Sunday, July 02, 2006


This day was a bit surreal.

Always feel guilty (not really) when I don't make it outdoors when the sun is blaring (we were all happy in our own way). Kids played and fought, I straightened about actually accomplishing a few things and hubby watched World Cup (unhappy about both outcomes). And I slept - yes I slipped a nap right in there, almost 2 hours with my little boy Julian. Laid down to get him to take a nap and I sailed right into the mystic. Hey, it was for the greater good, let those amongst you... A summer afternoon nap - what better way to start off July? I never get to nap. Problem is that when I do, I always wake up in a fog which stays with me throughout the day. Go ahead, drive your Buick right through.

Then, Louis and Clarks that we are, struck off in search of the new playground that I had mentioned to Tali (my daughter) over lunch earlier in the day:

Me: Maybe we'll go to a different playground that I saw.
Tali: Which one?
Me: The one outside Forrest Park - it has a tire swing.
Tali: I don't like tire swings.
Me: Oh, this is a nice one - it's not dirrrty. And, we're sure to get a turn because this playground is never crowded! I'm going on it. Julian's going to want to go on it.

We even scripted a play about it:

Scene One: A seemingly nice woman looking normal enough, enters park with 2 young children (husband has been left home to segue from World Cup Soccer to MLS). This first scene finds the other park dwellers suspicious of the woman's motives as she approaches the tire swing.

Act one and ACTION!:

Mother (played by me, yes, a stretch) races the little girl to the swing and almost knocks her over.
Park Dwellers (played in unison by Tali, age 8) raise eyebrows in shock and furrow them in disdain
Mother "Oh I was just trying to save you from getting hurt, here, let me help you on the swing" as she casts an eye in the Dwellers' direction to ensure they've bought into her ruse.
Park Dwellers: nod head approvingly and look back at their papers, etc.
Mother elbows daughter in an effort to knock her off swing
Park Dwellers: raise eyebrows in shock and disdain
: "Oh, that was a close one, that bee was heading right for your mouth!"
Park Dwellers nod head approvingly and continue tending their own children.

You get the gist. Thing is, we crack each other up so much, we just keep building on the theatre of the absurd.

So we went to the park and got there for oh, 7:45. In NYC and summer time, that's the night shift reserved for we the people of leisure. We don't wear watches on the weekends. We're not uptight about when we play - we do so when the spirit moves us. Oh - who am I kidding?

Once a slug, always a slug.

Enjoy your weekend folks - get a nap in if at all possible. And remember, if you only go out at night, look at what you'll save on sunscreen.

Before you go for that nap, though, head over to Puppytoes' pad no time post. No, not because she mentions me as her new best friend forever, but because she's funny and it's a good post (park dwellers gaze up over papers suspiciously...).


Miz BoheMia said...

Are you sure we're not related? Well, only difference is that I lie down without the kids because they in fact elbow me... so if I lie down I am pretty much out in 5 minutes, so not kidding! Loverboy wishes it weren't so but hey, someone has got to nap and no, unfortunately it is not too often that that happens! So yes sistah, bohemians everywhere applaud your great napping abilities fo sho!

As for parks, yeah, the sight of the mother giggling away on the seesaw with the kids tends to throw them off, especially when they run off and I stay on... hmmm... maybe there is a problem there! ;-)

Have a great Sunday and may it be a well rested and peaceful one and... *GASP* Oh! Can I be a NBFF too? Hey, yoga's on me! (I figure a bribe can't hurt!)

G said...

Oh, wouldn't I be happy to wake up and find out that were true! A little sister bohemia. Just wait, I'll join you on the seesaw - I'll be the new NBFF so in need of yoga. The bribe is so not necessary, but I am rather stiff. Hope you're having a good Sunday!

PS: Think I'll need a nap and have to take tali into Manhattan for a birthday party (that we are both not into), humm maybe I'll be the mom in the corner napping.

Anonymous said...

This is so strange because Neva is napping as we speak...not a normal occurence mind you. I'm wondering if she might have read your post and having had the thought introduced decided to seize the moment and opt for the siesta?'s also possible that yesterday's trip/wedding schmooze simple left her exhausted. As for the playground behavior outlined in your "play," I always found park visits (all three of them)far more fulfilling when I took a participatory role...the "watch the kids play, push 'em on the swings, blah, blah, blah" was never my thing...I mean, what's the fun in that? Taking your daughter to a birthday party in Manhattan, I believe, proves your parental superiority...I'm afraid I would have resorted to the "are you sure you really want to go? you know traffic is really bad...ten bucks and a trip to the toy store says we forget the whole thing" sort of argument. But that's just me...never nominated for parent of the year - with good reason!

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh god me neither! I second that Joel! My girlfriends in SF were so set in their routines and in taking their kids religiously to the park and the like. I was so sleep deprived that I did what I could but I am mostly lazy. I hate the park, will go if I have to but bah! Toystores and bribes and the like are way more my thing as well.

Gina dear one, yoga anytime but yeah, when tired how 'bout simply hangin' out? Neva! Wake up and let's go! Ooops! Gotta go! The kids refuse to go to bed and I gotta go be mean! *sigh*

G said...

You're getting sleeeepy - see I've cast a nap spell with this post. Made it back unscathed from the party. Don't think I didn't want to back out with every fiber in my being. Ah guilt - the great motivator. Actually, I shopped a little as Tali was at the party and now she is over said friend's house. My guys are out somewhere - that leaves me home alone. I love when that happens. Let me go turn the music up and jump on the couch!

Anonymous said...

i'd have been over here sooner... but, as joel just blabb...heh heh... i mean, *told* you, i was taking a nap. a long nap. a nap in which i had an entire king-sized bed all to myself, but because i was too lazy (what's the point of a nap if one isn't "lazy"?) to lay down in a manner that would allow me to properly cover myself with the blanket, i had to stay in one little spot, so the piece of blanket i *did* use could fold over most of my body. doesn't make sense... but i'm lazy. so it doesn't have to!

whoa!! thanks for the link, NBFF of mine!! i just put up my weekly dalai bobo, but i may have to take it back down, because now that you've linked to my post, i'm sure i'm gonna be in for a lot of new business. gosh. should i set out coffee? cookies? raisinettes? (hee hee! thanks for the kind words...)

so... yoga with our darling Miz B?? FO' SHO'!!! okay, as SOON as i write this comment, i'm gonna finish that email Miz B, and properly thank you for all that wonderful information!! then, gina and i will practice (and laugh) until our collective asses fall off. THEN we shall hop on a flight to spain and bask in the wonder and glory that is YOU! (you know, i just realized that if i had spelled "bask" "basque" i'd have looked really clever... alas, i am not clever. especially when i'm feeling lazy.)

G: i'll push you in the swing if you'll push me (and not push really hard and then run away while i'm not looking!) xoxo

G said...

Neva - I just reserve that trick for my kids :)

I gotta go update my passport!

Doug The Una said...

Van Morrison fan?

Anonymous said...

redecorating, are we?? i *like* it! not that you asked, not that you care. (and why the hell not?)

G said...

Yes indeed Doug.

Neva - you likey? That green was getting a little too, well, green.

Kyahgirl said...

hey, I like your new template g!

Great story too....I have to go right now because my own little slavedrivers want to go to the park and I must do as they command!!

Anonymous said...

Love the "play." Love the idea of napping also but it always leaves me feeling as if I had just consumed a bottle of 100 proof grain liquor--or rather had consumed it and was now hungover

Anonymous said...

Something looks mighty different around it your hair?

G said...

Kyah - thanks, that's what happens on a long weekend. You know, if it weren't for my kids, I might stay inside the entire weekend. I'm happy here - a/c - no sweat.

Pia - thanks. Yesss, or rather it had consumed you - that's the feeling of which I speak.

Brian - de nada, buddy.

Joel - you noticed! Now come on in and have a TGNWLM ?

FirstNations said...

hot days are not made for vigorous activity. hot days are made for lolling about on ones' recamier with something alcoholic. like that guy from 'Gladiator'.
Beulah, peel me a grape!

G said...

FN: Thanks as always for putting it into perspective. I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Have a great 4th! Oh, what the hell...a great 5th, 6th, and 7th too.

Anonymous said...

I just love an afternoon nap. I don't often wake up feeling refreshed until the "after-nap cup of coffee" though. But I normally have great, vivid dreams during any naptime. So when I wake up, I want to go right back!

G said...

Helen - that's it - coffee! How silly of me, I'll have to try out this weekend to see how it works out :) Do you remember your dreams? Thanks for dropping in.
Peace back at ya.

TLP said...

Doug is right! You're a good read.

G said...

Pez's! I wasn't even here for your first visit! Well, glad you let yourselves in and made yourselves at home. Thanks for coming by and thanks for your kind words. Happy Wednesday to you both.

Anonymous said...

I love the spontaneous play. My most recent one with Toyplayer involves an epic conflict between two arch-villains, Malpasta and Malanoodle, in the swimming pool (you know, those styrofoam "noodles" that float).
And of course you know Pansi arose from such plays as well.

Hobbes said...

P. S. (Several moons later): I went over to Neva's and read that post. It was very funny and made me jealous. I wish I could meet bloggers in person, but except for my artist friend Rena, who is really more of an artist that a blogger, there are no cool bloggers so far as I know in the Southeast.