Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Central Park by Bill Miller

Seems my muse is sleeping so in the meantime, I'll just cast my light hither and yon.

The above piece of art is by a Maryland based artist named Bill Miller. If above were a watercolor, it would catch my eye. But it is not a watercolor, rather it is made of vinyl and/or linoleum so the first time I saw his work in an article, I was so drawn to it. The artist reclaims discarded flooring for his collage-like landscapes and portraits ( May 2005).

So if you feel like strolling through a gallery during a little down time, go to BILL MILLER ART.COM and take a look around. There are some beautiful works and you can learn a little more about him there.

And Bill, if you read this, hope you don't mind the profile without your permission. If you do, please contact the blog writer. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

so i was right! you do have more muses than the average bear, Yogi. NBFF, can you spare a muse? no? fine, i'll just sit back and enjoy the fruits of your inspired labor, even as i gently curse you and/or your muses under my breath.

very very very wonderful piece, my friend! no mystery here as to why you were drawn (heh) to it! xox

Anonymous said...

ooooh, in my haste to be "first", i failed to say Rabbit, Rabbit! so... um... Rabbit Rabbit. (whew. i feel better now) xox

Joe Jubinville said...

I know that walk. It's in the Ramble. Memories - in the corner of my mind... Evocative rendering of a magical place.

robkroese said...

Wow, that's so cool. To think of all the ugly linoleum I've thrown out.

FirstNations said...




missed the fantastic muse collage! i work in collage! CRAP!!!!
*rushes off to google linoleum man*

Tom & Icy said...

I recognize that bridge from a lot of movies. That's nice.

Doug The Una said...

Very nice. I like it. Did you change the colors of your blog, too?

ann said...

isn't it amazing how you can turn some old trash into something so beautiful.

Happy Purim and Shabbat Shalom G.... I know I'm a little early but I'm off to Israel again on Sunday. (and it is already Friday here... LOL)

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Wow, that's beautiful. I wish I was artistically talented. When I took a watercolor class and gave my father one of my pictures, he said "it's very nice but you're no Turner."
Oh well.

G said...

Neva: Hah - stop a-MUSE-ing me. Okay I can't help a bad pun every now and again. Actually, he's got some other really beautiful works that I'm eyeing...

Neva: Well now I can only wish you Tibber Tibber. xox

Joe: It is, isn't it? You should go see his other works.

Diesel: Word. You could have had a masterpiece. Me too.

fn: Ahh, not to worry, you dropped by before the next one! Thank you at any time. You work in collage? I may have to email you with some questions.

Tom&Icy: That is always a good movie shot. I like it too.

Doug: Look at you, all observant. I keep playing around with the colors so it's quite possible. Wait a minute - are you talking from the dots background, then yes for sure! :)

Ann: Trash to treasure indeed. You're always two steps ahead of me - Chag Purim and Shabbat Shalom Ann. Enjoy your trip to Israel and enjoy your family. lots of love to you too. xox

Actonbell: It's true, I wish that I had that side to me - well one that could produce something like this.

Cheesemeister: I wish that I was too. But for that very comment of your father's, I think you should attempt another watercolor. You are so very creative in many ways though.

Minka said...

Bill Miller?

There ss a comedy show that has a character with that name and there is too much laughter in my head to focus properly now!

tsduff said...

I'm not sure I have a muse - but yours is nice :-D

Anonymous said...

I like it, I like it! Collage grabs me. thanks for sharing, dearest. xo

Anonymous said...

Chag Purim & Shabbot Shalom, dearest NBFF!

(lovelovelove the wonderful post you did on the SNARK today) xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

by the way, if Bill does contact you, why not see if he'd consider doing a "Central Snark" version of this wonderful piece, hmmmm? i'm sure he'd be thrilled to have his work so prominently displayed in our banner! (maybe add in a shot of Daisy, for good measure??) just a thought... ; ) xox

Al said...

Been there, G, thanks for the referral. Pretty stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetcheeks. Happy Tuesday. My muse is sleeping too, but I'm glad the sun is out. xo

Doug The Una said...

No, that I noticed awhile back, but the green seems darker.

G said...

Minka: You're making me laugh now and I'm not even sure what I'm laughing at.

Terry: I'll bet you do - I just decided to have one (I'm not so sure I do either).

Cindra: Me too - it's unbelievable how some people create art! Thanks for sharing it with me. xox

Neva: Thank you/thank you and I love that idea - particularly with Daisy in it! She'd look great in linoleum! xox

Goldennib: I think I like that!

Al, glad you went and enjoyed! A virtual museum outing.

Cindra, Hi cutie patootie - there's always the sun. Yes indeed.

Doug, right you are - every once in a while I play around with the greens. As I searched for inspiration, I was going to change it to a stark black template. It was rather fetching. To which Tali commented, "so why don't you just change it and I'll take this template." Yeah, easy for her to say.