tale, he may never know if they just loved him for his carrots.

Enjoy your weekend and look on the bright side - apple picking can't be far off!


Doug The Una said...

Cactus apples?

Julian looks good with critters.

G said...

I hear they make wonderful pies...after a very good cleaning of course.

He does, doesn't he?

tsduff said...

He is a boy after my own heart. Who cares if the animals love us for our food - it's an even trade I'd say ;)

Nice post - and yes, fall is in the air already. My hawthorne berries are already red and dropping... usually this doesn't usually happen until well into October.

Ariel the Thief said...

Sometimes love starts with a carrot. :-)

I look forward to special Spin!

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute. Glad you guys got out of the city for a while.

Anonymous said...

Every year I forget that some of the leaves in NY begin turning in August. It's always a shock. this year more than ever.

Julian's more adorable than ever :)

G said...

Terry, you're so right.

Even though it's still warm outside, I feel the need to get some fall clothes out and at the ready.

Ariel, and ends with a stew :) Meet me back here.

Weirsdo, it does the soul good to get away. Thanks.

Thanks Pia. Everything is early this year - school, Holidays, the leaves turning can't be far off.

G said...

Thanks Actonbell. I've missed visiting about this summer. I hope to make a little more "creative" time for myself as I settle in to hibernate in the fall :)

I've hardly been anywhere in Canada which I agree, just doesn't seem right. We really enjoyed it.