Monday, March 26, 2007

Boy Do I Suck... keeping in touch.

It was inevitable. I am a terrible penpal. I mean to keep up with what's going on in loved one's lives. I mean to send class pictures. Sometimes I find whole sets that I haven't sent or shared. I mean to let people know that I am thinking of them. I know they mean to do the same for me.

Yet I haven't sent all those cards that I keep thinking of sending, nor emails and now the last bastion of civility (heh) - my blog. Well now you know me. Now I've fallen out of touch with you too. Does it mean I love you less? Nay, not a chance. It's this brick of inertia that doesn't let me respond on my keyboard or leave a comment. Work gets me bogged down by being bogged down by work that I am not so excited to be doing. Then I flip around and daydream out the window.

You were all there, sort of like the Wizard of Oz, each playing different parts.

What can I say, sometimes my inertia kicks in, and then well, work, life, family and there's not much left over. But it's been a dismal spell and now I will once again attempt to shake the cobwebs off.

But the good news of this is that part of the reason for my inattention is the attention in real life to meeting up with some Blogger Buddies.

Firstly The Penguin Queen, Monika flew in from Iceland and boy were her flippers tired! Then before you could say - "Holy don't exit the Airport Batman" - Sar arrived on her red stilettos. I picked her up after some bad airport layout (that's my story and it's sticking) tried to prevent me from doing so. Once in my car, off I whisked her to Connecticut. We got together and met up with Neva and Joel and our dear Penguin. The next day, we all met up again as you can see in this picture (Scissors the token non-blogger):

The following days the high continued with a get together with the most lovely Mo'a! I am sure we would still be on her couch if flights and life didn't get in our way. Oh and if we weren't asked to leave. That is so not true, Mo'a kept tempting us with coffee and delicacies to lull us into comfort. And we were lulled. Her nicer than nice hubby, Ken or Heinken as he's come to be affectionately known (Neva's take on Icelandic terms of endearment) generously let us take over their lovely home.

We were still riding high as we met with Al downtown the following day. He and the lovely and fun Mrs. Al hosted us for lunch. We were once again treated like queens (hey if they're not asking, I'm not telling) and then on to a downtown tour as only Al could have given.

So here we are back in reality. You know my NBFF and I don't get together nearly enough and to get to spend time with her and all of these great blogger buds, well I have to tell you, it's been special.

So officially, Monika and Sar - it was so great to spend whatever time that I spent with you. Neva and Joel, DITTO and thank you for all your generosities! Mo'a, HeineKen, Al, and Mrs. Al - thank you so much for your warm hospitality, they were great days for my scrapbook.

And the rest of my blogger buds - you were all there too! I hope I don't forget to send the pictures.


Heather said...

Sounds like too much fun...Glad you are back too, I missed you!

Anonymous said...

Well, first of all, if you're feeling bad for not staying in touch imagine how low I must feel. I've been reduced to a new post every month and a fleeting comment here but not there...or was it there but not here? Anyway...I know of what you speak. It was great sharing in at least a part of the "Tri-State Blogapalooza" with you guys. Always good to see my wife's NBFF and friends!

G said...

Thanks hmbt, it was a LOT of fun. Nice to see you.

Joel: Well at least with your once a month post, I can keep up with visiting. Oy. Okay, let's all just not feel badly and move on. Enjoy the day! The Blogapalooza was indeed a good time and glad to have been able to see you in on the fun.

Hobbes said...

This all makes me so jealous. Strangely enough, few sophisticated blogger pals seem to make it down here.

Anonymous said...

NBFF -- 'tis tragic, indeed, that it took the visit of a pretty penguin from Iceland to give us a good reason (excuse?) to hang out for more than a cup of coffee and/or quick hello! as for keeping up with the Smiths or Joneses? (or whoever those bloggers are callin' themselves these days)-- eh, who needs 'em OR their well-manicured avatars? (kidding! i have so much trouble keeping up, in case you haven't noticed, i'm even late getting over HERE! yeesh!)

we DID have a blast, tho', that's for sure. i have to say i can't wait for us to do this again, and i surely hope it's soon, Shirley.

this week i'm on a diet. that's my story, and i'm stickin' with it. once i'm off that, let's do lunch (share pictures, sing "Memories" and wax poetic about The Blue Man Group an/dor the lovely new blue look your own happy blog is currently sporting) xoxo

Weirsdo? we will SO try to hook up with you when you're in our area, or we're in yours! we lovelovelove you -- even if you did saddle us with all those Barbies! (by the way, Daisy limply waves "hello", as is her wont, now that she's a "laydee of lee-shur")

tsduff said...

Lovely reading about your visit with the stars of the blogosphere... I'm so sad I couldn't make it to the California side of the gathering :-( as I was tied up with out of town family visiting. I enjoy living vicariously through your recounting though - sounds wonderful. Thanks for the virtual visit :-)

Hobbes said...

It's really just one Barbie, Neva. It just seems like more because it's Daisy. As for G, I suspect Mr. Banana makes more trouble for her than all the Barbies combined.

Tom & Icy said...

Sorry I can't get out of the yard.

Logophile said...

Sounds AmAAAAAAAAAzing!!
Im rather jealous.
Hope you had extra fun for those of us who couldn't make it.

Sar said...

Uh, my dear Lovely Lampy and Joel, if you feel lowly about your posting, I ask you how about my missing 3 months of posting?! Oh yes, I do believe the bloggy "out of touch" award (there must be a bloggy award for that, and who says I'm out of touch!) goes to yours truly.

G, it was a fabulous visit. Oh, better yet, it was 'brilliant!' (as our beloved Penguin now has me saying). I really enjoyed the visit (especially our bonding car chat - folks don't know it, but surviving the NY metro airports bonds gals for life!).

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady with the Lamp Shade on Her Head? How are you doing? Miss hearing from you. I've not been visiting much lately, but wanted to fly your way.
Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Fun for us, too, G, thanks. As for the posting/commenting schedule -- it says it right in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition:

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCDs) are any repetitive, deadline-pressured activities for which one isn't paid cash money.

I hear the fifth edition will include a whole chapter on blogging.

~Mo'a~ said...

I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was to have you all here...since you left things have not been the same for computer had mucho problems...come to find out after many $$$$$$$ and much time that the broadband connection had some gooooooo on it that HeineKen cleaned off, as per tech geeks instructions.
So I have felt so out of the loop lately.
So the bottom line is.....that I did not notice that you had not written...and my road to you is paved with good intentions.
Lovely post...does it sound like I am writing a post here? LOL I will let your blog go now after having held it hostage :) LOL

robkroese said...

You east coast bloggers have all the fun. I don't think I even know any bloggers who live within 50 miles of me.

Anonymous said... was a pleasure. Ther eis no doubt and I still can't fathom how Neva and I got it all in. But we did and we enjoyed and we were treated royally! I mean, after all I was with you guys!
It was also lovely to meet Mr. Scissors and I wish I had time for him to attend to those three strains of hair on my scalp :)

Definately next time, though!

Thank you so much for everything and xox

G said...

Weirsdo: You just never know when that tour will be whirling through your town...careful what you ask for.

Neva: Tragic indeed - such is life! How bad does that suck!? Anyway, NBFF, glad to be part of the whirlwind tour and spend whatever time with you and the gang. Here's to a meeting at Starbucks soon. xox

Terry: Thanks for taking it with us. Hope you enjoyed your visit with the out-of-towners!

Weirsdo, that is quite an accurate assessment indeed.

Icy: I'll open the gate next time as we pass!

Logo: It was, but it seems you have your little gatherings as well of which I am equally jealous!!!

Sar: But you are more legitimate in your absence, I'm just a slacker! Yes, twas brilliant! Yes indeed, we are forever bound by our airport experience. Great to see you again. XOX

Swampy!!! Oh I need to get by. I've seen you here and there so will be by soon. Hope all is well with you too. xox LWTLSOHH

Al: I am sure it will! Yet another disorder I may fit into! Great seeing you and give my best to Mrs. Al.

Mo'a: Me too - it's the post meeting malaise...which can only be cured by another visit! And not to worry, I'll just paste your comment up as a post when things get lean (which as I look, they are!). It was more than special meeting you dear Mo'a. Until the next time ~ G

Diesel - you sure that's not by design :)

Minka: It was a whirlwind tour indeed - you'll need a week to recuperate when you get home. You know Scissors was finally happy to have someone who loves soccer in the mix, so definitely next time. Maybe I'll catch you on the rebound. Enjoy dear penguin. XOX

Anonymous said...

Lucky, lucky you! I'm so happy for you.

ann said...

oooooh and I thought I was bad missing from blogland snowed under with chametz ridding...

just popped by to wish you and yours Chag Pesach S'meach

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Rabbit, Rabbit, dearest NBFF (who in no way sucks)

figured i'd better touch base with you here -- since you seem to be AWOL(ish) from the SNARK this week (tho' not really, since someone finally found/cut/pasted your post and pinned it up in the park, along with your picture, under which appears the words "Have You Seen This Lampshade?") heh heh. ; xox

Anonymous said...

shoulda been: heh heh ; ) xox sigh

G said...

Chikken (you'll have to tell me the story behind that): Thanks, it was a special visit - really fun.

Ann: Same here. A chag Pesach S'meach to you and the family Ann. All the best - enjoy. XOX ~ G

Neva, can I still say rabbit rabbit?! Well I will. And I'm just getting ready for bed after a full day cleaning the kitchen. How can that be? Getting ready for Passover. X0X

Neva, ;).