Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If it's Tuesday...

there must be something new to show you.

Never mind that it is almost Wednesday. Again.

But before I show you, I'm going to tell you. Tell you how vexed I am at emails to bloggers from all manner of marketing angles. This one from a "kids club" which is apparently an exercise club for kids. As excerpted from their charming email which just has me running to join them:

"I just wanted to follow up with you because I think I wasn't clear enough that I know you're not a NYC mommy or daddy blogger -- I was just hoping you could help me deliver this invitation to a good home. And since you're a blogger, I was hoping I could tap into your double-secret blogger cabal -- you simply must know some folks in New York City. Please have them visit ______________________for full details about these events, including RSVP information."

It goes on to say...

"If you may recall, this is an exclusive blogger day event at the premier kids club of New York City. Why should your NYC friends attend? Our talented instructors are on hand during these events to answer questions and guide your children in fun and interesting activities. There will be complimentary drinks and snacks as well as wireless internet access. We invite the whole family to come blog, bounce, surf, and enjoy the afternoon."

Because apparently nothing says exercise like wireless internet access. And I should schlep my kids from Queens (although part of NYC - not Manhattan) and come hang out and access wireless internet for my kids to get exercise? Well then, may I publicly and politely decline your invitation? Oh and in parting, the last I heard - Queens had not succeeded from NYC.

Now places my kids do go for exercise:

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THE OVERPASS! Well we do walk there from our home which is exercise. Then, of course, there is the pulling motion of our arms to signal the engineer to blow his horn. On to other places where we get exercise...

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The ice cream counter of a favorite old time parlor. Here we are celebrating Julian's first concert and apparently where they are laying down plans to overthrow the parental units, who are nearby with their noses in homemade whipped cream.

So thanks for visiting and remember, if it's Tuesday - there must be something new to show you!


Nessa said...

Ice cream parlors are my kind of exercise. I like the way you think.

Anonymous said...

For a minute there I thought Queens had seceded from New York and joined New Jersey...we are eyeing Staten Island.
Can I come over and exercise with you at the Ice Cream Parlor?

Doug The Una said...

OK, but do ice cream parlors have wireless internet to jog on?

Ariel the Thief said...

I am interested. Other clubs completely misunderstand the meaning of exercise.

the frogster said...

I go to Queens sometimes, but I see that I'm not the first to offer to help you in your dairobic exercises at the ice cream parlor. Drat!

I've never gotten a comment/email like that. I guess I'm not a blogger. Sometimes I wonder.

G said...

Nessa, it's wonderful - as you exercise your stomach muscles, you reward them.

mo'a, say it's so - move closer! Any day, I'll even meet you halfway and bring you! Come with Nessa and we'll have a class. :)

Doug, no but they have carmel syrup - ummmmmmm.

Ariel, I think there's a backlash starting and I'd like to lead the movement.

Frogster, you do?! Come have ice cream! I see there's sufficient interest to start a class so my ice cream as exercise movment is gaining momentum (anything to get you off the fruitcake topic).

You're so above all this, frogster, that's what it is.

tsduff said...

Very perfect picture of the kids at different angles... love it. I can still picture Julian singing along with Yellow Submarine... that kid is going places. Tali's just a natural.

When I worked my first job at Swenson's Ice Cream Parlour (in Malibu), I made and served a hot fudge sundae to a bearded Steve McQueen, while I made the chocolate shake for his dear wife Ally McGraw who had cut her long hair.

Anonymous said...

I'm off blogging but I had to say that your comment on my other blog had me in hysterics--just wrote a Technorati tag on Jewish guilt

You had me laughing too hard--and my chest hurts--in places I didn't even know I had muscles

Your post was very funny also :)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Nice try by the kids club people to grab a new membership. They really think tapping into the blogger sect is going to gain them new customers?

On the other hand, I DID attend a group blog event at a local bar recently where we all sat around with our laptops and drank beer and pretended to write witticisms. We didn't get any blogging done but we sure did have fun. And as far as I know, no communicable diseases were exchanged either! So that's a bonus.

Claire said...

Jeez, you can't even escape the marketing hamster wheel in the privacy of your own blog anymore.

robkroese said...

I bike to our overpass for exercise. It's the closest thing we have to a hill.

Shari said...

Don't we exercise our minds when we read?

My kids walk to school. In summer-they swim and play with the neighborhood kids.

I just got a comment in my blog about working at home. Didn't know what to think. Then deleted it after someone confirmed it was spam.

Anonymous said...

nothing tones the neck as quickly as bobbing up and down through piles of homemade whipped cream.

hilarious post, NBFF. i'm LOVIN' this new Tuesday feature of yours! ; ) xox

Minka said...

Exercise...I remember that from before I had a car :)
Ice cream palor, just around the corner from that is exercise Monika likes to do :)

Anonymous said...

G - only you could tear something up so eloquently - I love the pictures of the kids. The one of the train reminded me of similar overpass in Jersey City down Chestnut - you may have the vaguest of memories....? think you were only 3yo when we made the big move. Give the kids and Scissors our love. - Pat

G said...

Oh how I've neglected my dear comment section. I can assure you that I love you all or like you a lot, and your comments make my day.

Terry, my sister! I am not a photographer by any means, but sometimes you just capture a random moment, and I happened to also love their body language in this one.

Swenson's - now that's a blast from the past and a great story! No such celebrities were on my paper route.

Pia, so am I without intentionally being so. Oy. I'm glad I could offer a little laugh. Hopefully your chest muscles are all healed now! And thanks.

Jeff, apparently. But if they weren't so "you simply must know somebody in NYC, dahling" - they might have a slight chance.

Now your gathering, on the other hand, sounds a bit more fun!

Claire, it's an all out invasion I say! Arm yourselves! Grab an ice cream spoon!

Diesel, I don't know your avatar looks pre-tee buff ;)

Shari - too true sister! It's a funny world we're part of, but I guess that why a sense of humor is key.

Neva, I knew you'd know the proper muscle group that was being worked! It's sort of tongue in cheek (as I am sure you know) yet a self-fulfilling posting schedule it seems :)

Minka, if it weren't for damned cars. Of course, I'd have to walk 25 miles to work which isn't really plausible. You should treat yourself - what with all your hard studies of late :)

Pat, ah you know me all too well, dear brother. Yes overpasses often have that universal non-scenic appeal. I owe you a call - and where's Shannon? Love to all. XOX