Thursday, August 09, 2007

Absence of Malace

The last thing I remember hearing, in addition to the flight departures in the background, was "$6 please. That's $6 m'am." I must have extended my hand and paid as the yellow gate bounced up and I drove through. But what happened next was unbelievable yet expected - my car slowly but surely made the steady climb skyward as Tali waved to the people on the Airtrain.

It all seemed so matter of fact. We'd wished for such a vehicle on many an occassion when 20 extra minutes would have been welcomed, but this was really happening. We landed in time to watch some reruns of The Simpsons that Tali has been taping. Yes that's how I used my time that was given me - like magic! We zipped through the commercials and then I didn't feel too well.

So it seems my squandering of the gift of time made my stomach turn sour and for the past two days I've stayed home from work. Although I wasn't DEATHLY ill - a sick instance is a sick instance as I always joked with my mother (and did today as a matter of fact). One day - phoney; three days - doctor's note; two days - just riiight.

Today was the best because I just decided to actually rest a bit as I had caught a glimpse of myself and I didn't look well quite frankly - dark circles under eyes/skin pale. I took an extra glimpse in the mirror to see how I could recreate this look for the office tomorrow. I clicked on the television and caught the last hour of High Anxiety which warmed me right up into 70's mode for Paul Newman in Slap Shot which was next. Can a day get wasted any better? Jaws wasn't on. I taped One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest for future viewing. Urged onward (or backward as the case may be), I downloaded some 70's radio gems from iTunes - Magnet and Steel (not the original version which has me pissed), Right Back Where We Started From, and Car Wash. Come on now - line dance!

I think I have sort of been coming down with this mystery malady and have felt even more underwhelmed of late. Pardon me if I haven't made my way about for a visit - nobody likes entertaining somebody who looks like the Corpse Bride. Well maybe you do.
I'll be around soon so don't forget me and leave a light on - never mind, I've got one on my head.

Stay tuned for answers to the hotly burning issues raised by my crafty post last week (this means you FirstNations)! Glue guns - hot or not? I was going to put some links up here, but I have these shows taped and I uh - what part about feeling blah don't you understand?!

Good night loves - actually I think I'll go read myself to sleep.

"I don't know what it is - I've gotta give in.
High Anxiety - xiety - You wiiin!"


tsduff said...

High Anxiety is so fun! BTW, I remember magnet and steel (YOU are the magnet, and IIIIII am the steeeeeeeeeeeeeelllll) but have you ever seen the movie Car Wash? It is my all time fav cult classic - butter pats on the ceiling and George Carlin's pee pee bottle flying in mid air...

You can't go wrong with "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". Watch it soon.

Get some rest - a woman your age needs her beauty sleep (hell if you remember all these songs you've got to be a certain age :-D

Hope you feel better. Thanks also, for the email. I was touched, and grateful to be honored with the keeping of your real name. (I always wondered, you know)...

ann said...

oh gee g...
sorry you're feeling
proper poorly.

Imagine some cyberspace
chicken soup coming
your way

aaaaah, slop slurp
that's better!

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Nessa said...

I hope you feel better. Take it easy on yourself.

Hobbes said...

Get well soon. I didn't understand the first part. What vehicle were you on?

Ariel the Thief said...

get better! I can look like the Corpse Bride anytime, all I have to do is to remove the makeup from my eyes. thought I'd come over and entertain you. *puts light on head*

ckmunson said...

I have have to lend you my copy of Jaws on dvd so that you could have a real perfect sick day. :) Amazing how those movies seem to be a choice way to pass time.

Take care of yourself!! You dont want to have a run in with nurse Rachette do you? I didn't think so.

Mimi Lenox said...

Feel better soon. REST REST REST.

Anonymous said...

Feel better G! Snuppy (aka Neva) isn't back to full speed but at least feeling a bit more human. It sounds like you "wasted" the day just fine. Oh, and where can I get the flying car?

Logophile said...

Wow, airtrain looks GOOOOD.
I'd like some of those around here, preferably to completely bypass the high congestion traffic areas.
Hope you are feeling less corpsy.

Shari said...

Hope you are feeling better. Rest up and pamper yourself.

Anonymous said...

AIEEEEEE! since you said it yourself, i'm guessing you, of all people, will understand when i say "i've been feeling terribly under the weather, and, as such, haven't been around, of late"... and thank goodness for that!

the BIGGER question is THIS: did you catch this stupid malady from me??? oh, the guilt will be unbearable, if that's the case.

whatever and/or however you wound up sick, i'm hoping you're feeling better by now (wish i could say the same, but i'm still in a flu-funk).

High Anxiety was a perfect way to pass the time. had i noticed it was on, i'd have watched it instead of the Thin Man Movies that kept me entertained for an entire afternoon (William Powell/Myrna Loy, great combo!)

feel better, soon NBFF! you still owe me a Bubble Tea, and i'm pretty sure we both owe Pia a cup of coffee! (we need to get moving on these things, eh, my friend?) ; ) xox

Mo'a said...

I do hope that you are feeling better by now...but don't rush back to work...I see you have more old movies to watch
You, Neva and moi Mo'a the same...sick as dogs...I think we should buy some of that blogger insurance Joel blogged about.
I could not believe it so sick in the middle of summer...this is a winter thing.

Miz BoheMia said...

Dios mio! You, Neva and Móa all sick? Can we catch it via the blogosphere? Should I tremble and shudder and RUN and, maybe, cry a little, just a little?

Oy! So sorry to hear you are under the weather my dearest amiga and I SO hope you feel better soon! 'Tis a B***c and then some to get such a nast bug!

Am I the only who loves the look of the Corpse Bride? She so preeeedy!

Rest up my dearest DJ Gina G and many boho neshikot coming your way, packed full with wishes of a speedy recovery... and PS... the light is always on for you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well but if there ever was a week for it....

Hope you're feeling better. I could never call in sick unless I was deathly sick because I would
become deathly sick if I called in with just a dire need for rest--and movies on TV. My favorite being "so I married an axe murderer" and uh "Dude where's the car." I have never claimed to have taste

A cup of coffee sounds heavenly

Miz BoheMia said...

Ha, ha, haaa! I loved Pia's guilty pleasures! Just so you don't feel left out, mine is the classic "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures"...

Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!

robkroese said...

What is this about "taping" shows. It's called TiVo, woman.

Hope you feel better.

G said...

Terry - it is, isn't it?!

You sang that on perfect pitch my dear. I have indeed seen the movie CarWash, but a looong time ago. Maybe I need to put that on my Netflix list. And I agree on Cuckoo's Nest as it's one of my faves.

Thank you, yes I should probably be up to 12 hours a night ;)! I am feeling on the mend. I had thought of you a lot during this terribly tough time for your family. I hope the email was some small comfort.

Anyway, nice singing along! xox

Ann, oh that soup did the trick as I'm feeling much better! Love to you for sending it. And glad to see you back. xox

Goldennib - I am on the mend so thanks very much.

Hobbes, I didn't understand the first part either - I think I'll put a disclaimer in the post as I posted this in a far flung not feeling well state. It started out as sort of fiction/fantasy and then I just dropped it like a hot potatoe.

So in other words - it didn't really happend although that is an Airtrain that I linked to.

Ariel - you make an adorable corpse bride! Let's look at some pictures now!

cj: haha, Medication Time! Yes, why don't I have Jaws on DVD? I think because I always loved coming upon it by surprise on an afternoon where I'm laid up.

Thanks for your well wishes and good to see you around!

Mimi, thank you so much and thanks for the visit! Come back when I'm better.

Joel, I think I'm going to work on marketing one of those flying cars which I made up (or stole from ChittyChittyBangBang). Thanks and I hope you all are on the mend too!

Logo, actually the AirTrain is only good if you're going to the airport and since we live close enough, we'd never take it. It was a moment of fantasy that got mixed in with mundanity (I may have made that word up too, but I don't think so). Thanks for the MWAH - I feel better already!

G said...

Shari - thanks. I try, then I feel guilty and overdo it. It's a vicious cycle this mothering thing. ;)

Neva, you should STILL be on complete bedrest so don't you even say a word about not being around! Sound like a good way to spend the afternoon (I confess I've never seen any of TheThinMan movies). Get better soon so we can get a bubble tea or definitely grab a coffee with Pia! XOX

Mo'a, I'm laughing at you - at least we maintain our sense of humor not feeling well. I feel badly for you and Neva though with this cold/flu thing - not good. Get better soon and rest up yourself.

Ooh, I have to be quick - Julian woke up and is shoving raisins in his mouth. No need to add roughage to the diet during night time hours.

Haha Actonbell - leave it to you to have the perfect quote from Corpse Bride!

Yes indeed - glue guns are HOT! Ouch.

MizB: Ooh the Corpse Bride is so preedy, but not me when I'm sick - eek. Actually I wish that I did look like her instead of just my death palor look.

You, my friend, need to stay strong so stay rested and send your neshikot from afar! XOX to you (gotta run and get Julian to bed!).

Pia, I am so laughing at your choices. I'd watch them if they were on. I was a little more than just needing old movies but now as I think about it - maybe not.

I agree - a cup of coffee would be great!

Diesel, I am so freaking hopeless! Although, technically mine is a DVR not a TIVO. What should I call that - I DVR'd some movies? I rely on you to clue me in on these type of things.

Thanks - I'm on the mend.

Gale said...

Hope that you feel better. And I hope you remember how you looked for work. I keep getting it wrong or they just don't care, I haven't decided which.
Stop by as you are always welcome.

G said...

Yeah, I don't think they care.

I will stop by and to ensure I have an easy path, I've added you to my blogroll.

Minka said...

well slap me silly, but where have I been. Since when do you post so frequently?

I know by now that you are sick too, and I am throwing that right into Neva's face, who had me believeing her cold was all my fault. It´s NY fault, is what it is and here I am, under my sheet...feeling like a boiling pot. I wonder if I can black mail dad into buyign me ice-cream???

feel better, tea and lots of TV!

Anonymous said...

I'm nothing if not erratic! I'm feeling better so the key is to see you feeling well too! Get lots of REST!