Thursday, August 24, 2006

It Was 90 Days Ago Today

G enters blog which for the purpose of today's post looks like an empty dance studio. Cues music - Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes and fade in..."Well I've had the time of my life. No I've never felt this way before, Yeah I swear it's the truth and I owe it all to y-" scraaatch - arm getting dragged across record. STOP! People have no idea what the heck is going on here! Today is three months since my first post hit the streets. For those of you not here for the WELCOMEtake a look, scroll down to the beginning. How could there have been a time when you all weren't here?

I must say, it is hard to believe the friends that I've made over the past three months. Wow, only three months - and all this could be yours, with monthly installments of $9.99 and if you act now, we'll give you a second blog free!

"Hell with winnebagos, we're giving them away". Okay, that's my contest, first to name what song that's from, vote for me at SAR'S today and tomorrow. Or tomorrow, or, not "and tomorrow".

I have documented why I started blogging - just to write and find my voice. I have indicated frustration along the way. Come on, what worth having or finding in life is easy? Please tell me nothing, otherwise, I'll wonder why things don't always feel so easy for me. I'm not whining, just musing. There is a vast difference. Just don't ask me to explain it.

Music cues back up..."You're the one thing I can't get enough of, I tell you something. This must be love because I've had..." G sashays across studio!

Nobody puts baby in a corner!


pinky said...

Happy 3 Month Birthday!!! And I, for one, am glad that you started blogging because if you hadn't, I might never have met the wonderful woman that you are.

So, are you going to do the lift scene?

brian said...

It was 90 days ago today
Doug and Pia
taught G to blog
she did a post
and started to write

So let me introduce
to you
the one and only
lovely GQ

The Lampshade Lady's
very musing blog ah ah

(Sorta from Sgt Pepper, but ran out of time)

cj said...

:) Go G go!! I talked it over with Gracie and she is going to vote for you.

One more thing, your dance studio needs a disco ball.... just a suggestion!

~ have a good day chicka!

Pavel said...

You're looking awesome for 90! (must be the Oil of Olay...)

neva said...

gosh... has it ONLY been 90 days? i can't remember a time you weren't blogging. but then, i'm old, and i can't remember where i put my walker, either.

i know my life changed for the better the day you fired up the old blog... so i, for one, am quite grateful to the Bloggods and goddesses who brought you here!

congratulations, G, 90 days is ia very good start. *and* as a bonus, now that you've passed the probationary period, you qualify for benefits! xoxo

Miz BoheMia said...


Neva, I am lauging my ass off at your comment! Walker? YOU? DIOS MIO!

I do love me the music I tell you! Are you saying this calls for some durrrrty dancin'! Ooooweee! I AM IN!



joel said...

G, hmmm, how do I say this, I certainly don't want to be inappropriate or crass but, ummm...I believe its customary in the blogosphere to send gifts to those who were there with you at the very beginning. Hang on, let me check the, gifts, gi...yes, here it is...chapter 7, "appropriate gifting for each milestone." Oh my, I had no idea! The list of options is so long...plasma TV, Bermuda vacation exciting! I won't take up any more of your space, the list is just too long but it's all there in the "Blogger's Bible" (annotated edition)...but's always a pleasure to discover the writing of someone to whom you can relate and, dare I say, even call a friend, or at least "a friend of my wife's," since technically I don't have any friends, but that's okay...only child and all I've learned to deal with it. No, no, this is not about me (even though that would be of greater interest from my perspective), this is about your day, your milestone, your wun-der-full achievements, blah, blah, blah, etc., and so forth. I kid (to hide my insecurities, no doubt) borrow the name of this fine establishment...Simply said, here's to many, many more blogging milestones and the sincere hope that we have the honor to experience them with you.

pinky said...

G, I think your email hates me. Nothing seems to be getting to you. :(

FelineFrisky said...

90 days - wow! Congrats! What has blogging done for you? What has changed about you in the last 90 days? I saw a tremendous change in HonBun in 45. All positive. Speak words of wisdom, oh wise & wonderous meeter of 90 days! lol D

Minka said...

Happy bloggaversary.
It is soemtimes quite surreal how attached we get to those little avatars in the comment section.
Blogging is a wonder and just a new way and easier way of making friends.
Nobody has to die alone anymore, for a small monthly fee and a webcam that´s just gross.
Anyways, I hope you have a lovely day and here is to the next 3 month, and teh ones after that a.....

First Nations said...

gina, you are great. i liked you from the beginning. whatever reason you have for blogging, just keep on hitting 'post', ok?

i'd dance but then it starts raining.
but wait and ill check the big book o' indiginous bustamoves and see if theres a beer dance. theres GOTTA be.

Pavel said...

g: Stupid question - Where do I go to vote? I was at Sars but couldn't figure out where to go.


G said...

Pinky: Same here. You are a natural treasure. I'm working on it - if you hear a crash...

Brian: What would you do if I sang out of tune?

cj: Of course! A disco ball! Just Gracie?! I kid ~ cj, you are one in a million.

Pavel: My mother swears by the stuff (and she's got lovely skin - 82!).

Neva: It seems that way, doesn't it NBFF? Yeah right - those were pretty revved up walking shoes for a walker that I saw on you. Just an observation. Ooh benefits, is there a 401K?

MizB: Joe me MizB. sways, hey! maybe I'll lift MIzB! Come on people, join in! Ooh, crash, sorry. We only drop the ones we love.

Joel: If the gifts are being bestowed upon me, be as crass as you wanna be! Like it or not, you guys are stuck with me! Even if I wasn't really your wife's long lost sister, I would still read you're blog - you're that good!

FF: I've met a lot of nice folks and channeld my creative side. Win win. You'll see.

G said...

Minka: Thank you Minkala. It's true. I get so excited to see who's visiting! Friends who I've otherwise would never have met. It's just phenomenol!

fn: It's funny. I remember meeting everyone here - of course, you at Doug's. Clicked instantly! How happy I am that you did a guest spot! Each link leads to the next. So cool.

Come on now, bust a move!

Pavel: Would it be terrible to gloat at this juncture?

~ good girl ~ said...

Happy 3 Months, G!! Whoopee G! ;-)

I know I came upon your blog at Sar's. It was the Lampshade that got me. Anyone who wears a lampshade as an accessory knows her fashion. Throw in that dislocated hip pose and that "uh huh, whaddya got" arm, and it was just too chic too ignore.

That tells why I came here. That you write with honesty is why I stay.

Plus, you love my ponytail. I was always one for compliments ;-)

Much love,
GG xo

brian said...

What would I do? You talking to me?

I'd leave you a comment at Doug's Place, dats what I'd do. OK?

Pavel said...

No. I do believe gloating is appropriate in this case. I have the same manual Joel has... It says you should gloat like hell...

Kyahgirl said...

seems like I've known you for way longer than that!!

thanks for shining your light g.

actonbell said...

Happy 90th! You're a nonobloggerian?

G said...

GG: I should have guessed that's what drew you in! As long as you stayed! And I love your place as well. I always loved that little pony tail.

Brian - trust that my response at Doug's takes care of tings.

Pavel - nooo, not gloating about 90 days. I was gloating or just being amused at me having to tell you how to or where to find something on a computer ahem.

Kyah - It does, doesn't it. Thanks for sitting by it.

Actonbell - First let me mention that my son Julian gets so excited when he sees your avatar! So do I. Thank you and why, I guess I am.

Pavel said...


You sure did tell where to find something on a computer! lol...

Gloat away, Lampy, gloat away!

Sar said...

Happy quarter blogiversary, G! It feels like lady lampshade has always been in the mix, which is to say you're presence is appreciated. :)

With thanks and admiration, you MUST MUST MUST post that snowflake - it's AWESOME!!!

ariel said...

oh sweet Jezus, where oh where does time run like that?

Lammy said...

Your caption for the photo on Sar's blog was terrific and the run-a-way best! We voted for you and Tom & Icy wanted to vote, but we can only vote once because we are all on the same computer. We love your blog, but we just don't comment much. You're doing great!

G said...

Pavel: Tell me when to stop gloating.

Sar: thank you so much. I've been out all day. I may try to figure out the whole snowflake then. I thought you might like that :)

ariel: I thought commentors might explain just that to me.

lammy!!! That is a compliment supreme considering its source. I've long admired your blog(s) &/or parts you play in some of the intrigue surrounding Pansi's place. Truly. So come by any time - no need to stop and chat, but if you do, well that's fine too.

Doug said...

They grow up so fast.

G said...

Seems like just yesterday huh Doug?

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