Saturday, September 27, 2008


I'll be brief as I was busy with some volunteer duties for Music School and I need some sleep. Do these people think I'm being paid? The nerve.

Haha, just a little intro to today's altruistic artist, Brett Dennen, who Rolling Stone called an artist to watch last November. He's folky and earnest (and we all know the importance of that). Especially in light of these funky financial*/political times in which we find ourselves. So take a look at Ain't No Reason from his second album, So Much More. His third, Hope for the Hopeless, will be out any day (if it's not out already).

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Have a great weekend. Blogging has suffered some severe budgetary cutbacks for me this past week or so and much wasn't getting done as it is, but I do hope all is well and look forward to visiting soon.

*Actual economic term.


Anonymous said...

I will take your word on funky financial times. Actually think you might be on to something great with it as they are....

Doug The Una said...

I'm very proud to see an actual economic term, G. I like the post and the song. Blogging has suffered for me because I'm busy and grumpy*

Tom & Icy said...

This actually is a time of funkenomics, but we've been posting blogs since Oct 97 and in eleven years it has never cost me a cent. It was about the only thing I could do that was free. I can't even leave the house without having to spend money. My computer and DSL is for other reasons and blogging is just an extra freeby I do for fun and relaxation. Nothing ain't fun unless it's free.

G said...

Pia, sure - expert that I am :)

Doug, thank you. I knew that might appeal to the economists who frequent Simply Said. Is grumpy an actual psychological term?

T&A&I: Wow, you guys are the AlGore's of blogging! It's true - you can barely leave the house without spending these days. Although, I made a little pact to walk through last week with the same twenty bucks in my wallet and I made it. No credit cards were used either.

Blogging does provide some free entertainment, that's for sure. By the way, I beleive funkenomics is the study of the funky economic times we are living in.

Hobbes said...

Good video. I liked how it built up emotional power with the song

Ariel the Thief said...

Good lyrics.

Hope you had some well deserved sleep, girl. Have a shiny Sunday!