Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's Normal

When something breaks and it falls to the floor, how do you spell that kind of break?


How do you spell it?

S-h - NO! Oooh, b-r-e-a-k.

That was an exchange between Tali and I as she did her homework this evening. There's my brain jumping to conclusions again.

"Did anybody ask me another word for break?" I muttered.

To which she replied (our new tagline): "It's normal".

So where is this post going or what is it about? Well, it could be a recurring G Jumps to Conclusions (you remember the turquoise flowered lunchbox!). That's right Diesel, I have taken to just blurting that out when I do jump to conclusions and isn't it amazing the time saved on no further discussion of the matter at hand.

What matter? What post? Oh nothing. Yeah a post about worked for some television show.

It's normal.


Heather said...

That's funny...I don't have post about anything either today, but yet I seemed to ramble on anyway at some length. :)

ann said...

selective hearing dahling... and it's very very very normal

I loved the turquoise flowered lunch box post...

lotsa luv ann xxxx

ckmunson said...

You know I kind of like the normal post. I mean, its a lot better than choas! :) I like normal! I also like this lovely shade of green.

Doug The Una said...

You thought she was going to say "sugar," didn't you?

Claire said...

I resorted to posting about my son's nasty t-shirts, so there! :)

Anonymous said...

That was adorable.

My mother used to, and I always wanted to say "out with it."

Nessa said...

I like that - It's normal.

G said...

hmbt: It's normal. :)

Ann: Hah hah, indeed. Welcome back, hope you had a wonderful trip. I'll be by for a visit soon. And thank you. XOX

cj: Why thank you cj. I think I know why normal seems really good to you right now - let it stay that way.

Doug: I think you have our dialogue reversed.

Claire: That's normal too.

Pia: But you didn't, G-d love you :)

Goldennib: feel free to use it as your own.

Carrie said...

Miss Pinky always asked me who I was shushing. She never knew what was on the verge of coming out.

Posts about nothing are wonderful!! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I think that we were separated at birth...I followed all that perfectly and before you even concluded it, I thought, "that's normal!"

robkroese said...

Do you know how disconcerting it is to just be reading blithely along and then suddenly you're in the story? Well, not that disconcerting, but it is a little strange to think, "Hey, that's me in that post!"

Anyway, I thought it was a fascinating post. I find it interesting that you seem to be so aware of this failing that probably no one else notices. Isn't that the way? It's normal, I suppose.

robkroese said...

Also, I'm going to have that Stones song in my head all night. Could be worse, I guess.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh how I missed you my delightful friend and this post was simply the perfect one to come back to! FO SHO!

And ooooweee on the new look! I have been missing quite a thing or two it seems! NO MORE!

It's normal though, huh? ;-P

Neshikot to you sweet amiga!

FirstNations said...

congratulations for remaining master of your domain.

(re kosher-i forgot you live in CIVILIZED parts where you can actually obtain trustworthy, clean meat. JEALOUSSSSSS!)

G said...

Pinky: Yeah, I've got plenty of nothing and nothing's plenty for me. Very cute that Miss Pinky and hugs to you too.

Cindra: Anything is possible and everything is normal :) Somehow I'm not suprised that it all made perfect sense to you, my friend. xox

Diesel: Isn't that funny how I just slid you in there, just like one of the family. Actually I linked you, but the color seems to be the same (I began to fix it then things selectively changed colors). Ah, who cares about all that. Anyway, it's just how the mind works - it's all normal :) Sh-sh-sh-shatterd.

MizB: Oh Welcome back dearest Bohemian amiga. I've missed you so and thought of you often and really *meant* to send you an email (in my mind I did - it's normal). Glad to see you back and I'll be round to visit soon.

Neshikot to you XOXOX

fn: Yeah here in civilization - hah. Thanks though, I am nothing if not master of my domain. Don't nobody mess with my domain :)

Anonymous said...

i "see" the word normal, i "think" of the exchange between Dr. Frankenstein and Igor in Young Frankenstein: "Abby Someone." "Abby Someone? Abby Who?" "Abby Normal." "Abby Normal?" "I'm almost sure that's the name"...

last week/today/everyday, "Abby Normal". that's me. sigh xox

G said...

Actonbell - there's the spirit! New swear words are good. I've taken to calling people fluffing fools in the car in front of the kids. Much nice than the other choices.

Neva: Yes, right there on the shelf - Abby something or other. Yes I am most certainly Abby Normal too. That's why we're related, you know. xox