Tuesday, July 31, 2007

That was some party!

Diesel's book release party that is. Time to get on with life here at Simply Said. You did go buy his book, right?

It's hard to keep up with blogging. Life takes over and sometimes lack of motivation trumps all. Not that I'm not motivated - just not with the written word. My zodiac symbol is a crab and sometimes I like to withdraw into my shell and so I do things like this:

or this:
I am so inspired by beauty in the form of art and interiors (and exteriors) and design. I get a couple/three (love that old saying) magazines along those lines. I have been pulling out sheets in which something catches my eye. In reading some of the design blogs on my blogroll, one or two in particular talk about creating your own "Inspiration Books" and so I started my own. It's crazy, but I spent a good part of the afternoon hours Saturday doing this as Tali designed something with her "Ello" toys nearby. Julian was at Grandma's and Scissors ~ where the heck was he? Hmmmm. Anyway, I find it soothing beyond belief.

So that's my idea of fun. What's yours?

I love this little picture showing Julian's chivalrous side as he insisted on carrying Tali's book for her into violin class this evening. Did I mention we had Julian with us because Scissor's car broke down and I had to swoop down, rescue Julian, toss Scissors my charged cell phone for him to call a tow and off to pick up Tali from camp to deliver her to violin. All done in time somehow.

Good night Irene!


robkroese said...

It was a great party. A good time was had by all. Especially those who ordered my book.

That is so sweet of Julian. What a nice lad.

FirstNations said...

thats darling. oh, what a sweetie pie he is! those are some great kids, ms. G.

i love your inspiration book. i need to do something like that; my clips are in manilla envelopes and it means a whole big dog and pony show just to view them. what are you using, spiral notebooks? albums? what kind of adhesive, if any? are you organizing by color?
*drowning in a sea of clippings and torn-out pages*

Anonymous said...

The inspiration book is beautiful. Mall Diva is given to making projects like that all the time. Lacking artistic flair, I have been playing a lot of chess with Toyplayer in my spare time. He is beating me more often these days.
Sweet pic of the kids. Glad you make violin such a priority.

Claire said...

Super Mom to the rescue!!
This is lame, but I relax when I play guitar hero with one of my boys. I do love the idea of an inspiration book. I need to make an album of my very favorite photos that I have taken over the years.

Sweet and Salty said...

That's very creative, G! I'm not very artistic with my hands, though, so I don't have anything comparable. I do love reading, though; I like to be taken to different world via the written word.

Julian is such a cute little man with a good heart, helping his sister! How adorable!!!

Ariel the Thief said...

I love your inspiration book, has that sailing "things are what they look" mood, AND is very pretty!

lovely picture of the young ones.

Mo'a said...

I looooove your art!!! Your inspiration book is wonderful.
Did you know that I used to have two Pugs?
He is a lovely young man your Julian...Tali looks like she is leaning towards him and holding his hand.

Nessa said...

I love your inspiration books. I do something similar. I like coloring in coloring books, too. Mindless simple pleasure.

Your son is adorable.

Logophile said...

I love the inspiration book, that is genius, not to mention, there is something soothing about arts and crafts time when you don't have to make sure no one is eating the paste.
Julian is such a sweetie pie, look at him!
So precious

G said...

Diesel, twas indeed. He does love his sister and they are quite attached (discounting when it's one's hand to the other's hair :). He is sweet lad though I must admit.

fn: They're pretty good, aren't they? Ah I love em madly!

That's exactly what happened to me. I'm going to do a quick mini-post with proper links (too lazy last night) and get you all those answers.

Weirsdo, thanks. They are fun projects. Tali is looking for a capable chess opponent but alas she hasn't found one residing under the same roof. She and Toyplayer would be fast friends.

Yeah, I wanted to capture that moment. Tali had a little break of sorts but now time to rosin that bow!

Claire - that's me - cape and all! Wha, my child is whe - in a broken down vehicle!!! SuperMom! hahaha.

That is not lame - it's fun and it's relaxing and you get to share time with your son. All good. That's a great idea. I need to get my photo organizing going. I'm warming up.

Pavel, thanks. I know what you mean about reading and escape - nothing better than that.

Yes, Julian does have a sweet heart beating in that little body of his. :)

Ariel, I love that description which is why I wanted to make a book because pages lying about just aren't so nice to look at. Thanks.

mo'a! Thank you so much! (Mo'a called it art! Mo'a called it art!) :)

I think I recall that now that you mention about your pugs. That's a pug pillow which I thought was quite perfect. Julian is quite sweet on his big sis. I loved the body language in the photo - Julian leaning in/Tali slightly protective.

Goldennib, they're fun, aren't they? Ooh coloring books are fun. Feels so freeing to color. And thanks.

Logo, thank you so much! It's true as shortly thereafter when Julian came home from Grandma's, pages were sticking to his feet and he was trying to get into the middle of it all.

Yeah, he is my little sweetie pie. These charming little boys, hmm?

Shari said...

That young man will grow up to be such a gentleman. :)

Love your inspiration book, too. My daughter's been bugging me about getting some scrapbooking done. Got the materials. Just need motivation. :)

Doug The Una said...

Heroic of you and Julian. I bet Julian pushes Tali away from puddles, too.

Anonymous said...

surely i was here on Monday, Shirley. and yet, i managed to miss this FABULOUS post!

i hate when that happens.

Rabbit, Rabbit, dearest NBFF! here's hoping the month of August is as wonderful as you, and as grand as that charming picture of your GORGEOUS children! ; ) xoxox

Ariel the Thief said...

rabbit, rabbit!

G said...

Shari, I certainly hope so. My daughter started scrapbooking which sort of got me going. Try it - it's fun and relaxing!

Doug, actually he covers them with his cape.

Shirley, I felt you here in spirit - don't you worry. Rabbit rabbit!

Ariel, rabbit rabbit to you!

Miz BoheMia said...

Oh but you are such a kindred soul my dearest G! I used to do that when I used to actually have the time to write journals. The white pages depressed me so I would cut out of magazines (fashion and contemporary design mags mostly which could seriously make me cry!) all the pictures of everything I thought pretty or desired or fantasized about and fill all the pages with their beauty and only then would I write in the journals... I still have them, packed somewhere in those 602 boxes that are to arrive any day now!

As for the kids... just precious!

Big neshikot to you amiga mia! I miss you!

tsduff said...

Sorry I missed the party. Must check out the book!

G - nice picture of those cute kidlets. Again you take me back to those crazy rushed days of carting children around from place to place, trying to get them all to the right place at the right time... wow, they grow up and things change so. What a sweet pair.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Irene ! It is morning, isn't it?
Looks like you are having fun and being creative.
Miss you, LWTLSOHH.

ann said...

hi g... just got back from
ha'aretz and it seems like
I'm not the only one who's
not keeping up with blogdom

shock horror, I may even post
sometime soon... doh!

really popped over to say hello
and hope you and yours are
well and enjoying the summer

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Anonymous said...

Cute little babies.

Didn't even know about the book party...but I'll buy, I'll buy!


Missed you lots.

robkroese said...

Hey you, so are you sick or what? I miss seeing you around.

Minka said...

I am glad I came over...That is such an adorable picture and those kids are phenomenal. Tali playing violin still makes me smile...just precious.

And that art/design book of yours is amazing.

In teh first picture there is that simply drawn dog on the right...did we not meet the lady who draws like that in NY??? That seemed so fmailiar...lemme know;)


G said...

thank you all for dropping in. I'll answer back tomorrow. I've missed you all!


PS: Monica, I did have to say that yes your astute eye serves you well (well both of them do). I was chatting with that woman and I said, I think I cut that dog out of a magazine, I just loved his simplicity. And sure enough - there he is. Her husband's art was the Wizard of Oz figures in cabs and such. Good luck getting settled in - baby steps my dear friend.

G said...

Actonbell, it is relaxing, isn't it? You're never late in this rabbit hole.

MizB - of course you would have done that! I can imagine the beautiful journals you have. Ooh and looking at a beautiful room layout or perfect piece of furniture is enough to bring a tear ay? There's so much beauty in the world - it's a shame to let it slide by.

Big neshikot to you to my dear amiga! XOX

Terry, they do change so. Now you get to be a grandma and that has its own beauty I am sure.

Diesel, is a funny guy and it's nice supporting a fellow blogger so you can't lose!

Swampwitch! Creative time is fun and energizing. You know, I am getting you back on my blogroll as when I changed my template some time back, it was wiped out! Then I can get back to visiting. So great to see you Swampy. XOX

Ann, I think we're all out of the swing (and I didn't have a child's wedding and trips to ha'aretz). I loved the pictures and look forward to a post. XOX

Cindra, thanks! Yeah, I've been in low circulation - then if I lost a blog link...yeesh! So glad to see you here and hope all is well. I'll be round for a visit soon. XOX

Diesel! I'm back in the NY groove baby!