Monday, May 28, 2007

Sophisticated and Funny

Today was sort of a day of trying to finally slam the lid shut on the winter clothes/summer clothes switchover. Don't think we'll be requiring wool for a few months.

At some point, it was just Tali and I home. I was in my bedroom sorting through some things and Tali kept popping in for mini discussions. One started "it's funny in an interesting way how some religions pray to a statue." which segued into "it's sort of like I believe in the Tooth Fairy. Not everyone believes in one, but I do. I mean who else could write in that little tiny curly manner that she does? And when my tooth suddenly falls out, how could you run out and get something and get it under my pillow without me waking?" I pointed out that she is indeed a heavy sleeper but she wasn't buying. "Plus my tooth fairy looks like me". This last bit because Tali did indeed ask her Tooth Fairy to draw a picture of herself. The Tooth Fairy instead directed her to four pages from the back of one of her fairy books and there she was in all her little glory. "Did you believe in the Tooth Fairy?" she asked.

"I did indeed" I replied. "still do". She smiled a satisfied smile.

"You're a good Mom in two ways - you're sophisticated and funny". she concluded.

"Why thank you. You're sophisticated and funny too." I said.

"I'm too young to be sophisticated" she replied.

"Well okay - a callous sophisticate in training" I offered.

She laughed.

The rest of the day was fraught with some tensions, but the fact that I ended up sophisticated and funny in my daughter's eyes, well I guess it wasn't a total loss.

"Here's to better days" said the callous sophisticate.

URGENT UPDATE: Tali has informed me that she said funny yet sophisticated which slightly alters my whole post. Carry on.


HMBT said...

that's too funny. My boys recently shared with me as we went through some old photo's..."gee were really pretty when you were young!" I'm 38 you pin heads, that's not old...right?! Anyone?
:) At least you are funny and sophisticated...I'm just used to be pretty! hahahaha!

Theresa said...

Don't be too sure about that. We had beautiful summer weather and now we're back to coats, long sleeves, and we even had to turn on the heater again. Maybe you don't have that problem over there.

Wow, analyzing religions at a young age, that is one smart kid you've got there. And comparing that to believing in the The tooth fairy, that's too funny. Kind of sounds like my kids, only over here it's Ratón Perez. Carmen knows the truth, but the other two are at that stage between belief and disbelief, coupled with trying to follow the logic of it all.

Sophisticated and funny, now that is the best compliment a girl could give to her Mom.

ariel said...

you and your children are funny conversations! is the Tooth Fairy sophisticated and funny, too?

G said...

hmbt, I've seen your photos - I don't think pretty is past tense for you. Rotten little boys :) If 38 is old, ooh look something shiney!

Theresa, I know although NYC summers are pretty damn hot. Although I always keep some light sweaters in the wings just in case.

I think Tali really is holding onto this one and I'm letting her. Yes she certainly questions - I think she was trying to center a new religion around the tooth fairy ;) Sophisticated and funny - I didn't bother to question that one.

Ariel, they actually crack me up when they get going.

I think the tooth fairy is whimsical and sweet. I'll have to check into that one.

Tom & Icy said...

So very wise and whimsical.

al said...

Sophisticated and funny -- that's the Exacta for Mommies. Congratulations, G.

pia said...

Tali is amazing. She sounds like a 40 year old midget :) And you're never too young to be sophisticated in NY

Glad Tali thinks she is :)

Love your coffee thing on the sidebar

Pavel said...

Boy, have I missed some beautiful, sophisticated, AND funny posts since my leave of absence.

Tali knows a good thing when she sees it, G; it looks remarkably like her.

HMBT's comments made me laugh. My kids recently asked if I had hair when I was a kid. "No, guys, I was born bald. Good thing, too! Think how much I've saved on shampoo!"

neva said...

Tali is, indeed, wise beyond her years, for you are a very sophisticated and extremely funny woman. trust me, it's better than having your precocious young one tell you you look like a "grandma" as my son once told me (i was 35 at the time)

love the Tooth Fairy anecdote -- who else could write in that tiny curly manner? "who", indeed. ; ) xox

Shari said...

Ironically, my youngest just pulled out her sixth tooth. She left her tooth in the bathroom. (She took a bath right after pulling her tooth and forgot to put it under her pillow.) Good thing, too. because both girls always wake up when I or my hubby tries to take the tooth out (it's in a baggie) and sneak in the money. So I just put the money where she left her tooth. Whew.

My oldest just goes along with the Tooth Fairy story, but I still wonder--does she-my youngest-just wants the money so she pretends? Same thing with Santa Claus. Does she just pretend to believe in Santa Claus so she gets an extra present?

chikken said...

Nice. What a wonderful (and deserved) compliment to you from a wonderful (and sophisticated) daughter. Lucky two of youz!


Claire said...

Hummm, Tali sounds like she's 9 going on 90! LOL. Such grown up talk from a little girl. Don't you love it?! Those special mini-discussions are priceless experiences for both of you and will serve to keep you close.

Diesel said...

Very nice post, G. At my house the tooth fairy leaves candy because my daughter told us "I don't want to be rich."

Logophile said...

I LOVE your kid! That is fabulous, funny AND sophisticated, what with your belief in the tooth fairy and all.
Those are the moments that make the harder ones worthwhile, eh?
I think you are sophisticated and funny too.

Miz BoheMia said...

Ha, ha, haaa! What a sweet and beautiful story my dear friend! And Pia's description of sweet-and-oh-so-wise Tali has me in stitches I tell you!

She is indeed a no-nonsense-tell-it-like-it-is sweet and endearing little soul and I for one LOOOOVE your stories about your babies...

And Neva's comment has me sighing away for my smart aleck of a girl called me grandma-ish when in my late 20s! Oh sin of SINS I SAY!

She has since told me "Mami. All the kids in my school think you are really weird and funky, especially because of the things you wear and the way you look. So keep being weird ok?" That, to a bohemian, is a compliment indeed! ;-P

And here in Spain they have a character called el Ratoncito Pérez but we stick to the tooth fairy in this here house... though Lil' B refuses to believe that such a story is true because she doesn't think it that magical for the tooth fairy to have a bank account and what job does she hold then and how does she earn a living? Yeah, we are going broke as she gets $5 a tooth... oy! :-)

Faboo and beautiful post amiga mia! Muchos neshikot to you and your delightful familia amiga mia!

weirsdo said...

Obviously Tali is not a teenager as yet. . . .
Seriously, it is great that you have such sophisticated discussions with her.

actonbell said...

I'm impressed--sophisticated AND funny? That's what all women aspire to!

It's hot as the blazes here--I can't think of sweaters, either. It's always such a nice feeling to put away all that heavy stuff.

Doug said...

That was just wonderful.

I actually thing "You're a good mother in two ways" might have been the funniest line of all. Regarding Tali being too young to be sophisticated, It seems to me Dorothy Parker was 9 once.

neva said...

Rabbit, Rabbit, dearest sophisticated and funny NBFF! xoxox

Zoning Out Again said...

Yes it's definitely hot here in NY! I live an hour and a half north of you g! It's quite blah out today!

You're daughter sounds like a pip!
She and my youngest would get along great.
I was just re-reading the mother's day card she made me this year:

You...Zoning Out Again(actually she used my full name), are the best mother anyone could ask for. Your "young", pretty, and hilarious. All my friends say you the coolest. I love you so much and I am so proud of you. I got you the best gift I could ever get you. (It was her report card which happend to be an improvement over the last). They're so CUTE! Gotta love 'em!
Hey we are so close. I should take the train down and we should meet up for coffee and shopping or something! Or you could come up here to the Catskills for a visit. It's beautiful out here!

Minka said...

Tali is amazing. I have known for a while...but she is just charming in a natural way and quite something else.
I hope I get the chance to meet her some day ...

The tooth fairy never came to see me, but apparently she doesn´t do Germany. next time you see her, give her a globe to go along with your tooth.

actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

ann said...

Ah memories... I remember the lengthy correspondence between daughter and her tooth fairy. It went on for months and had me in stitches... can't say we ever had a meaningful debate over it though, so maybe that's where I went wrong.

I think being thought funny and sophisticated by one's daughter must be lovely... I'm too afraid to ask mine for two words to describe me! The truth hurts.

goldennib said...

That is so sweet and has brought tears to my eyes. One of the things I am most grateful for is that my daughter and I like eachother. I didn't have that with my mother.

G said...

I apologize to all for not commenting back as I like to do - one thing has really lead to the other.

Icy, like you.

Al, not bad ay? Give it time - can't win every time at the track :)

Pia, so true about being sophisticated in NY, but I too am glad that Tali thinks she's too young for such.

I got the coffee lady from Logo, I'll have to look for the link.

Pavel! And I've missed your visits! Glad to see you back in town and with your sense of humor intact. Thanks for your sweet words and I'm laughing at both you and hmbt.

Neva, thank you. Kids do say the damndest things as you are the furthest thing from a Grandma! I'm just curious - you weren't wearing a hairnet at the time, were you? Of course not!

I tell you, we need a handwriting expert on this one! XOX

Shari, welcome to my humble abode and nice recovery, I say on the tooth placement! I'm not so sure myself on the motivation, but eh, let them hold onto these beliefs as long as they want - can't be much longer that they will :)

Thanks for the visit.

G said...

Chikken, you're the best - thanks XOX

Claire, hah - in many ways she is a little old soul. So true about the little discussions and they certainly make my day. Thanks.

Diesel, thanks. What are riches compared to sweets? She's a smart little cookie.

G said...

Logo, right - it's that fairy thing, very sophisticated, don't you know? These moments certainly balance out the others indeed.

Aw shucks, thanks.

MizB, Tali is nothing if not direct. And thanks as I know Tali enjoys some of your adventures with the little bohemians along with me.

Weird is indeed good for bohemians and especially to one who is so FUNKIFIED FO SHO!!! Muchos neshikot to you and your delightful family as well my amiga. I'll be by for a visit soon. XOX

Weirsdo, I am indeed about to fasten my seatbelts for those years. But I think we might still sneak in some good discussions in between the teenage moments where she'll be less than loquacious.

Actonbell, that I have reached a nine year old's impression of sophistication seems to be the zenith for me.

Ooh and it feels great to put all that heavy stuff up and away.

Doug, yes at least I'm a good mom in two ways, ay? Well, we do have that round dining table...

Neva, thanks - and Rabbit Rabbit just the same (late here).

G said...

ZOA: Hotter than hell. Very cute story and you couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day present.

Minka, thank you for your sweet words about Tali who was right here and tickled pink by your words and said "thank you!". She would like nothing better than a chance to meet you as well.

We have the map ready as Julian has a loose front tooth ;)

Actonbell, thanks and to you too of course!

Ann, I wish I could take credit, but it was Tali who brought the topic to the discussion table :)

Oh I don't know, I'm thinking from what I see at your place, your daughter would have no problem coming up with some lovely words about you. I know I wouldn't. XOX

Goldennib, as a mother we couldn't ask for more. I'm so glad that you have that with your daughter.

pia said...

Funny yet sophisticated. Yes it does alter the entire post somewhat

Tali is really 18, right?

I always want to write things my niece says, but she "looks" at my blog. So do her parents :) And she can say the funniest things about them. I can't react being her aunt and all, but then I call all my closest friends...

My word verification is fagalla--when pronounced sounds like a not nice Yiddish word

G said...

Pia, ha - sometimes I have to think about just how old she is.

Yes, it's that blog line that has to be drawn as to who reads and what you can say, although I wouldn't mind a story or two about the fam from you ;)

I just laughed out loud about your word verifier - too funny.

First Nations said...

sounds like tali has it right.
i have always found you to be sophisticated and funny, with a slight hint of oak and a strawberry finish.
carry on!

spooky said...

I just brought out my woolly hat again today, no real reason but I thought I'd wear it whilst reading your post in solidarity with all your winter woolies forlornly hibernating out during the summer months. Free the woollies

Doug said...

Re: The update. Tali is precise yet funny.

G said...

fn: may I pour you a glass of sophistication? Hah! Thanks. What's that? A shot. Move on over.

Spooky, see now you've started an uprising in my storage setup, sweaters are trying to mix in with cotton tees - no good can come of this I tell you!

Doug, she is, isn't she? Perhaps I'll have her proof future posts.

ariel said...

so this is a funny yet invalid post now. oh well.


G said...

Since you put it that way - why yes. :)

Mrs. Weirsdo said...

About conversing with teenage daughters, it seems to work best if it just comes naturally in the course of doing stuff together. One just has to find the things to do that are not, like, totally nerdy and embarrassing.

G said...

Mrs. Weirsdo, keep it smooth in other words - no false moves. Gotcha.

tsduff said...

Love meeting your cute kid through your eyes. My kids wrote notes to the tooth fairy - One was so sad... it said "Why didn't you take my tooth and give me any money? I think you should leave me $4 dollars next time". My children beleive that the tooth fairy builds her castle out of teeth - and won't take any teeth with cavities in them, because then her castle wouldn't be pretty.

G said...

Thanks Terry, although Tali has begun to say "are you going to blog about that?!" so I'd better watch it ;)

Awww - I hope The Tooth Fairy gave your child $5 the next visit.

Welcome Back - we've missed you.