Thursday, September 20, 2007


Anybody home?

I'm sure I'll be back to some reasonably normal posting schedule by the secular New Year. Really, any day now. Well, there's Yom Kippur coming up.

How about after I break the fast?

You all have every right to delete me from your blogroll, but here's hoping you won't. We'll talk soon - okay?


Nessa said...

What? Delete you? No way.

G said...

I knew I could count on you, Nessa!

Mo'a said...

No way...and please don't delete me...I have not been good about posting lately.
Love the photo.

Anonymous said...

Hello ! Hello ! Anybody home?
So good to hear from you.
I can't delete you from my blog roll. I don't have a blog roll. But if I did, I certainly wouldn't delete YOU.
We are have our times when we don't have time to blog. But, I always know you'll be around, sooner or later with that lamp shade on your head. Now, if you could just spin, that would be a trick.

Anonymous said...

Delete you from my blogroll? I would rather nuke it

I actually posted the article that brought us together today, and will be posting old posts for the indefinite future

It's just do it, or when I move get a part time job as a Wal Mart greeter--which actually sounds quite tempting today

Have met two women originally from Queens there, and am immersed in the lives of the people in my borrowed condo community--if I ever write a real post again will tell the stor

Missed you and break that fast, after you fast

Blogging has it moments and many more moments are needed away, she finally admits for real

Anonymous said...


i'll start posting on a "regular" basis when YOU start posting on a "regular" basis. or shortly thereafter. that said, i love this happy picture -- tho', trust me, it's all i can do NOT to offer up a stupid "knock knock" joke. even tho' i know i could make giraffe. (ouch) ; )

oh yeah, and i loveloveloved your happy little guest turn "reviewing" the reviewees for humor-blogs, too! pretty good for a girl who says she's NOT posting, NBFF. *claps*

Hobbes said...

Looking forward to it.
Happy New Year.

Miz BoheMia said...

You kidding me lady? HELL to the NO would I EVER delete you! DIOS MIO what sinful words thou hast indeed uttered! *Gaspetty GASP* I say! *GASPETTY GASP*

Plus, who would I be, of all people, to delete someone for inconsistent blogging... *sigh* I am part of the club I'm afraid but hey, life happens and we are lucky if the kids let us sit down for 5 straight minutes so...

A late L'Shanah Tovah my dearest G! May y'all be livin' it up FO SHO, relax and feast away and live it up on my behalf!

Oy! It is indeed worrisome when my word verif is "fined" I SO kid you not... Whatchou tryin' say to me blogger, hmmm?

Big boho neshikot to you and those-oh-so-delightful yours amiga mia!

G said...

Mo'a, I can't manage a post - no less a blogroll! Ha, the chance that I'd ever delete you. Perish the thought! Isn't the giraffe great?

Swampy, Ah a woman with all the answers. Don't I love it. Same to you and I've been practicing that spin (it may just be the secret to getting that svelte). Hmmmm.

Pia, coming from you - that is the ultimate! Indeed. Ha, no matter where you go, always collecting material. It's a natural. I'll take a look at the article again for old times' sake.

Missed you too and I'll break both fasts this weekend probably. I'm with you on that admission as well. Everything in moderation.

Gotta run, Julian woke up (it's after midnight here). Want to get him back into his own bed.


G said...

I saw you Miz B, Hobbes and Neva - duty calls.

FirstNations said...

not a chance, lampy.

tsduff said...

Blogger ate every comment I made yesterday... rats. Love your long necked friend. I like you G - why on earth would I change the blogroll? You have that funny accent that keeps me coming back for more :)

Ariel the Thief said...

I am glad I haven't got giraffe!

TLP said...

You apparently have a real life. Good for you!

Shari said...

I hear you. Blogging is fun, but after awhile, you realize that it can take over your life. Totally understand. :)

Will still check your blog anyway. :)

Sweet and Salty said...

Nope, not going to happen. Tell you what... You have yourself a good time and we'll leave the light on for you when you get back.

Miss you, hope you're having fun!

Anonymous said...

I'll never delete you. I love you and appreciate that you have a full and busy 3D life!

ann said...

hope you had a good one...

my mother collapsed and passed out in shul yesterday... three hundred people davening and I stand up and shout, "I need a doctor" I had horrendous visions of burying her the day after Yom Kippur when two years earlier I'd buried my father the day before it. We sat shiva for one minute... surreal considering he was such an observant and learned man.

Anyway the caretaker drove her home and I walked home the quickest I had ever done before. When I returned to shul a couple of hours later, the Rabbi announced from the pulpit a bulletin on her condition... how embarrassing is that??????

Baruch Hashem she is fine now.

I'm not posting much either... every chag mother is staying and/or Rachel and/or the newly weds and other assorted dinner guests... think I shall be back around November before I disappear to Israel again for Chanukah

G... I wish you and yours a shana tovah u'metukah and chag semeach for Succot and Simchat Torah

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Mother Theresa said...

How could I delete you while I still have the coffee on? I will wait patiently until your next post, even if I have to drink a hundred cups of coffee in the meantime (let's see now, at three cups per day, just how long will that take? Just kidding).

Minka said...

Don't you think there is soemthign utterly graceful about giraffes?

You get back and when you do, I bet there will be fire crackers all ove rteh place :)

G said...

Neva, what with us both having new posts up today, I'd say we're on a roll! Make giraffe - you're killing me! Aw shucks on the review the reviewers.

MizB: I know you understand quite well how crazy life gets without any out of the ordinary occurrances (although does such a life exist?). Thank you for your good wishes and we shall all seal the deal - no de#*% talk from anybody! BIg neshikot to you and hope all is well in the Land of Bohemia! XOX

Hobbes, thank you.

fn, you know I'm counting on that my friend.

Terry, damn that blogger! Isn't my long necked friend great? My accent shows doesn't it?

I know you're on my blogroll for good friend.

Ariel, are you saying the things one could see? Hmmmm - do tell.

TLP, here's to real lives then!

Shari, it's a tough balance at times. Keep checking in, and I'll be round soon.

Pavel, thanks and I'll be sure to shine my light your way when I am.