Monday, August 21, 2006

Sir Edmund Hillary of Queens

I was about to post some Urban Blight when my server went all "I'm scared of that" on me. So instead I bring you my very own Sir Edmund Hillary ascending the Hillary Step.

Actually, this is a small rock climbing wall in one of the local parks - Juniper Valley Park. This is excellent for Julian as he has difficulty with hand eye coordination and this sort of forces that concentration necessary to ascend the "summit". He is so proud of himself when he makes it to the top and often does so without anyone helping him. There was another great picture of Tali and Julian together, but as it turned out I videod instead of photoed and apparently I haven't advanced that far in my mucking about.

Goes back into her bag of tricks (sound of pots/pans digital cameras being flung about), how about a 75% of the fam pic? Tired, but willing to soldier on for ice cream:

Where am I? Why documenting this urban existence.

Technical difficulties with the date, but we're getting there. I must send out thanks to all for the encouragement, but it was my dear little nonchalant GOOD GIRL, yes GG who tossed off the idea to just start shoving things into slots in the computer. Something like that. Sound technical advice as it turns out. Somewhere in Tennessee, SUPER NERD is tossing in his sleep.

So thank you GG. For helping me to post and keeping me one day further from actually reading a manual.


Kyahgirl said...

Yay!! First to say I love your photos.

I loved seeing your family. Thanks for sharing.

~ good girl ~ said...

Hahahahahahahah!!! Damn! It does work, after all! I'd thought Blue was mucking with my head and being sarky!! lol. Shit. I guess he's not as dumb as I keep saying he is!@#$!! I am so glad it worked for you, G. But the credit must go to Blue. I shall pass it on and say he's made yet another female happy.

Loved the photos!! I think the Julien scaling wall pic has a sentimental caption in it somewhere...

GG xox

brian said...


It's ALIVE!! Having scaled the dizzying heights of MT. Queens, Julian will next tackle Mommy's computer.:)

Lovely pics, thanks for sharing.

Pavel said...

All right!!! Three Cheers for G!

Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Love seeing your beautiful little man climbing up that hill!

Your daughter is beautiful.

As for the supernerd in Tennessee, no wonder I couldn't sleep last night!

cj said...

Great pictures. That rock climbing one is precious. :) You have very beautiful children!

FelineFrisky said...

G - Another crisis conquered! GG is wonderful at the obvious solutions, she has enlightened me many times. I am usually in a fog. She is just so good (no pun intended!! lol D

Joel said...

Great pics and sound strategy...avoid reading the "how to" manual at all cost, I know we do.

Pavel said...

I just noticed your hubby's Matisyahu shirt. You know the first time I saw him, I was floored! His image and Raggae/rap music isn't what you'd call traditional, but he's really good!

Scissors has good taste!

neva said...

ah... so i go to bed thinking I'LL be the one to impress you with my advice (which was gonna be "just plug it in to your computer and see what happens because that's what i do") and GG beats me to it? excellent! now we can focus on all things LUNCH today!!

these are such wonderful pictures! and since i happen to know what the missing 1/4 looks like, i'm happy to inform everyone that the four of you are *indeed* a BEAUTIFUL family! xoxo

~ good girl ~ said...

damned. I do so love getting credit for an idea that really belongs to some handsome man I..I...I..


GG x

pinky said...

Just Wonderful!! Really love the shot of your son on the wall. Great pic of your tired family, too!

psst, don't tell Pavel, I just shove things around in my computer, too! hee

G said...

Kyah: Thanks - what can I say? You inspired me with your beautiful family.

GG: Better still - happy with no strings attached. Julian's picture is definitely metaphorical. Thank you! thank you! Okay, thank you Blue!

Brian: No Julian will have to wait for a cheapey to pound away on (if how he plays his toy piano is any indicator).

Pavel: See, you just thought that you ate too close to bedtime. I know that you understand what highs we all reach when we see him climb. Thanks all around. Oh and anwering below - very astute. Yes indeed Matisyahu. We love him. Unfortunately couldn't get a babysitter, so Scissors went with my brother (long story). I understand it's quite a mystical performance. No wonder we're drawn to him, we are non-traditional traditionalists.

cj: Thank you cj. They are my world.

FF: She's good isn't she?

Joel: See, this is why I like you guys.

Neva: I'm so tired, I'll have forgotten everything anyway. So just impress away Baby! Can't wait for lunch! And stop - you're making me blush! Besides, you're biased.

GG: Relax - take credit. Not like men haven't been doing the same since time memorial :)

G said...

Pinky - Just missed you! Haha, your secret's safe with me. Thank you. Them's my inspiration.

Pavel said...

(slaps forehead)

Don't make me go over there!

G said...

Pavel, ahem "Scissors has good taste" - and it took Matisyahu for you to determine that!

Pavel said...

oops...(note to self: must be careful with words.)

Err, I meant he has great MUSICAL taste. He can OBVIOUSLY pick a good woman!


My... look at the time! I'm sure I have a computer to fix somewhere.


Doug said...

Good looking, family, G! Someone's missing, though.

So, why'd Julian climb that wall?

*drummer raises a stick*

Doug said...
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DaBich said...

Hi g ~ gorgeous pics you have here. It's kinda weird, we're the same age...both Cancers...and both computer illiterate lol
I'll be back!

pia said...

The photos are great

Whenever you write about Julian accomplishing something, makes me so happy

Sure he can ascent all the way to the top with you and scissorhands...and Tali

G said...

Nicely done Pavel.

Doug: Why to get to the other side - drumstick hits the drum. Thanks - I'm the one documenting :)

Dabich: We're off to a great start! Thanks for coming by.

Pia: Thanks, me too. We do our best work as a team. So nice to see you back home safely.

Miz BoheMia said...

Oooh! A face to the names and delightful stories! Beautiful family you have there G! Now, where are you???? Inquiring minds want to know! Hmmm? ;-)

Loved, LOVED meeting your family and glad to hear the summer is being quite the adventurous funfare that it should be!

G said...

Why I'm in my avatar of course :) We do so love summer! xox

Minka said...

Well done G!
I always knew it was in you, with a bit of help.
I´d rather call some nerds and pay teh phonebill, than actually reading a manual.

And fianlly, we get to see a bit mor of teh g-family. Worth the wait!

Doug said...

Because it's there, G! Because it's there!

Do I have to do everything around here?

G said...

Ah yes Minka, a girl after my own heart. I'm a mucker and a questioner, but not a manual reader.

Doug: Yes of course! Now could you take the garbage on the way out?