Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tails of a Misspent Youth


Kyahgirl said...

you did it! cute :-)

have a good weekend g, but I'm sure I'll 'see' you around!

G said...

Thank Kgirl - I actually kinda like her for my avatar? We'll see, just playing around and now I better get to bed. Violin school for Tali in the am. See you over the weekend.

Minka said...

Have a good weekend and I..donæt get it...shhh, don´t tell anybody though :)

G said...

I won't, yet I don't believe it. Ask Doug to explain it if he drops by.

Really, it's just very silly - I liked the picture of the cat with her tush and tail sticking out the little back flap.

So instead of Tale, oh never mind, I think you're playing with me you little penguin!