Thursday, November 01, 2007


Good luck in November. I don't always do a RabbitRabbit post, but it's Julian's birthday month so I thought this picture was perfect. We could all use a little luck, don't you think?

This is a photo of a hand painted linocut from the artist, Sonia Romero. Her work can be found in her Etsy shop, sheridesthelion or (She rides the Lion).



Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my ALICE IN WONDERLAND illustrations. Good luck to you too.

Minka said...

wow...the Pezes will be impressed, you might be first with your rabbit, rabbit post this month!

Have a lovely November!

G said...

Weirsdo, I can see that. Thanks and you too.

Minka, now that's a distinction! How proud am I of myself?!

Have a lovely November too.

Sweet and Salty said...

Love the illustration!

Julian's having a birthday? Cool! Hope you have a great one, little guy!

Anonymous said...

i adore this illustration. it reminds ME of an illustration from one of my favorite childhood stories, Kabumpo in Oz (an odd, yet wonderful tale).

Rabbit, Rabbit, dearest of dear NBFFs! you will NEVER know how much i've appreciated your love, help and support over these past few weeks. thank you soooooo sooooo sooooo much. and may THIS month be nothing short of spectacular for you and your family -- especially that little Choo Choo! with a birthday on the horizon, i'm guessing it'll be nothin' but GOOD! xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Beautiful image. Love it. Happy November. XO

tsduff said...

Rabbit Rabbit! A rabbit with a J - perfectly done and I love the heart. I remember making my first linoleum block in 6th or 7th grade - cut the "hello" out of my hand with the blade when it slipped... but the finished product (a candle) made me terribly proud.

Nice people have birthdays in the Month of November. Happy Happy to your son - I hear TLP and the Dawg are also in the mix :)

TLP said...

Rabbit rabbit.

TLP said...

And yes. I'm impressed!

Mother Theresa said...

Too late for rabbit, rabbit, but have a happy November in any case, and Happy Birthday to Julian.

Claire said...

Ah, November... today my 'baby' turns twelve years old. ::sigh::
She's turning out to be so strong and I'm glad for that.

Miz BoheMia said...

Tibbar, tibbar for me I'm afraid!

Julian is a November baby? A Scorpio? Ooooweeee! Lil' BoheMia and Loverboy are both November peeps! Good people... keepers FO SHO wouldn't you say?

As for the art? Quite pretty I say! I missed you amiga mia... big boho neshikot flying your way..

Ariel the Thief said...

From the late to the early, rabbit rabbit!

G said...

Because I want to answer everybody but desperately need to drop my head to sleep, I'll give the edited version:

Pavel, thanks, this month, yes.

Neva, lovelovelove you and it was my distinct pleasure to help in any small way that I could. Thanks. xox

Cindra, it is, isn't it? ox

Terry, why am I just picturing that as a perfect activity for you? Yes indeed, the best of the best this month.

TLP: WooHoo, I impressed the chief Pez!!!

Theresa, that's okay, there's always tibbar, tibbar :)

Claire: Happy Birthday to your baby!!! Wow.

MizB: tibbar tibbar it is then! Ah Julian is end of month - Sagitarrius - crazy little kid, along with Tali three days later. :) xox

Ariel, from the late to the early and to one and all - good luck in November! May it be a wonderful month.