Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year Begins and I Recall Times Past...

Here's to hopes being fulfilled this year for you all.

I had a get together at my oldest brother's this past weekend and as always, it was wonderful to gather. But of course, underlying each gathering is a poignant sadness reserved at the head of the table for where my Mom should be. Just a few of us - two sisters, said brother and one sister-in-law took a walk down a back path to get some fresh air and as we walked along, I said "oh my...I thought that woman was Mommy for a second!" and my sister replied "so did I!" Only later in talking to my older sister who was walking ahead did she say the very same thing. I guess it's just wishful thinking on our parts.

I was looking through an old writing notebook of Tali's (all the way when she was a lowly third grader) and found this which is excerpted from her overall entry of "My Aunt Trish and Mommy's Mommy Came":

I went back upstairs to play with my dolls. I played and played, and played. I waited and waited, and waited. Finally my aunt came upstairs and my brother turned on "Let it be" so he could dance with Mommy's mommy. My mom joined in. Then I did, and then my aunt did.

Mommy's Mommy was the name that stuck since Tali was a wee one. That's who she'll always be to my kids. I remember above day so well. I remember Julian crying out for her to dance and her joining in. I remember Tali dressing Julian up as a girl and him getting into character and my Mom laughing so heartily. It was a good day.

Anyway, not really a New Years post, but you know I did want to have one up to start the year in the right fashion. I also would be remiss if I didn't mention how great it's been to get to know each of you and I so enjoy each blog that I visit for your unique perspectives.

Here's hoping that 2008 brings us each what we need, which you'll recall may not necessarily be what we want.

Forty years ago? Let's enjoy today. Happy New Year!


Ariel the Thief said...

I don't have the time the read your entire post now but this last sentence made me laugh. Yeah, baby! :-)

"Here's hoping that 2008 brings us each what we need, which you'll recall may not necessarily be what we want."

Doug The Una said...

Perfect New Year's post in my opinion. We look back and meet ourselves coming the other way. Best wishes for you and the family in 2008;

Tom & Icy said...

Back in the 70's after my first wife was killed in an auto accident, I was walking down the street and saw a girl walking across the street that looked so much like her that I had to stop and wonder if the tragedy was just a dream or never happened, or was that a ghost or a hallucination?
And now, since my mother died about six years ago, when I look closely into the mirror as I shave, I get such a scare that takes my breath because I see my mother's face looking back at me.

G said...

Ariel, sometimes getting what we want gets us all the wrong things. Don't worry the post will be here :) xo

Doug, thanks Doug. And those rearview mirrors are helpful. To you and yours as well.

Tom&Icy, I'm sorry that you had such a tragedy in your life. Those experiences really startle don't they? It's funny how are parents often do look back at us in the mirror. Strange when it does. People say that I walk like my Mom and sound like her. Funny.

TLP said...

After my son died I saw him everywhere. Once I followed a young man just to see his full face. I knew it wasn't my son of course, but his profile looked so much like him. The full face didn't at all.

May 2008 be a wonderful year for you and yours.

robkroese said...

It's clear that Tali's mommy's mommy was very loved indeed. I hope you have a new year filled with good memories, G.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

So who is that woman in the belly shirt doing the Mick Jagger impression?

Great post G - and I second your comment about being glad I met you as well. :-)

Ariel the Thief said...

I am back and not laughing anymore but I am smiling. I loved your post and the song at the end, could it have been any more perfect?

May 2008 be nice to you and your loved ones!

tsduff said...

And, aren't you completely thrilled, when people tell you that you are so like your Mother? I know I feel incredibly special when told such things by my younger siblings... it is such an honor to be even compared in any way to my hero, Mom. I know, beyond a doubt, that you are very much like Your Mommy's Mommy :)


Shari said...

Mommy's mommy made me think of my oldest when she was two or three. I was telling her that Gramma A was my mom. All of a sudden, she started calling her "me-ma". I looked at my mom like what? My mom figured that "my mom" was "me-ma". Cute. My youngest either days "Gramma" or Daddy's mom" or "your mom".

Here's to a happy 2008.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post
Tali, and Julian's, mommy's mommy must have been very wonderful and special

Your brother's comment brought tears to my eyes. It's wonderful to be loved by siblings so much :)

We have to talk about Tali and Julian's genetic makeup. I love being a mix of Irish and Jewish--so good for story telling. Tali shows it :)

Nessa said...

Thank goodness I don't always get what I want. I'd be in big trouble.

Beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

A lovely and a very special New Year's post.
After my Mother-in-law died I saw her several times in her favorite spots in my house...she lived with us after a stroke.
I am so happy that I found your blog...you have made my life richer.
I would love another get together this year...I will be happy to travel :)

Sweet and Salty said...

Wonderful wonderful New Year's post, G. What a hard lesson, not always being able to get what you want, even if what you want is so reasonable; or at least it is to you.
It would seem that has been my lesson to learn for the past year. (grin)

Mommy's mommy... that is so darn cute. Seeing things through a child's eyes, I think, is one of the Lords biggest gifts tous.

I hope this New Year is memorable for you, G.

G said...

TLP, my heart breaks for you reading that first sentence and it holds your hand through the rest. So strange how strongly we need to touch our loved ones.

May it be the very same for you.

Diesel, it's all in the making of memories isn't it? Thanks and I wish the very same for you.

Jeff, I swear that I answered a few of these comments yesterday - straaange.

I swear it's not me. Thanks friend.

Ariel, now that you've commented - no, it could not :) That's a wonderful wish - thank you.

Actonbell, thank you. That just made me a bit teary - teh Auld Lang Syne reference, so nice.

Terry, in many ways I am. I really do appreciate that so very much now. It's funny how life comes full circle.

Shari, that's why these monikers are so handy and kids know that. They cut right through the redtape! Here here and cheers!

Pia, thank you - she was indeed. We will definitely talk about that - it's an interesting combo, I must admit.

Pia, I'm looking for one of my brothers here, but I only see Jeff whom you may not know. He could pass for one of my brothers though :)

Nessa, I'm with you on that one! Thank you.

Mo'a, it's quite a physical sensation in the moment, isn't it?

Thank you so very much Mo'a. That means a lot to me and I certainly return the beautiful compliment. We must make that happen this year! I would love it.

Pavel, yes even when reasonable is what we say and we don't want to hear another word about it!

Amen to that brother. Thank you Pavel, I wish the very same for you.

Anonymous said...

The New Year's Post was perfect... to remember is a wonderful thing. I hope 2008 is a great one for you!!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely poignant post.
Mall Diva also used to dress Toyplayer up like a girl. He took it in stride.

Claire said...

Well, G you are a treasure in blogland. Love your post. Here's to wishing you and your family a an ab fab '08!

tsduff said...

Oh, and no way, it just CAN'T be 40 years ago - good grief! I saw them in 1971, with 10 Years After, and it was the most amazing experience I ever had (it was also my very first concert - Mom bought me 4 tickets for my birthday (what possesed her to do such a thing for a 14 year old I'll never know) and I brought a guy, plus my brother and his girlfriend. WOW)

TIF said...


G said...

Shayna, thank you. Yes it is indeed a good thing. I hope the very same for you.

Weirsdo, thank you so much. I am having no problem envisioning that one. Toyplayer's a good sport.

Claire, thank you ever so much. Here's to an ab fab 08 for you and yours.

Terry, that is a GREAT concert story and a memorable one, rightly so! I did not see TheStones until somewhere round about 1982? It was a good time had by all, I do recall that.

tif, thank you as am I by your comment. I see you are new to blogging - hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen the Stones--but I won't go into how my father began sending fliers with my picture on it to all venues that they played in when I was 17--and even much later. Not really but almost.

It was worse--he had several good friends in common with Mick--kept on making more friends of Mick. I think this hyper-vigilance on my father's part played a big part in something.

Thanks G--an idea for a post that isn't about real estate, disabilities or
I have a page but I need a button for this.

Anonymous said...

Didn't work. It's a page on the sidebar
Colliding Worlds

G said...

Pia, that's a post that is begging to be written! I love it. And glad to be able to inspire ;)

Was that link there earlier - it wasn't right? It's perfect and easy to read along in. I shall now begin my catching up. You see as it turns out, I am very disorganized in terms of things like this. So undless it's there, nicely laid out then I don't know where to begin.

Anonymous said...

oh isn't it wonderful how out of the mouth of babes, expressions last forever and the memories attached to them.

thanks for being a great blogging friend

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) New Year, NBFF! what a beautiful story -- Doug's right, this is a perfect post, in every way.

even if we can't always get what we want, here's hoping 2008 gives us what we need.

and, for the record, my life became infinitly richer the day you wandered into the blogosphere. just sayin'... a best friend is the last thing i expected to find, and yet, there you were and here you are! : ) xox

G said...

Ann, so true - the mouths of babes. You have been a most wonderful blogger friend too. So glad to have met you this past year, dear friend. XOX

Neva, it's not belated, we've seen each other in TheSnark! But thank you on all fronts, NBFF and I certainly feel the same way. There's nobody I'd rather share a latte with! Best to you and your beautiful family this year. XOX