Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Tali has broken her blog break over at Muffin-land to announce her wish to be considered for a part in the film version of Gone With The Captists, the long running saga at Stuffed Animal Tales.

She's quite excited about the prospect of landing a part.

Drop by to see her audition. I believe other parts are open if you're interested in auditioning.


Tom & Icy said...

Dusty Doggy got hold of a video clip of Doobie singing the theme for the movie Gone With The Captists. He posted it on Asinine News

Anonymous said...

Can't wait.
I went over there after your comment, but the audiition wasn't up yet.
I will look on ASININE NEWS too, T&I.

G said...

T&I, I can't wait to see it! I'm at work so can't get sound on my office computer. Now I can't wait to get home! That Dusty is quite the gumpaw.

Weirsdo, it wasn't video just in writing, but apparently Dusty's picked up something. Does she need to do a video? We could manage a voice recording maybe.

Anonymous said...

Go Tali!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm available for voice overs. otherwise, i think i'll just enjoy the "production" from the audience point of view!

hope Tali gets the part of her dreams. far as i can tell, she'll be in GRAND company! (seriously, this looks like a heck of a lot of fun - but then anything associated with Hobbes & Co. would be hard pressed not to be!) : )