Saturday, January 13, 2007


Well going away parties are usually given for a reason and it was with mixed emotions and a Metro Card that we sent DAISY packing. For one last trip with the average joes, Daisy and I boarded the E train to Manhattan. With such a crowd in one place, it was all I could do to restrain Daisy from performing right there on the subway. I assured her the spotlight was not far off (even if it was the light of the oncoming train). Once there we met NEVA and oh, look who happened to be in the neighborhood with gun and camera - AL!

Here is a picture of Daisy with the clock in Grand Central - the center of all activity, as a backdrop:

And although she seemed to think she'd be driven everywhere by a limo, Neva nonetheless encouraged her to acquaint herself with the train schedules:

Well, with one husband, two children and now four dolls to share my life, I am sure it will be quite full.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

It was great fun meeting, umm, "Daisy, NY Streetwalker Barbie" and setting up her photo shoot under the watchful eyes of twenty Homeland Security cops wearing flak vests and carrying automatic rifles.

She's one of a kind, that Daisy - but, her human friends were really somethin' special.

Anonymous said...

I am NOT a streetwalker!!!!!! You probably have me confused with my sister pansi!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Daisy -- with your fingers fused together and no elbows, I have no idea how you could have written that comment.

Or, maybe blogging really is all in the wrists?

Anyhow, your virtue is defended, I stand corrected, and thank you.

G said...

Daisy charmed them though didn't she Al? Al, her human friends say the same about you! But please do not call her a streetwalker!

Daisy: I'm sure Al meant that in a nice way.

Al: Daisy (nor any of the NG4J) is not one to be held back by fused fingers or lack of elbows. They're amazing!

~Mo'a~ said...

.....and Al, she is a woman after all :)
What fun, now all we need is for the blogger buddies to come to NJ...and have more fun with two of the gals there.....not that I am jealous or anything....I am just saying (thanks Neva, this saying that I learned from you saved me more often than I can tell you ;)......OK!!! so let us show you NJ exit 5 or 4 and we will show you the real NJ.....and if you want to play with dolls....well, I could arrange that ;)

Anonymous said...

Al: fused-yet-flexible fingers -- and therein lies the rub (which is why she'd have made such a great streetwalker -- had she elected to head in that direction...) as well as the explanation for her ability to type.

and G, you'll be happy to note Daisy (or Miss Daisy as she's suddenly demanding to be called) is pulling her wits about her, and settling in/adapting to her new surroundings rather well. perhaps a little *too* well, come to think of it, for -- as i have been heard to tell her for the past 2 mornings -- this is NOT a mansion and i am NOT a maid and we do NOT get to eat our breakfasts in bed. we just don't. other than that, she's fine. and has, i might add, quite an interesting, if not spectacular head on those narrow shoulders of hers.

we hope to take her shopping tomorrow -- but she's informed us she'll only agree to go if i promise to let her sit in the back, in order to pretend i'm not just her "maid", but her driver, as well. that Miss Daisy.

Anonymous said...

BREAKFAST!!!!????? Who's even UP for THAT!!!!???? Salmon canapay's and cucumber sandwiches are fine for lunch tomorrow!!!!
Kiss Kiss

Kyahgirl said...

I'm glad to see you've been transporting Daisy in a fashion worthy of her station.
Looking forward to hearing how she turns mrs. neever's life upside down!

G said...

Mo'a: I feel almost as guilty as not visitng you as not visitng my mom lately. Oy does life get in the way. But you do have dolls, you know you'll never get rid of us for sure!

Mrs. Neever: You and Al with the fused fingers - these girls are not to be pigeon holed to typical barbie doll activities as you are now beginning to find out.

Oh I do love the update, but now I smell a new series coming up perhaps, your very own "Driving Miss Daisy". Oh that's good.

She's a demanding one but be strong otherwise she'll have you all eating out of her fused hands (now there I go).

Daisy: It sounds like you're settling in nicely. The dolls all send you their love.

Kyahgirl: Why am I seeing this as a perfect match up?

Doug said...

I wish Daisy had treated her mother better. I'd be careful letting Tali spend much time with her.

Tom & Icy said...

Daisy was always Dusty's favorite even though they had quite a few verbal battles in their blogs. He loved the residual smell of hot dogs she loved so well and we hope she is getting plenty of them now.

G said...

Doug, what's that? I don't know her full story. Well she's off our hands, I mean she's gone on to seek her fortune in Connecticut.

Tom&Icy: Well Dusty can always visit her once she's out and about in Connecticut or Central Snark. I'm sure she'll find a way to get all the hot dogs she wants.

Actonbell: No they do not (but I bet in those new shoes of yours...)

Hobbes said...

G: I'm not sure what Doug is referring to. Daisy's biological mother gave her away to an upper-middle-class family (Pansi was supposed to be given away, but Daisy gave her a quarter to let Daisy be the one). Daisy's behavior to her foster family was no worse than any typical kid who is spoiled with material things but not given enough attention, at least until she dropped out of college and married Pigface, Mr. Banana's hitman.
Maybe Doug meant her behavior to you or Neva.

G said...

Weirsdo, you know Doug such an upstart. Perhaps it's sour grapes over losing out on Pansi. Come to think of it, her behavior towards Neva and I has been somewhat...well, difficult.