Saturday, July 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to Mr. Scissorhands!

Come on out - we know it's you in there!

Alright just another day, play along with us. Mr. Scissorhands almost makes it hard to celebrate his birthday - almost. I will celebrate the opening of an envelope and luckily my kids take after me in that regard. Adrian's much more lowkey about it. What is wrong with him I say? Our birthdays are two weeks apart yet you could drive a Cadillac down the divide of how we each would spend it.

Not to worry, he just doesn't know how much he wants to celebrate it. We'll remind him by waking him in the morning kids in bed, breakfast ready for him - a few streamers strewn about. Then we'll let him lead the way of how he wants to spend his day. We'll just always be around him with a streamer in hand and some confetti in the odd chance that he says "Hey throw one of those here I'm ready to celebrate". Or chances are he'd be happy to have a remote control to himself, watching news and sports. Hey it's his birthday, we're only here to ruin it for him!

You know we're getting older - all of us right? But today at my daughter's Visiting Day at camp (which became a washout due to heavy rains), I remembered why we make a perfect pair. The car was parked in an adjacent parking lot - a little bit of a schlep considering the weather. Adrian began to take his mocassins off as we exited and I of course, said "What are you doing!". His response "I don't want them to get ruined". Me: "You'll step on something, just run - fast!" Then I said "Uh oh, what about my new bag?" Since it was a birthday present from him, he takes an interest. "Put it under your shirt" I say. So we head out the door him with my pocketbook under his shirt running as fast as the wind, me following behind running as fast as I can (which is fast for less than an 1/8 th of a mile, then it is more of a limping trot because I begin to laugh hysterically. Mostly because it dawns on me that it looks as if he has stolen my purse so I begin to yell "Stop! He stole my purse! Help, stop him!" Nobody is around and it is pouring but it just strikes me as rather funny.

In the meantime, he has already reached the car and pulled up to me soaking wet laughing when I recount what I was shouting after him to which he replies "Very funny Gina, get me arrested". Well you must admit it would make a good story. Guess what? I think we make a pretty good story as is.

Happy Birthday Scissors, sure do treat me right!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the WONDERFUL man lucky enough to be married to my NBFF! (he'd have to be wonderful for you to fall in love with him/bear his children!!)

hope you all have a beautiful/joyous day, G! XOXO

Anonymous said...

buy the way... in my haste to scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Scissorhands... i forgot to say: HAH! i'm laughing because i can SO picture you doing this to him. and, in my head, it's not only hysterical, but he *does* get arrested, spends the night in jail with a guy named Big Earl, and they develop a fast friendship over a shared passion for soccer and a desire to "get even with their wives"...

too funny--can't wait to meet this guy! (Scissorhands, that is, not Big Earl) xoxox

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Scissorhands! The birthday divide in your house sounds identical to the one in ours. Neva, loveslovesloves to celebrate the b-day...any like to make hers special but mine, not so much. Despite my lowkey approach, however, she always manages to make "my" day special...she's like that you of the reasons why I love her so. Your running in the rain story reminded me of a night we had tickets to a show...rain started as we parked but we decided, having forgotten the umbrella, we could make a run for it. Upon arriving at the theater door we were nothing short of drowned rats...well dressed rodents, but of the drowned variety nonetheless. Much delivery at home...TV...a better night by far.

FirstNations said...

hey, you, happy birthday! i saw you and the other half over at my place yesterday! scissorhands been representin' eastside!
that story cracked me up. me and the YB get on the same way. didja ever think, in the very beginning, that it would turn out to be fun like it has? i think its great.
l'chaim, y'all!

G said...

Hey all! I'm laughing too NBFF because in my mind (and while I'm making a lame attempt at the 440 yard dash which didn't seem quite so difficult in my HS years) that is exactly where I am going, arrest, cellmates, fast friends. Ah, we do amuse ourselves Anyway, between synagogue and bday festivities, Scissors has a few try and true clients he's taken care of, so I am going with cafe to play the salon hostess. Joel, you guys are just funny. And FN, Scissorhands has no idea how he's representing without ever stepping one foot into a blog. Funny, sometimes you forget in the day to day life stresses that besides being married and loving the person, you do actually like them. Lucky for us.

To all, have a great day and thanks for stopping by to wish my man a happy. I'll show him your good wishes later.

Ariel the Thief said...

just too funny! I am still laughing.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Scissorhands! and a note: birthdays are not the days we can live like we please, birthdays are birthdays and our family is to ruin them!

Doug The Una said...

Great story! Happy birthday to Mr. G!

FirstNations said...

oh crap. whoops!
that was joel!
hi, joel!
can you tell i'm not real well acquainted with everyone yet?

well, if scissorhands ever wanted to come over and hang out, he could. * replaces bag over head, slinks away*

Anonymous said...

HA! ya know... i wondered what First Nations meant by that... then my feelings were hurt (only just a little) because i thought "crap. so scissorhands is visiting blogs now? what's up with that? and why not mine? and...wah wah wah." well, you get the picture (what were you saying about "Neurotic" BFF?) still... i've added a "tell Mr. Scissorhands Happy Birthday" on today's snark post (yes, i AM a maroon... but that's why you love me so much)... hopefully there's still time for folks to straggle over and wish your honey a happy day!!

let me know when you've finished Making Fiends, i have another series i think you & the munchkins might enjoy...

hope you kids are having a FABU and/or festive weekend (in spite of the Birthday Boy's reluctance to do so)! xoxo

~ good girl ~ said...

LMAO!! G!!

Sigh. It's stories like this that makes me want to snap my fingers, conjure up a man now, slap him and shout, "You sure took your sweet time finding me!@#$!", followed by lots of hugging and kissing :-)

Love the story! Happy birthday, Mr Scissorhands!

GG xo

G said...

See how rumors get started?

Funny FN, I am laughing because I though "Hmmm, did I make a comment that sort of came from both of us?". No offense to all present company, but I'd really doubt that you'll be finding Scissors at any of the blogs. As he is more apt to say, tell them to come sit in my chair and we'll talk :)

So don't you worry NBFF, Scissors isn't stepping out on you or me. Oh and thanks for the banner ~ certainly not more than he deserves as he'll probably never see it :) Thank you though, very sweet.

To all else, thanks for stopping by and sharing in our little birthday fun. Just got back in as yestereday wasn't cooperating weatherwise, so we were out for the day today.

GG: Sort of like a Chia Pet?

Thank you and Happy Birthday to you from Scissorhands.

Sweet and Salty said...

What a delightful story! Thanks for sharing it and Happy Birthday to him!

Mutha said...

Ambush party-giver...I love that. I also love your improvised dialogue, recasting your life-scene as a purse-snatching event. Damn funny. Every once in a while life needs a nudge into the absurd...other times, no help is needed.

Miz BoheMia said...

Loved the story! I know you will believe me when I tell you that the Loverboy and I can relate to such moments fo sho!

I hope Mr. Scissorhands had a special day, which from the sound of it, he did!

Although I must stand up for your man here and take his side as I am one of those quiet ones when it comes to my birthday and the thought of a celebration en masse would have me dying a slow and horrible death... I am ok with Loverboy and the kids wanting it to be special but that is it... even phone calls to wish me a happy birthday just do not do it for me! But I can relate to wanting to do something for those you love as when it comes to my kids' birthdays and the Loverboy's then I want to make it as special as possible and go all out!

Go figure! ;-P

Hope you had a great weekend G! Besos all the way from Spain!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Mr. Scissorhands. I bet he secretly would be very hurt if you didn't make a big deal about it.
Pansi & Co. have now weighed in on the second "Central Snark" topic here.

Kyahgirl said...

Hi g :-) Just wanted to sneak in and wish Adrian a belated happy birthday. I hope you managed to torture him sufficiently
Loved your story about the run in the rain. Too funny.

G said...

Thanks Pavel.

Mutha: Yes the art of the ambush - they never see it coming (or actually are too helpless to escape it).

MizB: Really our "big" celebration included just the 4 of us with a stopover at MIL's for homemade birthday cake. I just love to make even toothbrushing festive on their days.

Weirsdo: I think you may be on to something with that theory. Oh and thanks to Pansi and Co. for their responses - will have to get a link going to share them.

Kyah: Just enough to make it fun - thanks for sneaking in :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, late of course, Scissorhand

Great story Gina

Anonymous said...

Hey Mista Scissors--HAPPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!! That story was just too I know I can be slow in the uptake but I could have sworn Mr Scissorhands (alias Tali's daddy, ChooChoo's daddy and Ms. G's sugardaddy) had taken off his mocassins and then got sidetracked with carrying the new bag (which of course(!) took immediate presidence over the silly mocs....but my only question is whether you were making the 40 yard dash in his mocs while he stole off with the loot? Well, it is all too funny and besides, God knows, you two belong together!! Have a wonderful year Mr S!!

G said...

I am sure I would have done no worse had I been wearing his mocassins. Actually Tali had on his mocassins and...

What are we still doing up I ask?


RedNeckGirl said...

Great story.....I love times like that when you are reminded how to just have fun! Y'all sound like you are perfect for eachother. :-)

G said...

rednick gal: glad you enjoyed. Sometimes I write to remind myself that perhaps we after all, are.