Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday Spin...

...any time now.

Ah, there it is. The video wasn't uploading. Too tired to write much.

"Money leads to power, power to corruption..." lyrics from the song which I dedicate to all those fine CEO's whose actions have caused a bit of trouble, you may have heard. Oh and "occupying spaces that were clearly meant for others..." was written for Ms. Sarah Palin, who really should stop winking at the camera - now.

Not much to tell, the artist is Gary Louris who was formerly a singer/songwriter with the Jayhawks, who The Village Voice called "the only country-rock band that matters" back around 1992. I know this because I won a Les Paul video for calling in to a radio station with that information. I believe they were voted best Country/Rock Band by the Village Voice that year and that was the answer to the radio trivia. How quaint. The Les Paul video was sold in a garage sale or is in the garage awaiting another one - sale that is, which if the creek don't rise may happen this weekend.
Anyway, not much of a proper Saturday Spin, but enjoy. I have been busy with the holidays (Rosh Hashanah was this past week and Yom Kippur is this coming Thursday). I'm supposed to be introspective right now, but instead I find myself obsessing. I better get that straightened out before Thursday.
Have a great weekend all.


Doug said...

Should the Village Voice be rating country-rock bands?

I like the song. Happy new year and may you get most of your sins regretted according to schedule.

Tom & Icy said...

It may be a good time for a yard sale, I think the creek is drying up.

Anonymous said...

You won a Les Paul vid? How uh something

I don't think there's a person in this country not obsessing over something. Oh right Sarah!!! (wink, wink)!!! You betcha!!!

L' Shana Tova--I feel as if something should be added for this year but have no idea what

Anonymous said...

Hey LWTLSOHH...wazzup? Long time no see. Just flew by to say hello.
Love the photo on your side bar.

Anonymous said...

Dropped by to say Happy New Year.
Omaha? These guys may be looking for freedom in the wrong place.

tsduff said...

Happy new year G - holidays are cool. Ms Palin needs a new look.

Ariel the Thief said...

Hey, obsessed, Happy New Year!