Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Can't Buy an Idea

Well perhaps I could.

There is that book that I saw with writing prompts for blogging "Nobody Cares What You Had for Lunch". Hey - speak for yourself! I know my fellow bloggers are dying to know that I had "the big salad" with feta cheese, olives, carrots, assorted other veg with a green tea and an apple afterwards.

Sounds healthy no? Then I guess I don't need to mention the 6 or so Entenmann's Mini chocolate chip cookies that I had after dinner. Now that is not helping in my goal towards a more svelte me. It's my achilles heel - cookies/sweets. I love good food - my lunch was perfect for me. But let me loose with sweets around and then what? You expect me to control myself?

Yes I know - don't bring it into the house - I didn't.

You know what? Nobody cares what I had for dinner or snack either.

Until I really have something to blog about, how about you go talk to yourselves at HUMORBLOGS.COM?

Now do I need to get a wrong number call at 11:06 PM? Luckily I was up blogging. No need to wake the rest of the family. "Hello, is the kitchen still open?". Is he trying to tempt me? Not even the old "Is your refrigerator running?" prank.

Why didn't I take his order - damn! Now that could have been something to blog about.



neva said...

with a certain BoBo out of town tonite, my fabulous feast consisted (or "consisteed", as i first wrote) of a frozen organic burrito. mmmm. did i need to toast the leftover chips from last night's Mexican dinner in order to eat them, too? no... but that didn't stop me from doing that, and adding a healthy dollop of salsa in order to get the most "yum" for my chip.

my lunch was 4 mini-chocolates and a bottle of water. i bring the sweets home, but i eat them before my kids have a chance to see what they had a chance to eat, had they looked in the drawer 5 seconds sooner.

what was the name of that book, again? ; ) xox

ariel said...

you could have made a little money from that call! :) 'sshhh, honey, these are just the people came for their ham and eggs and tea. No, it's not midnight yet.'

Tom & Icy said...

At least it was a wrong number. It could have been hungry neighbors.

alphawoman said...

Very funny.

Theresa said...

Yours is the third blog I've come across today that's about food. Stop it! You're making me hungry, and if I'm hungry I'll have to stop blogging to eat.

weirsdo said...

I enjoyed reading about your food. I think it's the way it's done that's most important. Your account of the salad was detailed and nicely balanced the angst about dessert.

rhea said...

First, I want to say your salad sounded fab. Second, do you have Prince Albert in a can?

G said...

Neva, well in the case of burritos, consisteed was the correct usage. You had the water also for lunch, so don't be so hard on yourself and what will all those flavonoids?

I'll get us both a copy ;) xox

Ariel, You are industrious! I mean Diogenes has roamed naked through our home, why not strangers paying for food?

Tom & Icy, maybe it was hungry neighborgs testing me. No food for you!

alphawoman: ay, such is my life. Thanks.

Theresa, Just keep those fingers on the homerow and forge ahead baby!

Weirsdo: The ole 3 card Monty - give the details on the healthful "good" behavior and just slide in the cookies when nobody's looking :).

rhea, it's a good salad - very tasty and fulfilling.

Yeah - should I let him out? Welcome to my humble abode.

Diesel said...

Sounds like the time somebody called me looking for their proctologist. (I posted about it a looonnngggg time ago). I kept telling them "wrong number" until the 3rd time, when I answered, "Dr. Wong's office. How can I help you?"

And you're right, it did make good blogging material.

G said...

Diesel, as an adjutant inspector, of course I remember that post. And Neva and I both having varying versions of "Sorry Wong Number". Hahaha - ahhh blogging.

G said...

Icy - I just noticed my typo - neighborgs. I think that's like a cyborg.

pia said...

Don't think that you need a book of blogging writing prompts

I did think of it but it sounded so...

G said...

...I know.

But sometimes so translate to dough:)

Claire said...

Sugar is my crack. I blogged about that a while back. Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week at our school. I got lunch everyday and a Giant basket of chocolate everything. It is soooo Hard to just say no to chocolate!

Dan said...

Hi G! I'm sure you can buy an idea. I saw some guy auctioning some ideas on eBay. Pretty reasonable postage too.

The Old Mule said...

Not the big salad. How could you.

As an aside, I love green tea. Do you drink yours chilled?

Doug said...

Icy's right. It could be hungry neighbors wondering what happened to the six Entemann's mini chocolate chip cookies they had in the cupboard this morning and why mud from your yard is on their windowsill.

Oh, and for no charge: Write about the differences between Tali and Jimmy Page.

Miz BoheMia said...

Yeah, what do they know I ask? WHAT?

I, for one, LOOOOVE what you ate as I am quite the salad (as well as all things feta) addict FO SHO!

As for sweets? Ay! Our downfall I tell you! Loverboy oh so sinfully bought this Iranian candy (that has pistachios and rose water in it to boot... a yellow delight called Sohan Asali) that I avoided like the plague until one night, I gave in to my craving and decided to have a tiny nibble... a tiny nibble was had... a tiny nibble which was followed by a rush of energy, a shaking, an orgasmic wow at the mix of sweet with rosewater that had me shaking for more! I kid you not!

I resisted the urge to have more that day but I will not say what happened the very next day... suffice it to say that Loverboy has been banned, BANNED I SAY, from buying more of the devil's candy! Does he not know better seeing that Pisceans are total addicts! Ay dios mio!

I feel for ya amiga mia! Hey, maybe a support group of all things decadent is in order? My place, once a week, teas and pastries await! WOOH!

Um... ;-P

Theresa said...

We keep getting calls asking for "Carpintería Segura" (a carpenter's shop). It seems our number used to be theirs, but after almost 8 years you would think people would have figured it out. We even got a call from an elderly woman on a Sunday once, when there's nothing open here on Sundays. She told my husband her life's story, guess she was lonely.

G said...

Claire: Yeah t'aint easy when you get the jones. See - that'll teach you to be a good teacher that's appreciated. How DOES one say no to chocolate? I think I need a support group. Join me at MizB's (treats are being served).

Dan! Look at you swooping in with an ebay find! Where are they? I'll add them to "My Favorites"! ;) I'll even go for the "Buy it Now" price!

Old Mule: That's right and I'm going back today for one.

I love green tea - I do drink it chilled, but I enjoy a warm cup with my lunch as has become my habit.

Doug: And the smudge of chocolate by my mouth and the cuts from rosebushes - huh?

Ooh that's good - does anybody remember laughter?

MizB: Hahaha, I picture you clutching onto your bed that night until later the next day...

Yes! We shall have a tea and treats "support group". We'll force Neva in - if she doesn't have a problem yet, she'll acquire one! XOXOX to you skinny biatches!

Theresa: Makes you want to build her a table, doesn't it?

tsduff said...

Fried tacos - ummm, can't stop eating them. Green tea is nice hot, room temperature or even chilled. Your salad does sound tempting too. Wrong numbers scare me.

goldennib said...

My cell phone rang at 2 am this morning. I have no idea who it was. I didn't answer. Anyone important was either home in bed or would use the house phone. Some drunk, no doubt.

Minka said...

I care, me I care...more importantly I´d love to know if you treated yourself to another bubble tea???

ariel said...

Miz B, you made me laugh so hard! you are a strong woman. I hope to get in Heaven on the blade of grass in your hand.

First Nations said...

it was me. i wanted a large pie with mortadella and extra olives and two cokes, medium. I'll be by to pick it up in 45. that was a large, now, not a super. last time you gave me a super? but i asked for a large and it was your mistake but the girl made such a stink about it that i paid for a super, but that's not what i ordered. in fact you should comp me the cokes this time because i paid extra last time and got a sprite instead of one of the cokes. ok, you got that now? repeat it back to me.

First Nations said...

oh and hold the mushrooms. did i say that already? we don't want mushrooms on that pie.
so, a large with mort, extra olives, 2 cokes medium, hold the mushrooms.

and extra mozzerella. on one side.

Chikken said...

Yes, well with all of our best ideas after the fact, you know...oh, well.

I for one love to know what you ate and just knowing that you had the cookies after the good stuff...well, it makes me feel SO OKAY.

What kind of dressing did you have? Did you dump it on, or dip your fork in it?


Theresa said...

Next person who calls asking for "Carpintería Segura", I'll just take their order and tell them it'll be ready next week.

The ZenFo Pro said...

You know, I don't understand why anyonewould use a book to figure out what to post on a blog.

For the record, I had a feta-smoked turkey pita with sweet pepper hummus, hot mustard and horseradish. Now them's good vittles :)

ann said...

I came by and thought I'd left a comment... hmmmm

I always feel so virtuous when I eat healthily... which is every day, but then I go and ruin it all. We get here your Pepperidge Farm Macadamia and Choc Chip Cookies.. they are mammoth and moreish and yummy and ... hoooooray, kosher

have a wonderful cheesey chag

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Logophile said...

ooooo, big salad.
Whenever I'm stuck for blog material I do a meme, which is why you find so many of them on my blog
This was even better, by the way,
what time does the kitchen close?

Tom & Icy said...

It's true you can't buy ideas; you have to dig them up like bones!

G said...

Terry, I've been having a hankering for Mexican for some time. Hmmm. Yes green tea at all temps is fine by me. Wrong numbers scare me too. Plus whenever the phone rings after "the cutoff" bad news options start running through my head.

Goldennib, quite true (you're so sensible at 2:00 am).

Minka, Do you know the stars are against me?! I went for a bubble tea yesterday at an obviously inferior place and they told me it wouldn't be ready for 20 minutes! The quest continues.

Ariel, she does, doesn't she? And I'll just hang onto your legs.

FN: I got it. It took me a while to get back in touch because I had to go stock up on some of those special order menu items. But it's on the way now - hope you're still hungry. Oh and no coke! Pepsi!

Chikken: If you ever want to feel okay about some food transgreesion, just check in here.

Oh and I had balsamic vinegar sprinkled over and then mixed up.

Theresa, Imagine all the business you could be digging up if you'd just learn to cobble a table together.

G said...

Zenfo, I may have to add that to the menu - gotta love the sweet pepper hummus. Good vittle indeed.

Ann, me too. I feel so healthy as I eat well until...

Anyway, let's not restrict ourselves during the chag. Enjoy and have an extra slice of that cheesecake for me. xox

Logo, but nobody rock a meme quite like you my dear. Oh and the kitchen closes at 12:00.

Icy, thanks for the direction - I'm off to the backyard!

Doug said...

Oh, pity. Did you try leasing?

G said...

Doug - my blog? It's hardly prime real estate like your place.

Maybe time shares.