Thursday, May 24, 2007

Guess What?

One year ago TODAY I started this here little blog.

145 posts later (yeah, yeah - big whup), I'm still plucking away. My laptop is showing signs of wear - the "X" key has popped off and the little mouse area (whatever that's called on a laptop) has the silver color rubbed off. I guess I am putting it to use, we'll not entertain arguments at this juncture whether such use is good.

Now not that I'm the world's biggest rap fan, but I seem to have a couple of songs that I happen to know, from where is not important. They are catchy, I must say. Sometimes, they make the soundtrack to my day. As I drove to work this morning I had what I think was Lil Kim's song in my head "Brooklyn style that's how we do it, real gangstas that ain't got to prove it." Yeah, that's me - a gangsta driving along in my Camry. Oy vay.

Then at work, I sent Narnia the hapless assistant an email before I left last night asking for certain information to be obtained. I opened the email this morning and her response was there in which she happily and efficiently replied "we didn't receive it". Well no we did not, that's what I was sort of asking you to get. Then a song by JayZ came into my head "I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one."

The day rounded off with my realizing it was one year ago that I started my humble little blog and what pops into my head - Eminem - this one I'll play for you.

Now before everyone gets up in arms, let's roll the disclaimer "the lyrics quoted in this post and video are not that of the blog author (well duh, I already told you who they were by) and the blog author in no way condones the misogynist materialistic plain fresh way these rappers speak". But you know what? Every era has its own rebellion and this is the current one. If I take such offense now, how will I ever infiltrate when my own children come of age?

"Cause it feels so empty without me..."


Tom & Icy said...

Wow. Icy has that CD!

Theresa said...

Happy Blogaversary, or whatever it's called.

I'm not into rap, but I thought this clip was just hilarious! But I don't think I'll be showing this one to Ro. The bit with Elvis was great, where do you find this stuff? I can just imagine Diesel, as Blog Boy, going around to save the humor.

HMBT said...

That's too funny! I like rap sometimes...I actually have been listening to a lot of it lately...but I still think the Beasty Boys and Run DMC rule in this area. Great post...happy Blog birthday.

ariel said...

Eminem is one of my fave rappers, I mean Eminem-before-he-ran-out-of-topics, and I LOVE that song and video. thanks, it was fun!

Announcer: uh... anything else?
Eminem: Yeah... sue me.

Happy Anniversary!

pia said...

Wow it's been a year :)

Happy Blogavesary! In a way it feels shorter. In another way it feels longer as if you have always been part of my blogging world. That's a compliment

Wow. That's all I have to say. Wow.

And Memorial Day weekend is a good week for a start up in the world of communications or so I have been told

G said...

Icy, we could hang out in the yard, make a barbeque and play some tunes!

Theresa, thanks! Me too. And uh, this one won't trickle down to the kids for me either. I always spin around the radio and sometimes something catches my ear - this was one of those times. Catchy tune. Yes, I think Diesel's already on that mission.

hmbt, Well Beastie Boys and RunDMC are classics I would have to agree! Thanks.

Ariel, I have to say what I've heard of Eminem's, I've enjoyed. He's talented for sure, but this video and song I love also - just plain fun.


Pia, true - seems like forever and yesterday, all at once. And at least I'll always remember more or less when I started blogging.

Thanks for being part of the entire year, it's been a blast in many ways.

Minka said...

I like the sound to Eminem. I particular love it when I run on the treadmill...nice beat.
there is a reason why he is famous and I think it is not necessarily due to his lyrics...and soem of his songs even have good ones!

Diesel said...

G, I've got a church for you to try out.

Congrats on your blogaversary!

Claire said...

I love all kinds of music. I think Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah and even Pink have countered the misogyny. Listen to everything your kids like when they are teenagers. It will help you know them (because they purposely become a bit unknowable then).
Imagine my surprise at a HS football game (back when my son was in HS) halftime show, when our award-winning state champion cheerleaders break into a routine that includes "trailer park girls go round and round..." as part of the medley. Yikes. Luckily my daughter doesn't have a cheerleader type of disposition so I won't have to deal with that!
That said, I actually like some of Eminem's stuff.

G said...

Minka, I think he'dzyzcghwc make great treadmill music. Jots quick note for her planned return to treadmill. I think we often hear about the worst of rappers' music and there is validity and good lyrics mixed in that doesn't get mentioned. Anyway, glad you liked.

Diesel, that's excellent, haha. And thanks.

Claire, that's true and the ladies of rap that you mentioned do quite the good job countering.

And yes indeed - good to know what the youngfolk are listening to :) I like what I've heard of Eminem's music sheerly from a sounds good perspective.

First Nations said...

Happy bloggaversary!
I bin witchoo on the line since them gone days, G-dog!
Representing Westside!!!!!!!!!!!
*throws sign*

btw...where's my pizza?
did you remember the extra cheese on one side?

Doug said...

Congratulations, G. It's been a great year. I'm proud to say that means we've known each other 53 weeks. The first was spent discussing how difficult this might be.

G said...

Word fn, I knew you early on. Throws sign back (duck!) peaceout.

Yes! Scissors must have delivered it to the wrong address - so hard to get good help ;)

Doug, it certainly has. Look how time flies and I'm proud to say the same. Had you been really honest - I might not have started. Some things are best left to first hand experience.

At least I didn't follow your advice about a blog about lemurs.

Thanks to you and Pia, without you both, I might still be a stray commentor.

weirsdo said...

Happy blogiversary. The video gave me more respect for Eminem.

Anonymous said...

Testing from Trish

G said...

Weirsdo, thanks. Me too.

Trish, welcome - I've been waiting for you ;)

Anonymous said...

yo yo and aaamen, sista! congrats on your anniversary. thanks to your nimble instructions, i am "COMMENTING" - oh, what fun! of course, i love this video. i consider it a minor in misogyny coming from a rapper capable of Major Misogynistic work. i quiver with delight over the lynn cheyney comment and dick cheyney generation railed "i hope i die before i get old". then we set out to kill ourselves in various means - pick your poison. playing mad scientist with our bodies all the while absorbing some of the best music ever written. perhaps that is where our "brood" gets this mad love of all music and the ability to just pull up "stuff" that seemingly comes from nowhere. like this song. makes me do a happy dance. so now, 35 years later, i'm older than the people that the Who wanted to die before. yet i'm open to the ideas and music of this and all future generations. tali the sophisticate, colin the bohemian guitarist. all of it. xx00 Trish

neva said...

i'm... uh, er, um... so... you had this post up last week? and i missed it??


sorry. perhaps you've heard about my illness. no, not the one i've been struggling with for the past several days. i'm talking about the one where my freakin' brain just shuts down and renders me incapable of visiting my NBFF's blog for days on end. i absolutely remember the day you started blogging -- like it was YESTERDAY. why, didn't i send you orchids? yes... i believe i did.

all this to say: my life got a WHOLE lot better the day you dipped your big toe into the blogosphere. can't wait to see what this next year brings -- and that's the truth! ; P xoxox

(embarrassed to admit i have that CD, too)

G said...

Anony-trish! I didn't see this until now. Ha, so well put indeed. Growing up with such a mix of music kept us always with our ears to the ground for something new, I imagine. And it's great seeing our next little generation of explorers coming up.

So happy to see the quick comment tutorial went to good use. XOX

Neva, I'm laughing and laughing because it's not like I can't relate to that.

And yes you did indeed send me orchids which differentiated you right away. So glad that I jumped into the pool all together and have made some wonderful friendships and NBFF's!

Don't be embarrassed, that just upped your stock quotient. XOX