Sunday, May 04, 2008

We Love Spring

I don't need much to make me happy; it really is about the simple things with me. Don't get me wrong, I love to admire the lovely things which often come with high price tags, but the thrill is getting things on the cheap.

That's why I love Spring (and Fall) - garage sale season! Today's haul, for maybe ten dollars consisted of:

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I pretty much can't turn down pottery when I see it and these were three nice examples with price tags of two at one dollar and the tall vase for three dollars. There were a couple of little items whose whereabouts I'm not sure of - two little ceramic bears the kids picked out and a dinosaur book that Julian grabbed on the way out. The book was the tip of the "Julian got two things and I only got one" iceberg. I explained that there will be such occasions and sometimes they may be in her favor. Then I probably clenched my teeth and said, "now let's go please." Mainly before they realized that Mommy got six things. I did offer the frog to Tali which she rejected. I left it in on their bookshelf just the same where it seems quite happy.

Later in the day, as we drove home from a birthday party, my eye veered to the side of the road to see four chairs all lined up beckoning me. I stopped the car and popped the trunk to Tali's "how do you know they are being given away?" gasp. As I explained that this is what people do, she called out instructions from the backseat as to which chair I should take. Her initiation to the freecycle culture was sealed when the homeowner pulled up with his kids and declared "I'm so glad somebody is taking something, I have more on the side yard." I did have to employ sharp editing skills and came away with just two of the chairs which are now in my garage awaiting some cleanup and perhaps, painting.

I tossed off that last bit about painting as if it's something I do every day. But you know, sometimes the possibilites are too bountiful to leave at the curb. Maybe I'll post before and after pics.

This closes the chapter on another near perfect day in the life of G.


Tom & Icy said...

It's really fun and a great stress relief. That was a good day!

Doug The Una said...

It's really funny how Spring brings crocusses, Strawberries and yard sales. Especially here where we have outdoor weather 12 months per year. Enjoy!

G said...

T&I, it's a great stress reliever, you're so right. It was a good day.

Doug, so true. I know the romantic notion that when the flowers bloom, thoughts of love fill the air. That's all well and good, but mine turn to garage/yard sales :)

Ariel the Thief said...

I really like the frog, and that little white thing behind him, I dunno its English name, is lovely.

I'd vote for yard sales anytime, too. That's something we don't have here. Can't wait to see your chairs!

Anonymous said...

Pottery has many uses G, kinda like Spring.

I have no idea what that means, but thought I'd stop by and say hi. :)

tsduff said...

I love free things on the curb... In my neighborhood it is funny to watch the progression of things. One time we put some outdoor chairs out on the street - they were old retro chairs that were getting rusted through in places. The next day they were gone. A few months later, we were amused to see them out on the street again, two blocks down the street. Who knows where they are today.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

We seem to have an unending flow of goods... in from other peoples' garage sales, and out through our own sales. I like to think of it like a small government that's trying to keep its trade deficit to a minimum.

Claire said...

Last summer my brother and sil picked up a nice table at someone's curbside. WP and I were with them. Later, she told me it was embarrassing -LOL!
My auntie loves estate auctions and I went with her to one (same trip last summer). It was fun! I bought an antique child's play carriage with 3 little bears in it. It was only $15!!! WooHoo!

G said...

Ariel, the frog is quite charming in his own right. The white thing is either called a pitcher or creamer (for milk with tea).

Maybe you should start one, and it will catch on. See that's why I posted about the chairs so that I am forced to do something with them. I'll post for sure.

Brian, so nice to see you. Maybe that both bring happiness? Whatever it means, thanks for dropping in.

Terry, this might be a good basis for a movie story. Actually there was something similar, a little independent flick called Twenty Bucks which followed the path of a $20 bill. I could be wrong but I remember Gwyneth Paltrow in it. I bet your chairs are providing a comfortable seat for a barbeque somewhere :)

Jeff, We'll be planning our own (as soon as we can get a clear Sunday) in the coming month or so :) I like that idea of a small government - just keeping the landfills cleared and the economy stimulated!

Claire, hahaha - of course WP was embarrassed! Tali was too (at first) but quickly got into the spirit :) Gotta love the estate sales and their bargains.

Anonymous said...

That's great. I have the opposite problem and need to shed stuff. But how to choose what?

G said...

Well, that's a problem for me too, although I have gotten better about it. We are planning a garage sale as soon as we can clear a Sunday.