Saturday, September 13, 2008


I heard the featured song as I drove away from my root canal the other day. I had heard the song before but I wasn't familiar with the singer so off to YouTube I went. When I pulled up one of the versions of the video, it had upwards of 10 Million hits. Suddenly I felt like John McCain - woefully out of touch with the kids. Apparently a few people, perhaps you too, have heard this song. No matter, it's catchy and perfect for a weekend Spin.

The singer is Amy MacDonald who is a twenty year old self taught musician (are you listening Matty?) from Glasgow. Have a listen and enjoy:

Haven't heard enough? Listen on:




Apropos of nothing, here is a Louie update - he's learned to build with Lincoln Logs*:

He's a crafty one.

Have a great weekend!

*PHOTO CREDIT: tali muffin


Doug The Una said...

Good song, G. Great dog.

Anonymous said...

Her voice is beautiful

I'm going to borrow your tag line --to paraphase--about simplicity and the maddening search---for my entire life

tsduff said...

No, I've never heard that one (until now). Nice bit of cheer for a gloomy Saturday morning. Thanks G.

Louie should get the pic on the front cover of Dog World - he is not just one cute bit of fluff... he's got brains :)

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Cool song! AND eye shadow!

How'd your root canal go? Most women just use Nice 'n Easy when they start seeing some gray, but if you want a root canal I guess that's your choice.

TLP said...

I like the song. Sorry about the root canal. No fun.

But what a very clever dog!

Tom & Icy said...

Get Louie Louie a Rubik's Cube. He'll surprise you!
Hmmm. The songs makes me wonder... sounds like they took a ten second song and repeated it over and over for three minutes and made a hit. But I guess that's how it's done. That's life.

G said...

Doug, isn't he? We can't remember life without Louie, thankfully.

Pia, it is. Yeah, I'm still on that maddening I'll join you.

Terry, glad you liked. Aw, you're making blush!

Jeff, I agree. Well, you know Jeff, I'm not most women...and I'm married to my hairstylist so Nice N Easy be damned!

TLP, yeah and I'm only part way there - baby steps.

T&A&I: We have one here somewhere...

I agree on the song. It's very fun and catchy and she has a nice voice, but it leaves you wanting a bit more content.

Ariel the Thief said...

I like her voice and singing, reminds me of Suzanne Vega.

Yeah, Tom, she has more in her, doesn't she?

Ariel the Thief said...

Oh and Louie is great. But I am not any surprised. :-)

Logophile said...

Louie is pure genius, I love it.
The song? Also genius, and don't feel out of touch!
You have to hear new stuff at some point, and all those hits? It was the same guy, in his parent's basement. He is a little scary

Anonymous said...

Can he bild a Malliboo Beach House??? Spooky and Poo did not do so good on myne!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Louie! I get a kickback on ALL construction around here!

G said...

Ariel, interesting - Suzanne Vega. Now I'll have to go listen again.

Aw, Louie is grand, isn't he?

Logo, hahaha - you're probably right. Glad you liked. I don't mean to brag, but my motherly pride is bursting - Louie is a genius!

Pansi - better than Barbie's! Maybe he could consider it for an upcoming project.

Mr. B.: Louie's not looking for any trouble, but you'll have to talk to Tali about the kickbacks.