Friday, May 11, 2007

I Feel Lucky!

I'm on a roll. I won this lovely print from the artist's little blog contest. The blog name is Wolfie and The Sneak. Go take a look at her work - she has an Etsy shop as well. Quite lovely.

Then lo and behold, someone near and dear to many of us, Mo'aa held a contest to scoop up one of her lovely Chrysalis that she had made in honor of the arrival of her beautiful grandson. That's right - I, G, will be welcoming one into my home any day now. First I had to answer an intricate series of questions, such as what is my first AND last name. This US mail expects so much information. Should I have been suspicious when they both asked for my social security number? I didn't think so either.

Can a Caption Contest Win be far off?


neva said...

i'ts not enough you won that amazing print... you have to flaunt the fact that you won Mo'a's chrysallis, as well? and then, stick a knife in me, i'm UNDONE, since you've totally kicked my ass in that Caption Contest. (can't say if Sher beat you... who knows what kind of evil shameless self-promotion she's been doing on her own blog)

the Blogging Trifecta -- or so it would seem. thank goodnes you're my NBFF, otherwise i might be bitter, and mildly inclined to sneak over to your house (remember, i know where you live...) in order to swipe that chrysallis and/OR the autographed picture of Diesel with Cary Grant!

ah well, maybe things will go better for me next week. sigh. xox

neva said...

i'ts? IT'S... goodnes?? GOODNESS...

anything else?? aieeee. this is what happens when i get out of control. (another good reason to let me win stuff, from time to time...)

; ) xoxox

ann said...

mazal tov

wow you are on a lucky roll... long may it last bubbala

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

neva said...

that was some fine and mighty FUN reading/violin playing on WA today, my dear NBFF! Bravo to you and those little ones (one? not sure, but, it sounded like 2) for a splendid -- not to mention musical -- episode!

*CLAPS and CLAPS and CLAPS* (no whistling -- we aready know i'd only fail miserably and/or make a fool of myself, again) ; ) xoxox

actonbell said...

YAHTZEE! What a roll you're on. That is most excellent.

And congrats on the wonderful reading over at Doug's. The violin lessons are really paying off:)

yggglkk-if I get rid of two, I'd have a full house right?

actonbell said...

well, either that or eye yolk on the face...

Hobbes said...

Good luck in case you need any. I liked the video, especially the fat lady character.

Doug said...

Actonbell, that's already a full-house in seven card stud. Congratulations!

Oh, yeah, you too, G!

Diesel said...

Congrats, G. You were lucky (or maybe just talented) in the caption contest. :)

G said...

Neva, I'm laughing but CERTAINLY not at you, but with you. And uh, next time I see you, please don't be offended if I don't invite you in. I am sure it will just mean that the place needs tidying.

I feel it in my bones - next week is your week! XOX

Ann, thanks my friend. It was a nice little run. xox

Neva: Thanks! It was a lot of fun and it was just one playing the part of two kids and a naked man, no less. It will go on her acting resume. Tali, take a bow!

Actonbell, Haha, glad Doug helped me out with that. Yes, it's been a lovely roll of luck. Maybe I should play the Lotto. Oh and thank you, yes Tali's violin lessons are coming in handy.

Hobbes, I agree - she was good. Thanks, my luck head out and I won in the Caption Contest as well :)

Doug, thanks for helping me out on that one.

Diesel, Thanks - whatever it was, it was fun!

Hobbes said...


Minka said...

You won?
That is so great...I am a bit jealous but curiously also happy for you.
The crysalis should fit well in with all teh white things you have over your home ;)

G said...

Hobbes, thanks!

Minka, I understand mixed emotions, but thanks. I'm still floating it around to various locations. I just love it.