Thursday, February 01, 2007

The View From the Backseat

As seen through the eyes of a schoolgirl being chauffeured over the 59th Street Bridge.

This Shabbos I feel markedly more relaxed and rested. For one thing, it's another week further away from the events of last week and that can't be bad. It's the start of a new month. No violin for daughter this weekend and she's spending Shabbat with our very dear friends. Which leaves Scissors, Julian and I to celebrate a quiet Shabbat. Don't get me wrong, we miss Tali and will see her tomorrow; but it's nice being able to have quiet time with just Julian. As I type, he is zonked out from a week well lived. We've put a couple of matters behind us (including "The Sonny Affair" - new readers that does not refer to marital infidelity but rather Contractor Betrayal which may be worse) and we're moving forward. Keep on keepin' on!

Shabbat Shalom and have a great weekend.


Sweet and Salty said...

Boy, you sure do need, and deserve, a quiet Shabbat, after the week from Hell!

I love spending alone time with each of my kids on occasion. The dynamics are very different than when we are all together and it's cool to see their individual personalities.

Hmmm. I must have missed to Sonny Affair. I'll have to go back and see what that's all about...

G said...

Well thanks Pavel, we all do. It is nice to get individual time with each of them, certainly different dynamics. Have a good weekend yourself.

The Sonny Affair explained

ann said...

Hope your Shabbat is well and truly restful... after all the past events rest is defintely doctor's orders. Isn't Shabbat just about the best gift in th world? :>)

Anonymous said...

I am SO (not surprised at all...with you being you) glad to see your chin up in the midst of all the poo flying around. Good for you. As a mommy of three (at home at least) I totally understand that precious time to really listen and absorb the individuality one at a time. Enjoy. Relax. And tell Tali she is a good photographer! XOXOXO yer friend, C.

G said...

Ann: Thanks, it was truly a quiet beautiful one. Shabbat is a wonderful gift to families. There is nothing like Friday night and the rest that follows. XOXOX

Cindra: Thanks sista, there are options, but moving on is usually the best. It is so precious the time spent with each of them. It was a relaxing weekend and I will pass your compliment on to Tali (she'll be happy to hear). XOXOX

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

i'm on a "lame-o" roll this weekend! i could have sworn i left a comment for you yesterday, apparently that was a figment of my fertile imagination. sigh.

i do hope your weekend was lovely and peaceful, and filled with laughter -- goodness knows you deserve it! xox

Miz BoheMia said...

Dios mio I have missed WAAAAAY to much but I WILL catch up dammit!

LOVED the pic of your "country mouse" self... the city mouse self most love to get lost there and re-energize, no? Faboo FO SHO and it is true... a true blessing to enjoy the best of both worlds!

I loved your mosaic of white things... I am curious as to whether I own any white things now! Very rare to fins all white things in our house although the furniture itself is quite minimalistic... hmmm... faboo mosaic and inspiring post my friend! And as for Móa, you know I looooooove her!

A box of rain? That is a delightful phrase! I am enchanted! I could use a box of hope right now more though... *sigh*

My god I cannot even imagine what you went through with Julian's bumps! I remember when Lil' BoheMia was born they sent a nurse over to "help"... a nurse I never asked for and help I did not need. I may have been a first time mother but I knew what I was doing and how I wanted things done. That bitch had us under a damn microscope and scrutinized everything we did from where we lay her down to sleep, to how we changed her diaper and how much I weighed! No go on weighing me and we pretty much told her we knew what we were doing and asked her to live... but it left us shaken... it made everything feel so fragile, impermanent, insecure and just all around horrible and I felt guilty when I had done nothing... so when they actually come at you because of a BS complaint? I feel for you my friend! Yes, may common sense always prevail but if ever you need to skip town, or country for that matter, you know where to find me! ;-)

As for my personality quiz:

You are:

A true wordsmith - a master of words
Original, spontaneous, and a true inspiration
Highly energetic, up for any challenge
Entertaining and engaging, both to friends and strangers

Who knew?

I am glad to see you had a peaceful end to the week my friend... and yeah, it is special to have that quiet time, that alone time, with the second child as it is a rare treat for them to get a parent's full attention as the shared one is all they have known! It feels extra special when I get that time with Lil' Mischief... lucky for me, he LOVES shopping and has quite an off the wall taste which sits fabulously well with me!

Have a fabulous Shabbat my friend and a fabulous weekend! Muchos neshikot flying your way!!!

Claire said...

I like your reflexive 'glass is half full' attitude!

Logophile said...

That is a fabulous photo!

My grampa told us stories of growing up in New York (Brooklyn) and, of course, I thought of you.
Glad things are looking up for ya and you got some time to relax.

Anonymous said...

Hope that you had a wonderful relaxing Shabbos.

You so deserved it

It did feel as though we were having a heat spell on Saturday

Nessa said...

I am glad you are having a well deserved rest. Enjoy.

FirstNations said...

isn't it great how the past WILL TEND INEVITABLY to become the past, no matter how bad it was?
after the last one you deserve a nice Hershey's jacuzzi bath and a jereboam of Dom Perignon each. mazel tov, y'all!

Dan said...

Shabbat Shalom G!

I hope you are doing well. Very nice, calming photo.

Hobbes said...

I'm glad. You deserve it. Wish I had had no violin this past weekend.

G said...

Actonbell: Thanks. I always feel like sitting and having a cup of tea when I see you.

Claire: Sometimes it happens in spite of myself. Thanks.

Logo: Thanks - I'll pass that on to Tali. I didn't know you had roots back east?! Cool. I hope Grandpa wasn't telling tawdry tales of a speakeasy when you thought of me...actually I hope he was.

Pia: Thanks Pia, it was pretty relaxing I must say. Yeah, but now we're back in the frozen Tundra. I was in the city yesterday - it was terrible to walk three blocks!

Goldennib: Thanks, it came and went so quickly :)

fn: Isn't the past just grand in that sense? I'd settle for 5 chocolate kisses and a Spritzer! Thanks my friend.

Dan: Thanks! I am, a little out of the blog loop, but all is well. Tali took it on the way home as I drove her over the 59th Street Bridge. She captured a nice time of day.

Weirsdo: Sounds like you could use a mini-break - when do the Weirsdo's storm Paris?

G said...

Joel: Wow, I've been remiss in responding - hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Nevala: I hope yours was too and you're not on a lame-o roll or I'm driving a lame-o steamroller which apparently isn't moving too fast I'm so lame. Who can keep up I ask?

MizB: I'm at the office and desperately trying to keep up and say thanks to all my friends for dropping by. So thank you and glad to see you and big neshikot to you mi amiga. Your words are always welcomed and appreciated.

XOXOX to all.

Anonymous said...

Obviously it was a long time before we stormed Paris. I think my comment referred to my solo in Capricio Espanol. I got a good review in a small-town newspaper for it, but just about killed myself practicing.