Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Running with Marigolds

We live in the city in attached homes. So far it's worked out fine. We don't speak to the neighbor husband on one side, but his wife is lovely in the "I'm married to a neanderthal but don't hold it against me" sort of way.

Anyway, Scissors mentions that someone has abandoned a pup by tying it to another neighbor's front door. So Julian and I go off to investigate. Since Julian has had a bath and his hair is still a bit damp I tell him to put a hat on. He goes and puts on a winter hat. Somehow it looks perfect with his little slippers and jammies. We go down a few houses to our neighbors and meet Amanda outside with the stray dog. He's a bit hyper and Julian runs home and brings back a marigold that he has brought home from school to show to him. He also brings a coloring book. I am quite happy about Julian's taking to coloring books as he's sort of avoided them up to this point in time. It smacks too much of work this whole grasping a crayon thing so the fact that he is asking me to color with him is a major milestone in my eyes! We color away - bears are purple and orange and pink and yellow (but I gave mine a gray suit to offset - worked quite nicely). And mostly I love that Julian has brought the flower to show the dog.

Julian then wants to take a little walk so I acquiesce and before you know it, we're racing and I'm holding the marigold and the coloring book, panting after him. Skinny little guy can move!

Get home and get him into bed and Tali is finishing her homework. I let her see the video that I featured in Central Snark this weekend by Balkan Beat Box. Here we go - "Why is that man not wearing a shirt?" she asks.

"He's a performer - they're a little less modest". I reply.

Now I see the woman in the tight white dress swilling beer from a bottle, which Tali zones in on but laughingly makes a comment about. I reply "At least I've only robbed you of half your childhood showing you half naked men and beer swilling women".

"Mommy, you crack me up" she replied.

So there's that.

Anyway, tonight begins the Jewish holiday of Shavuot and woohoo, I was here last year because I posted this joke last Shavuot:

Moses comes down from the mountain after receiving the Torah and says to the children of Israel:

"The good news is I got him down to ten. The bad news - adultery is still in". Badum bum.

Chag Sameach!


weirsdo said...

Happy Shavuot. We don't mind celebrating Moses giving the Torah. But I draw the line at Roy Moore.
I think a lot of childhood is about trying to find out about nudity and alcohol, so you are in a fine tradition.

pia said...

It is a funny joke. Was going to tell one that looks gross in print--must be said

Your writing was differently paced. I liked it

And good for Julian

Theresa said...

Loved it, you crack me up, showing your daughter "half naked men and beer swilling women". And I loved the "The good news is I got him down to ten. The bad news - adultery is still in." Speaking of which, it looks like Diesel has got the captions down to ten too. Vote for me! I'm just shameless, aren't I ;)

G said...

Thank you Weirsdo.

I'd have to agree - the Bill of Rights might have been a more appropriate deocrating choice for his courtroom. See- just carrying on the tradition.

Pia, some jokes just need to be heard. Funny you should say that as when I read it back, it sounded a little different but in a good way - so thanks.

Yay Julian!

Theresa, feel free to show your daughter the video. Perhaps that will deflect some of the hair removal questions ;)

For that segue alone, I'd vote for you! Nicely done.

neva said...

a charming post, as per your usual charming self, dearest NBFF! visions of Julian racing down the street in his jammies, slippers and winter cap -- you panting along behind him clutching the flower & coloring book are firmly imprinted upon my brain, and absolutely make me smile. what a scene!

Happy Shavu'ot -- Chag Sameach -- and whatever else one says to mark such a significant holiday (thanks for the link -- it made for some fascinating reading) knowing you have a long night ahead of you, i'll leave it at that! (cheese blintzes sound pretty darn good... gotta say you guys have the best holidays and some of the coolest and/or tastiest traditions!)

uh, but before i go, tell me... what happened to that pup? ; ) xox

actonbell said...

He's a performer - they're a little less modest. hehe, so true.
Thanks for reminding me of coloring books--that may well be what's missing in my life right now.

Happy Shavuot.

Doug said...

Happy Savuot. I'm very happy to hear the story of Julian bringing the marigold to show the dog. Back when Willie was a stray, he'd have loved that.

G said...

Neva, I must say - he makes a good personal trainer. He just may be my secret weapon to weight loss.

Thanks NBFF, it's a very nice holiday. I'm sorry to disappoint but we will not be doing the all night studying...although I have done that years back. We will, however, happily partake in tasty dairy foods.

That was callous of me not to finish about the pup. Well, the neighbor Amanda has an older dalmation and she was saying she is NOT keeping it. She was trying to contact North Shore Animal League, a local Long Island shelter that does not euthanize animals. However, this very evening, I saw said pup going for a walk with her and her daughter. So I have a feeling the abandoners had their eye on Amanda as a good home. I'll keep you updated.

Actonbell, it is true, isn't it? Tali still raised an eyebrow nonetheless. I'm so glad that Julian has taken it up as I am a happy accomplice in the coloring books.

Thanks for the good wishes.

Doug, I thought Julian was coming to show my neighbor the flower - nothing doing, just the dog. The dog however had his sights set on a nice walk. I have a feeling we may be neighbors.

Claire said...

Good news for you, Julian and the pup. A trifecta of enjoyable experiences just in time Shavuot. I read about this holiday over at Ann's site. btw- Have you read The Yiddish Policeman's Union ? I just started it and so far so good. Just cuz you're Jewish means you must have read or are reading all books that in any way reference your religion. hehe :)

Tom & Icy said...

I bet the puppy loved the flower.

HMBT said...

Your blog I have to say, is one of the only places where I can come and read words that consitantly form pictures and movies in my mind. I love that. It's like...I don't recognize it as a story that I have read til I come to the end...the movie starts at the first line...I think thats very cool.

Theresa said...

Yeah, instead of hair removal questions I'll probably get other, harder to answer ones. Although my kids are pretty used to nudity, and beer drinking is a national pasttime over here. Topless beaches abound, and tv commercials show everything from the waist up, and from behind they show it all. After she watches I'll tell you what she has to say.

G said...

Claire, thanks - it was indeed a nice little start to the holiday. Ann always give a wonderful explanation of the Holidays, I love that.

I'm cracking up about the last part, although that's the second time that book has been mentioned so I may have to look into.

Icy, he was basking in the attention. Julian really wanted to make his arrival special.

hmbt, I think that's very cool that you shared that with me and consider it a compliment of the highest order. So thank you.

Theresa, pfew - then I won't be responsible for robbing her of half her childhood. We are rather uptight in the US (as you know) in many ways when it comes to nudity. Although Tali has railed against the unfairness of boys not having to wear tops. I did mention beaches in other parts of the world and she was all for it.

And by all means, please do.

goldennib said...

Did you bring the dog home?

Theresa said...

I showed Ro the video and she liked it, especially the dancing and the girl in the hoop. She did say, "Look, that one's showing her panties" at one point where there's a woman who appears to be in her underwear. Topless is one thing, but showing one's underwear, now that's entirely different. Little girls on beaches here usually don't wear tops until they actually have something to cover, then they do until they can get away from their parents and let it all hang out. You actually see mothers and daughters going topless together on some beaches. It's a bit strange until you get used to it.

G said...

Goldennib, we did not, but I'll be checking tonight - I think he's taken up residence at my neighbor's.

Theresa, glad Ro liked! That girl in the hoop is a real crowd pleaser.

I visited Spain in the early 90's and was surrounded on all sides by toplessness...when in Spain. It's quite comfortable really. I mean if the German tourists could play volleyball, I felt that I could at least sit in a lounge reading.

Theresa said...

I have to admit that when we spent a year in Málaga I went topless on the beach too, everybody does it, so i figured, why not? The first time, my kids asked "Mamá, what are you doing?", but they soon didn't even notice. I guess at first it was a shock, after all one's mother is not like the rest of humanity.

ariel said...

I didn't know that flower has such a pretty name in English! we call it "nail flower".

you are a good Mom, teaching your children of life. :)

G said...

Theresa, so true - mothers are a different category all together.

Ariel, it's such a simple little flower yet to me it always symbolizes children and their pride of accomplishment as it is often a flower children raise in their classroom. Marigold - it does sound nice.

And thanks, just trying to give them a guided tour that they'll enjoy and learn from at the same time. :)