Friday, June 02, 2006

If I Were Half a Blogger

I would really love this blog thing to work; if only for me to actually have an outlet to jot things down. But I have to tell you, it's trying my patience more than getting the kids out the door in the morning. Eeek, I realize I may be pigeonholing myself as a "mommy blogger". In that case, well, it is what it is cause it ain't what it ain't.

But back to blogging and frustration. I really wish there was a blogging 101 course. That's a lie. What I really wish is to find someone - techie - to come on over and sit next to me and carry out my requests to set the blog up just the way I'd like it. Someone to just show me - I am a visual person and that's how I learn best. Talking talking, blah, blah, blah - too much information! My links all set up just so, a funny or thoughtful saying posted at the top. Today it would read something like: "WTF!" Still here? Sorry about that. That's no way to treat a guest!

The point is I am acutely aware that I have slipped into a generational gap that there may be no extracting myself from and which has nothing to do with age, to a great extent. Sure, I know how to type, and somehow on my computer at work, I am more comfortable. Well what with a Help Desk at my beck and call, how much trouble can I get into? Whatever programs I need at work, I just know them - create a spreadsheet, no prob.

But the Internet has always been just a place for me to look up info, check out ebay and adios! The e-mail thing and I'm done.

Okay now my MIL is on the phone, where can this day go from here? Does someone have a quaalude? Just kidding. Really.

On a separate note, today is the Jewish holiday of Shavuot which simply translates to weeks and is so named because it is celebrated seven weeks after the second day of Passover. As the story goes, this is when the Torah (Bible) was given to Moses - sort of the short version. Litle joke, Moses addressing his fellow Jews after meeting with G-d: "The good news is - I got him down to ten. The bad news is - adultery is still in". Badum dum!

It just may be a sign - I'll open myself up to the possibility of receiving some sort of commandment today - a spiritual message if you will.

Thou shalt not stress about your blog.


Doug The Una said...

Blog stress is a constant issue. Here are Doug's three rules for coping:

1) Blog etiquette is rightly and morally a sometimes thing. Read only what you want to read, comment only when inspired to and expect the same from others.
2) The bloggers who frequent your site are your friends. Expect to offend them sometimes and expect them to offend you now and again.
3) Links are satan's currency. Appealing to the curious, dangerous to trade in and of particular interest to cut-throats.

The Moses joke is a goodie. I hadn't heard

The Village Idiot said...

keep hacking away at it..if you build it they will come..or something like that and one more thing

How cool are you, the Ramones Rock!!!

Ok, just one more thing, Yes, homeowners is taking care of it.

G said...

Thanks guys, for your insight, kind offers and help.

Be checking in tomorrow ~ so have a good night.

Kyahgirl said...

g, g, g, - don't you fret none!

everyone has given you good advice. Try to enjoy blogging for the relationships you build and the things you learn about yourself. It isn't a competition and there really aren't any rules.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Doug and I made up those rules together--so they go for me also

Had no idea what I was doing. In one ancient post I actually asked what a link was.

Very good Moses joke and Happy Shavout

Anonymous said...

i think blogging is a lot like raising children: by trial and error.

doug & pia are right...tho' i believe the most important rule is that there aren't any rules. do what works for you... and you'll be fine! besides, you're hanging out with a very savvy group of folks (myself not included)... help is but a click away!

i totally understand the visual thing. my field is television (tho' i've been on a break for the past few years...) so making something "look" right is always an issue. i figure i'll get better at this the longer i stay with it. you will too! 'course, for the record i think you've done extrememly well for yourself, thus far!!

the joke is hysterical! (do i remember somethin' like it from SNL?)

Doug The Una said...

Yeah, apologies Pia. Make that Doug and Pia's three rules.

G said...

Well thank you all experienced and wonderful bloglot that you are. Doug I was just reviewing your rules and they gave me a little chuckle - particularly #3. I really have landed in a wonderful little center of the Blogosphere and that for no other reason, would keep me checking back in.
Come on Kyah, you're from a large family, everything's a competition.:) You're so right. Maybe I do see a little rassling with perfectionism and also just learning to truly go with the flow. I tend to think I do, it just depends - I tend to be easier on the kids and harder on, well truth is my hubby and moi. Need to look at that a little bit. But I think that is what blogging will be insightful with and it is an outlet.

Pia, Doug walked me through the whole link thing sort of like a Help Desk and since you were my intro, I put your link up there as a test. It passed and now there you are. Don't worry I'm not a stalker just having your link up there, I just can't address any more housekeeping today or whenever. I hate the feeling of not being able to just do something, it's very frustrating. As I have mentioned somewhere it is a good insight into what my little boy goes through with his learning difficulties.

Neva - I don't remember that one - but, I of course remember the bris in the back seat of a Lincoln Town car which leads to the Seinfeld shakey mohel (moil sounds like) episode.

We celebrated Friday night Shabbat dinner and now kids are sleep - parental unit chillin.

Pia, thank you and a Happy Shavuot to you too. Good night all.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Relate to the "blog stress" issue but it does seem to get easier the more you do it...except for those frustrating ocassions when you accidently delete the just completed post and swear on the nearest holy book that you will never blog again. Fortunately memories fade and you find yourself back at it soon enough. Hang in there. Love the joke, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Just found this site...seems very helpful (full disclosure: I'm on his favorites list so I may be a bit biased).

G said...

Thanks Joel - I will check it out and let you know.

TakeOnLife said...

the beauty of blogging is that you can express yourself.. what what you want knowing atleast half the people who read it won't know who you are... so they can't judge you...

i wish i could take a blogging 101 course... i think we should write a book on... "blogging for dummies"

but good one...
do you you wish you were the person that everyone else thinks you are through your blogs???

thanks for dropping by :)

G said...

LBP - I am with you in the crackhouse. It holds such an allure, meeting people who I otherwise would not have. And just beginning to organize my thoughts in print. But mostly, it is fun. Just getting through the frustrating parts.

SMZ, I think at my point in life (not to sound like the old lady) I am who I am. I am not sure who people think I am, but what comes across is this is me - no more no less. Read on if you care to, check out if you don't. But I do understand and ponder your question.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Gee: Please do not hesitate to call for qualude's and all you're mood enhancement needs!!!