Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"And the rain rain rain came down down down..."

I would be lying if I didn't admit that I'm sitting here amidst plenty of visual clutter and things needing my attention which I am blatantly ignoring as I just can't deal with it! I also need to go for a root canal first thing in the am and I'm afraid that will just be the start of some quality time with the dentist.

Maybe if I just write a little post, I'll release some of this high anxiety that seems to be mounting. The day went something like this:

Scissors had an appointment for yet another test on his back to see what is going on besides torn and herniated disks. Since they were basting him like a turkey and sticking a needle in his back and injecting dye, he needed to not head off into the Manhattan streets unattended, so when he called that he was going in, I left my office to pick him up - just as the skies opened up and poured down upon me. I looked about for a cab, knowing in my heart that it was going to be futile. My heart was right - I continued on to Grand Central to catch the 6 train downtown one stop. Easy. Walking all the freaking way East to where the medical office was took longer than the excursion up to this point. The rain had subsided but my feet were already all wet, along with a soggy-ish feeling to my clothing as well.

Got in just as Scissors and the doctor were talking about after care instruction. The doctor asked how we were going home. "We?" I thought to myself - "We're taking a cab home" I answered emphatically. Well, part of that was true. Once at the street, good luck did smile upon me as a cab pulled right up to discharge passengers just as we arrived at the curb. I looked around and furtively helped Scissors into the cab with a kiss/kiss - be careful and no lying down for three hours with you! Okay, so I wasn't going home with him, but I would check on him periodically from my office...which I walked all the way back to with shoes that were uncomfortable as I had not worn them for a month and my feet were wet and were now slipping a bit. Did I mention the blisters forming?

The office is a bit too cold some days, and today was one of those days. So adding to the general damp feeling was the cold office air. Then on to dealing with a coworker, whom on most days I can make laugh and knock her off her demented rigid way of working, but today I could only view her as demented and rigid.

Onward to speaking to my MIL who had picked Julian up from school. Julian asked me what I was doing at work and was I sleeping at my desk. Really that would make it more bearable, but I refrain from naps, although a fairly hefty chap who works in the other group on my floor seems to get quite comfy in his new chair some afternoons, but I digress.

Picked Julian up from Grandma's who gave me the full rundown of what he ate and was still continuing the feeding frenzy up until we stumbled out the front door - with some packed up homemade cake. The other brownie cake she gave us last week, she informed me with a wry little smile was made "just in case...you know when..." which referred to when her husband (Scissor's stepdad) who is in a nursing home, was not doing well a few weeks back to the point that it was not looking good for him. So what does my MIL do in her sensible way? Bake a cake to be served while sitting Shiva! Food! Food! Food! Somehow I wished she hadn't told me that was what the cake was for, but I'd eaten it already.

Get home to administer to ailing husband, kids in need of various baths/homework/dinner attention, but not before a trip to the local Trader Joe's for organic milk and various and sundry quick grocery items that maybe, just maybe Julian will eat at lunchtime.

So you see, I should really try to clear the piles of mail/recipes (that Scissors)/school papers which seem to multiply overnight on my kitchen counter, but I just needed to get this out so that I could see that it really wasn't so bad after all.

Actually, as I look - it's worse. I think I need to just go to bed. Like that will happen.



Tom & Icy said...

That sounded like a chapter from an action novel. It made me feel exhausted just reading it. Hope you get some rest soon.

Doug The Una said...

Sorry for the sucky day. If it helps, I had a root canal last week, a cap yesterday and I get to start on a different tooth in two weeks. I'm with you, sister, even if it never rains in California.

TLP said...

Sorry. Work, work, work. A woman's work is never done.

G said...

T&A&I: Things are always better the next day. I rested two hours during the root canal today :)

Doug, yeah - we need to have those days so the others seem great in comparison, or so I tell myself. We seem to be on the same schedule with root canals. Hope yours are going easily.

TLP, don't you know it! Truer words were never spoken :)

robkroese said...

I feel bad for Scissors. Poor guy.

Hi G!

Ariel the Thief said...

One of those days when everything seems to want to let you down? I think, those are the days when most murders are done. Hope you managed to have a good sleep after it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Tuesday was the most amazing day and not in a good way. Loved your post--captured it perfectly

Hope Scissors feels better soon

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Bleh! You poor thing. I almost didn't read beyond "root canal." I hope that went well for you... or as well as those things can go.

Hope Scissors is feeling better too.

tsduff said...

Oh ECS - I hope your root canal is just a vague and far off memory now... sorry I missed all the excitement. I'm jealous, because your Trader Joe's has delicious Icelandic Lamb, as well as Skyr. To my great disappointment, they don't stock it out here in California's west coast Whole Foods... :(

Tell Scissors to hold up on the turkey basting until November. Best wishes with his back. Herniated disks are a drag. My disks are only bulging... ouchie. You are an amazing wild woman
- Don't let your incredible pace run you ragged :)

G said...

Hi Diesel!! Thanks, yeah living with back pain is no picnic. Good to see you.

Ariel, I have to agree with that assumption. Although I felt too deflated to murder anybody.

Pia, it was just that kind of day. Somehow it helped to dump it all out here. Thanks for your good wishes for Scissors. He's going for a round of accupuncture. We'll see.

Jeff, thanks. We're on the mend. Scissors ever so slowly. But thank you.

Thanks, Actonbell. I should get more sleep, instead I'm up blogging :)

Terry, now I know why I have this eye tick that intermittently acts up :) Thanks for your good wishes. xox