Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The G-Dance

In the words of Monty Python - "And now for something completely different"!

It seems as if my timing is off this week. No, not my dancing avatar timing - she's one grooving chick, my post timing. Any time I've had a window of opportunity to post, Blogger's maintaining that they're maintaining and that's a lot of maintenance! Grrrr.

I'm nothing if not patient and well distractable, so I'm sure I then wandered off and never got back to the business of posting. And so it goes. Now about my groovy dancing avatar - Tom of Tom&Icy made this funky dancing avatar and I'm even featured in one of their posts right HERE! Isn't that fun?

Well, it's late and I just wanted to share this with you. And to let you know about Tom&Icy, although I suspect a lot of the crowd that traipses through here knows them, some of you don't. So go poke around a bit and see what Icy is up to. Tom is very talented with his doctoring up photos (photoshop?) and they're usually pretty funny as an added benefit. He has several blogs featuring people who may be real or composites, but the dogs are real. I know this because they write columns for newspapers, such as The Asinine News, one of their prestigious papers.

Which brings me full circle - what song do you think I'm dancing to?


Miz BoheMia said...

I am supposed to guess what song YOU, oh faboo DJ that you are, are dancing too???? HAH! HELL to the NO!

I am SO not going there and being made to look like a fool, A FOOL!!! For your taste in musica is nothing short of fabulous and well, I am intimidated, INTIMIDATED!

And can you believe that always-behind-on-blogs-and-all-things-blogospherical-because-all-we-get-from-Spain-are-literally-lemons-and-I-kid-you-not-cause-I-just-got-some-off-of-the-tree me is FIRST? FIRST! BWAHAHAAAAAAA!

I love your new dancin' self! Always Dancing the Dance Electric Sistah G! WOOH TO DA HOOH and all that jazz FO SHO!

*sigh* If I could sing I would sing you a song but as is, I choose to not murder you with the monstrosity that is my nonexistent singing voice... and with that...

BoheMia runs off to yoga her day away... now THAT I can do! ;-P

Neshikot to you funkified and sweet amiga mia!

Nessa said...

I like the dancing Avatar. How about something from Motown?

Anonymous said...

since i happen to know you were just listening to Ma-na-ma-na last night, i'll guess that! the only thing missing is those two pink back up singers (and, okay, the guy with the orange feathery head, but i'm thinkin' you might sing lead here, so who needs him?)

too funny. i almost fell out of my chair when i saw that animation. damn, girl, well-written and now techno-savant. is there nothing you CAN'T do? xox

Anonymous said...

Let's see, one-two-one-two-one-two-one-two... Hava N'gila?

Hobbes said...

"Burning Down the House"?
Anyway, love the dancing icon.

Anonymous said...

I think your dancing to "Walk like and Egyption" - I am SURE of it.

Hope your doing well!

G said...

MizB: I don't know, you've always got good music going on in your videos, so we all have something to teach each other FO SHO!

We're already mesmerized by your speaking voice, no need to sing. And if you're behind in the blogs, I am in the car behind you. Glad to see you as always amiga mia. Neshikot to you and have a good weekend. I'll be by as I have some videos to catch up on from home. XOX

Goldennib: Always a good bet! You can't go wrong with Motown.

Neva: Well don't get your hopes up, I just copied it from Tom&Icy's place. And you're right, that is a fun song! Ma-na-ma-na... XOX

Al: It's not a party without it!

Weirsdo: Now that's a possibility. I love her too.

cj: I could dance to that! I'm doing great (a little tired from this danceaton, but all is well). Good to see you.

Doug said...

I think you're dancing to a song only you can hear. I'm pretty sure, actually.

ann said...

I love the dancing avatar... what a mover.

Well if that was me I would be dancing to Pussycat Dolls Sway...

....When marimba rhythms start to play, dance with me, make me sway..

oh shut up Ann... Shavuah Tov ;>)

FirstNations said...

gotta be 'Babylove' by Diana Ross and the Supremes.

dang. that's hypnotic, that is.

(made challah last week. thats right; not just bread, baby-CHALLAH! BRAIDED fricken EGG CHALLAH! WOOF!WOOF!WOOF!
i am the goddess of all yeast products!)

~Mo'a~ said...

Love it, love it and as they used to say when I was young...LOL
Cool :)
I know what you mean about being behind.....and I am always behind on two blogs and on top of that I am missing in action on all the Inner Circle Blogs....now I am trying to play catch up and my eyes a bleary.....I need sleep.
I need to get back to my art....well life gets in the way and how long will one have ones elderly parents....they need me.

G said...

Doug, I have heard that before and I believe you may be right. But yo can all dance along if you like.

Ann, she is huh? Don't shut up Ann, keep the groove going girlfriend. Shavuah Tov to you too.

FN: Ah, another Motown vote. It is, isn't it? Oh I'm wiping a tear as I read that - challah! Yo go Queen of the Yeast! Glad to see you out and about by the way and so to speak.

Mo'a, That's what they used to say when I was young! I think we were young-ish not too far apart - like last week.

What I've come to the conclusion of in the blogs (and life too to some extent) is that I can't be everywhere and I go where I can when I can. I think my inner-circle is fairly like minded and are just happy to see each other when we see each other, no score cards in other words.

That last line is so poignant and so true. You're a good daughter, Mo'a. Your art is waiting for you.

Sideways Chica said...

What song? How about "These boots are made for walking." Always works for me chica!

Ciao bella...good to hear your voice. I've been buried in deadlines and jst wanted to pop into the G-spot and say "hello."

Logophile said...

LOVE it,
and Icy and Tom too.

G said...

Teri: So nice to see you. Well, I guess I could dance to that but I think I may be a bit offbeat for it. Good luck on the deadlines.

Logo: They're the best. And I love my dancing G.

G said...

Actonbell - Now that you mention it, I think it is the Peppermint Twist!!! You rock! As do Tom & Icy.